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Beyond the Dungeon - the "other" secret life of a Dominatrix

photo by Jenny Swallows, ©2012
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The second in a series of interviews with some of the sex industry’s lesser-known and occasionally least understood practitioners.

Immortalized in fiction, fetishized in art, and lionized in some of the internet’s most fascinating corners, we probably think we know everything about the life of a Dominatrix. In which case, we are in for a few surprises.

Note: I've chosen to present this strictly in the words of the interviewee, removing my own questions and prompts.


Contributor: Reesa

I don't usually read the articles, but I really appreciated some parts of this one. I do want to put out there that not everyone in the BDSM scene and at munches fits the mold presented here. I'm not disagreeing about the presence of some people who do, but I could see a reader getting the impression that everyone who attends munches is a poser and a wannabe and that there is no potential value to attending such a thing, which I would consider a poor takeaway lesson. Munches can be a good gentle lead in to meeting people with similar desires and interests in a non-threatening environment. Everyone there will be human, so there'll be a range of experience and skills and people who boast and people who make mistakes, but that doesn't mean you can't get anything out of the experience. There are worse ways to dip your toes into kink.

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

I don't think my interviewee intended to give that impression - and if it comes over like that, then it's probably my fault, during my transcription and editing, more than hers; her point was simply that munches are a great place to meet the "wrong kind" of people, but certainly not to the exception of the "right kind." Apologies to her, and to anyone else who may have felt misled...

Contributor: Reesa

I'm really appreciating this series of articles, by the way. I can't wait to see more of the same. Your interview subjects are quite interesting and you handle the topics quite deftly and take them on from a very fresh perspective. I love it when I see new takes on old topics.



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