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The Athena is a glass, high-quality dildo that ends up providing sensual g-spot stimulation as opposed to the targeted g-spot stimulation that I'm used to. It is a bit large, though, and is one of the only large-diameter dildos that also includes this g-spot curve.
Quality glass, Great packaging, Light g-spot stimulation, Filling and provides g-spot stimulation
Handle can be slick, Doesn't do a lot of targeted g-spot stimulation
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The Luxotiq Athena is a glass, double-ended dildo made by Luxotiq. The glass is Pyrex Glass, and the dildo is about nine inches long in length. At the widest point, this glass toy has a diameter of an inch and a half on one side and an inch and a fourth on the opposite side. The majority of the glass dildo is about an inch in diameter. The product pictures represent the color of this glass sex toy accurately, and the "Actual Product Size" widget is spot-on.

The packaging for the Athena is high-quality just like the product itself. It comes in a little box that has a flip-open lid. The lid flips open and you see the Athena resting in the satin-covered foam of the inside of the box. The box itself seals with two little ribbons that need to be tied together. Beautiful presentation, but the ribbons can end up getting untied which can cause unneeded stress from retying them. Included with the Athena is a little business card that gives you cleaning instructions as well as a little, soft cleaning cloth to wipe down the glass toy from fingerprints. Both the dildo as well as the cleaning cloth have the "L" from the Luxotiq logo.

The glass with this dildo is surprisingly heavy. It's really gorgeous and really high-quality, but it's definitely pretty heavy. It feels a bit unnatural to use the larger end for insertion because then all that leaves is the lighter end for handling. Inserting the smaller end seems to feel more natural since it leaves the larger of the ends in your hands. There isn't too much of a difference between the two ends though. It's hard to see from the product pictures, but there is a slight difference. The smaller end is smaller all around with a smaller diameter up until the end of the dildo. The larger end actually gets larger sooner than the smaller end and stays larger through the end of the dildo. It ends up being a 1/4 inch larger in diameter as well.

For anyone that reads my reviews regularly, you probably know that my g-spot and I have a tender relationship. Almost all the "g-spot" dildos out there never even somewhat touch mine. It's so sad. I've been in love with my g-spot dildos lately such as the Bent Graduate, Crystal Wand, and B2B G-Spot dildo. They all have an extreme curve that works amazingly to hit my g-spot. I purchased the Athena thinking it might have *about* the same curve to give me g-spot pleasure. Plus, I really like glass, and this is beautiful glass piece.

I was surprised to find that it didn't hit my g-spot quite as precisely as the other glass dildos did. I suppose I wasn't too surprised since the curve wasn't as extreme, but it was surprising during use. However, it does lightly stimulate the g-spot, but it didn't give the firm, strong g-spot pressure that I was used to with my other g-spot glass toys. It did lightly stroke the g-spot in a nice, sensual manner, but because of the angle, it couldn't really thrust into the g-spot. It gets painful to attempt to do a thrust into the g-spot because of how the dildo is built.

That's not to say that I don't like it though. I do. While other toys are a lot more direct, this one is nice and sensual. It's actually really good for using with a partner because the gentle curve makes it so it's hard for your partner to be able to press the dildo into an uncomfortable area in your body. Along with this, the glass is really nice and slick, so if you want to use lubricant, it only requires a little bit of lubricant to be able to use. For the most part (myself included), I didn't use any sort of lubricant on it at all. The dildo ends up working really well with the body's natural lubrication.

I'd probably say that this dildo is anal-safe as well. You'd have to be a bit safe with it, but because it's made from glass and almost 10 inches long, I'd say that it'd be near-impossible to get it pulled up your butt. Again, though, use caution when playing with this anally.
Glass works really well for temperature play also. You can put it in warm water or cool water, and it will warm or cool to the temperature of the water. It ends up being really great for those who like temperature play. Unfortunately, due to the glass of the toy, you do have to watch how you grip the body of the Athena. In some positions, the slick glass will cause your hand to slide off while you're using it. I wish Luxotiq would have included some sort of texture on the sides that would have made it easier to grip during use of the opposite end.

Cleaning this dildo is really easy to do. You just have to get warm water and antibacterial soap. Since this is non-porous, it can also be boiled or bleached for sterilization. It's compatible with all types of lubricants, and it can be stored in the original box for safety. This doesn't come with any storage bag for storing it outside the box.

I enjoyed the Athena dildo. It's slick, easy to use, and provides g-spot stimulation. It's a high-quality toy, and it's one of the few glass sex toys that is this thick as well as having this g-spot curve on it. I wish it had a bit of texture to work as a handle, but regardless, it's a quality g-spot dildo that's easy to use.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Athena glass dildo. It doesn't have quite the g-spot curve that I need for perfect stimulation, but it actually does do a light job on my g-spot which is more than what I can say about most g-spot dildos, though. Plus, it's beautiful, and it just feels wonderful to hold.
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