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Define This: Watersports

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What's this piss about pissing? Learn about watersports, including the clinical term and definition!

  Treatment of Urolagnia

Treatments for paraphilias are all very similar. Different forms of behavioral therapy are employed in the treatment of Urolagnia, including:

Congnitive Behavioral Therapy- The simplest way to describe CBT is to state that it is the pairing of an unpleasurable stimulus with the act.

Orgasmic Reconditioning- The patient is told to masturbate while thinking about Urolagnia, and then right before or at the moment of orgasm, told to focus on a more appropriate stimuli.

Twelve Step program- Admitting that they have a problem and working through 12 different phases as many times as needed to treat the problem.

Group Therapy- Surrounding the patient with others suffering from the same paraphilia to break the denial that it is a problem, and seeking positive alternatives as a group.

Medications- Too many different forms of medication to list, but the medications range from neuroinhibitors to antidepressants.

Social skills training- retraining the patient to be able to interact better socially, in some cases allowing the patient to find more pleasurable means of release.

  Famous Cases of Urolagnia

Ricky Martin- Stated in an interview with Blender Magazine that he enjoys golden showers.
Annie Sprinkle- porn actress, sex educator, and female sexual enjoyment advocate.
Troughman- Australian citizen noted to lay down in urinal troughs at public events.
Albert Fish- Also known as The Grayman or The Boogeyman, serial killer.
Rockbitch- British band, comprised mostly of females that included several different sexual acts in their shows.
Ashley MacIsaac- Nova Scotian fiddler/singer, also technically a pedophile.

Remember: Sex isn't nasty! Though it may not be for you, don't hate on others for pursuing their own sexual happiness. If you fear something may be harmful, try educating them more, but don't be an asshole!



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