Perfect Match: Sex Toys You Need At Your Relationship Stage

Perfect Match: Sex Toys You Need At Your Relationship Stage

While every relationship is different, there are common stages all couples go through — each of them is uniquely exciting when it comes to intimacy. We matched every stage with a toy that will enhance your experience and bring you closer together.

Stage one

Stage one: 'The Third date' night

The first time you have sex with someone, you feel both excited and anxious... To make a mind-blowing first impression, bet on a cock ring. It enhances his stamina and gives extra clitoral pleasure for her, making you both crave for an encore.

Use your hands

Build anticipation for that special night with exquisite foreplay — tease your partner with a finger vibrator. This buzzed up fingerplay will give them a perspective on what a great lover you can be.

Stage two

Stage two: Discovering each other

The beginning of any relationship is the “silver era” of mutual sexploration, you both get the insight on what works best to get each other off. Make your foreplay fantastically diverse and enjoy thrilling couple’s play with the hands-free heated toy.

Discover the nipple(gasm)

The 2011 study in Pasadena proved that nipple stimulation alone could result in an orgasm. Add a pair of nipple toys to the tempting idea of a nipplegasm and you have one more recipe on how to grant your partner a toe-curling big O.

Stage three

Stage three: Getting serious

Now that you’re clicking so well in the bedroom, you can enjoy one of the most delightful sex bonuses — simultaneous orgasm. A couples’ vibrator is a powerful stimulator that will bring you simultaneous orgasms not by chance, but by design. Every time.

Improve intimacy through BDSM

Adding elements of BDSM play can be an incredibly bonding experience. Being able to give up full control to your partner is a sign of mutual trust, and it can skyrocket your desire through the roof. Open up to each other without boundaries and start a thrilling experience with a soft bondage kit.

Stage four

Stage four: Inseparable

At this stage everything is possible! Nailing the elusive squirting orgasm with a revved-up massage wand? No problems. Giving a try to a pegging session that’ll make you get each other’s desires even deeper? You know you can!

Give and receive

A strapless strap-on is a brilliant way for both partners to orgasm during a pegging session. Not only holding the toy with vaginal muscles will make the sensations much more intense — the curved shaft also stimulates the G-spot for an explosive O.

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