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Athena - Goddess of the G Spot

Athena is my new favorite glass toy. It works miracles for my G spot, no small task for a toy. Both ends offer a rounded head that provide a precise but not pointy pressure on my G spot. The curve can be manipulate to make it go from a moderate curve to an intense one depending on what you need. The length should be enough to hit G spots close in and far back. The smooth and firm glass feels wonderful in use. I can't think of a negative thing to say about Athena.
Great G spot curve, Double ends will work for variety of users, Length will hit most G spots
May not work for those that like larger size toys
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Athena is a curved glass dildo by Luxotiq. It's dual sided, meaning either end of the toy can be used. The curve is in the middle, so both ends can be used and the curve still taken advantage of. This curve allows for G spot stimulation. The ends are rounded and will work best for those that prefer a rounded tip on the G spot as opposed to a pointed one.

Athena is intended for vaginal use. It does not flare at the base and should not be used anally. While it does curve in the middle, the curve is likely not enough to serve as any type of stop if used anally. Care should be taken when used vaginally not to bruise the cervix due to the hard glass material. This can be caused when thrusting too vigorously or when using with a partner who cannot feel how far back he or she is going.

Material / Texture

Athena is made of Pyrex Glass. This puts it at a ten on the safety scale. Pyrex is the brand name for borosilicate glass. It is a type of glass that is made less dense than regular glass. This means that should it break it would break into large chunks rather than shatter. It is a hard material to break, so rest assured that you would have to try pretty hard to accomplish this feat.

Glass is a hard material. It's unforgiving and doesn't yield to the body. As such, it is probably best suited to intermediate and advanced users. It is great for those that prefer firm materials. Those that like something with a bit of give may not like glass since there is zero give to it. Athena doesn't weigh a lot and isn't hard on the wrist during use. There is a bit of weight to it, but it's not as heavy as a steel toy would be.

The texture of Athena is completely smooth. There is no drag to the material. The hand glides across the glass with ease and with no resistance. Only a tiny drop of lube is needed to insert it. Those that are naturally well lubricated may not need to add any lube at all. The lack of texture would make Athena great for those that are sensitive to textures or looking to add a smooth toy to a collection.

The letter "L" is stamped onto the larger end of Athena. I can feel with my hand that this is raised ever so slightly, but I cannot feel it in use. Those who are sensitive to things like seams may be able to feel it in use.

There is no smell or taste to the glass material.

Athena's glass material will be best for intermediate or advanced users due to its hard qualities. There is potential for damage to the cervix when thrusting, especially if you aren't well aware of your body's limits. Glass can be good for a third or fourth toy, but my general recommendation is that it's not best as a very first toy. After experimenting with some softer materials, glass is a great addition to a collection. When looking to add glass, glass toys without texture (like Athena) are probably the way to go.

Design / Shape / Size

Since Athena is made of glass, there will be some differences from toy to toy. The product page lists the length at 9.5" while I measured mine at 8.5". The smaller end is 1.25" and the larger end is 1.5" in diameter as per my measurements and the product page. The smaller end tapers down to .75" and the larger end tapers down to 1".

Here you can see Athena in my hand for size reference:

Athena is a good size for me. I like that there are two different ends. I prefer toys from 1"-1.5" in diameter, so both ends were in that range and worked nicely. The length was long enough to hit my G spot and leave a good bit for a handle. For reference, my G spot is about 1.5" inward.

The small end of Athena could work well for a beginner to glass. Keep in mind that 1.25" of glass will feel larger than 1.25" of a softer material. The larger end can work for those that like smaller to average sized toys. Those that prefer very large sized dildos or something filling will be left wanting with the size of Athena. The length should allow for use by a range of users as you can insert as much or as little as needed to hit your G spot.

Athena curves in the middle of the toy. This means that both ends curve upward. Here you can see the curve of Athena:

I'll go into how the curve works in the Performance section. Athena has two rounded ends, whose sizes have been listed.

Athena is not realistic looking. It looks like a dildo to me, but perhaps that's because my mind is always in the gutter. It's not really overly phallic or sexual looking. If you left it out and someone had a less dirty mind than I do, they may not guess as to the purpose of the toy. However, you may want to stash it away just in case. It can easily be hidden in either the box in comes in or a pouch. You can travel with it so long as you have a padded pouch for it.


As an introduction, I have a very picky G spot. My list of G Spot Toys That Work is pretty short. Generally I need a very intense curve, firm material, rounded head, and a smaller size. There's a lot of variables that can come into play that will easily mess up a G spot toy.

Athena actually worked really well. Like, amazingly well actually. Both ends worked for my G spot. I was able to get pressure on my G spot and not lose pressure at any point. Using small back and forth motions on my G spot, I was able to achieve G spot orgasms every time I used Athena with both ends of the toy. I was able to use Athena for extended periods because the weight wasn't too heavy for my bad wrist.

You can use the curve of Athena at different angles for different results. You can hold Athena flat for a less intense curve, which is what you see when you just look at Athena. However, you can also hold Athena with the end you aren't using downward. This points the end you're using in a more upward fashion, creating a more intense curve. This is what I did, as "intense curve" is what works for me. Here you can see two possible angles for use:

Athena is not harness compatible. It does not have a suction cup.

Glass can be used for temperature play. You can run it under hot or cold water or place it in the fridge to change the temperature of the toy. You should check the temperature of Athena to your wrist before inserting the toy. It will retain temperature well. I find the slight coolness it retains from storage to be enough temperature play for me and sometimes roll it in my hands to warm it up from even that bit of coolness.

What's not so great about Athena? Honestly, I can't think of anything. Toys that give me G spot orgasms usually have me gushing praise, but sometimes there's still something I don't like. Athena is just right in every way. The size of both ends is pleasurable. The rounded heads work well for me and allow for a good rounded but pointed pressure on my G spot. It won't give the most pinpoint precision, so if you need that Athena may not work for you. It has some weight, but not enough to set off my bad wrist.

There's not a huge size difference between the two ends, so if you are seeking a lot of variety in that area that may be a downfall. Since both ends fall in my preference, this wasn't an issue for me.

Care and Maintenance

Athena is easy to care for. You can clean it with toy cleaner or soap and water. You can boil it, but be sure not to expose glass to extreme temperatures for extended periods. You should also not go from one temperature to the next, such as from boiling water to the fridge. This could cause the glass to break. Athena comes with a cloth similar to what you get with a pair of glasses to clean fingerprints off of it for those of you who (like me) are anal retentive about imperfections on glass toys.

You can use any type of lube with Athena. Oil, silicone, and water based are all compatible.

Athena comes with a beautiful case that can be used for storage. You can also store it in a padded pouch. Some type of padding should be involved in storage to keep the glass safe.


Athena comes in a beautiful white and pink case. The front says "Luxotiq" on it. It ties with a ribbon. No other writing on images are on it, making it very discreet packaging. It opens to reveal Athena on the inside surrounded by white silky material over a padding. It includes the cleaning pad and a business card sized instruction sheet that says how to clean it and the web address for Luxotiq.

The packaging is very beautiful and would make a great gift. It makes okay storage. It's padded, but the ribbon tie doesn't hold it closed too well.

Personal comments

I generally wouldn't recommend glass as a first toy, but once you're ready for glass Athena is one you should run to add to your collection. The curve is great and the length means it should reach most G spots. Of course, I can't promise it will work for everyone, but if my picky G spot goes for it, I'm betting it will work for a lot of people. It has different sized ends which should appeal to users at different levels and preferences. It won't work well for those that like a lot of size, but those that like small to average sized toys should be happy with Athena.


I liked the curve on Athena, but I bought it not expecting it to hit my G spot. I've just been disappointed too many times and figured that if it didn't work in that way it could always make a nice curved dildo otherwise. Turns out, it works magic on my G spot. No small accomplishment! I like both ends about equally, but the small end is perhaps just a tiny bit better for me since it gets a little bit more precision to my G spot.

Since I got Athena, I've been reaching for it non-stop. Even though I have a box full of toys that need to be tested, I can't help but pull this one out with them. There's literally nothing I don't like about Athena. It's the perfect glass G spotter for me.
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