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Big indeed

If you're looking for a large powerful toy, look no farther than the G4 Big Boss from Fun Factory. It comes in a fun color, is rechargeable, and is waterproof.
May be larger than some are willing to try
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The G4 Big Boss from Fun Factory is designed as a g-spot vibrator. I've been on the search for the perfect g-spot toy for me. Sadly, this wasn't my perfect g-spot toy, but that doesn't mean it's not the perfect toy for you. It's the second in the G4 line that I have tried, and I plan on trying more from this line in the future.

Not only can you use the G4 Big Boss for g-spotting, you can also use it for vaginal, clitoral, or anal use. Although I wouldn't recommend using it anally for beginners because it is one massive toy. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to use plenty of lubricant and keep a firm grip on it to prevent any unwanted trips to the emergency room. According to the Fun Factorys pamphlet, improper anal use could cause the toy to be pulled in by the anal muscles so make sure you use this carefully. My favorite use for it is to use it clitorally, but you may enjoy the vibrations on your favorite erogenous zone that enjoys stimulation.

This is larger than some toys so it is best for those that are advanced users that enjoy girthier toys. I don't see beginners using this unless they know they are going to prefer larger, girthier toys.

It is considered waterproof, so you can take this along with you in the bath, shower, or hot tub for a little bit of fun in the water.

No matter how you use it, the Fun Factory has options for those who like girthier toys and require power.

Material / Texture

According to Fun Factorys pamphlet, the vibrator shaft is made of 100% medical grade silicone. This makes it flexible and gives it an especially soft velvety feel. I kept running my fingers along the shaft of this because the silicone feels really nice. Silicone rates a 10 on the safety scale and is considered durable and easy to clean. The handle is made out of plastic which rates an 8 on the safety scale. Plastic and Silicone are both considered to be food grade materials, hypoallergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free.

There is just slight texture to this and there are no visible seams. The texture comes in the form of ridges used to simulate veins on a penis. There is one long line down the shaft on the back of the toy and there are three smaller areas on the front.

I am not sensitive to texture, so I could not feel these during use. This is best suited for those that prefer smoother toys instead on toys that offer a lot of distinct texture with bumps and grooves to them.

There is no smell or taste to it.

It has a little bit of flexibility to it, but not much as you will see in the following picture.

Design / Shape / Size

The G4 Big Boss is offered in two colors: orange or black. I have the orange and it is a very fun color with a white handle. I really like the white looped handle because it makes it very easy to hold onto even when my hands are all greasy from lubricant. Fun Factory calls this handle the loop of love.

The design is similar to a circumsized penis, with its head and shaft.

The size of the G4 Big Boss is quite a bit larger than I am used to, so relaxation and lots of lubricant is important when using this toy. Even then, I'm not able to fully insert the entire length of this toy, but am able to insert the majority of it. It is best for those that prefer larger girthier toys. Here's a comparison photo of it against the Minivibes Click N Charge Paul, Uma, and G4 Elegance.

It measures 9 1/2" long from the top of the head to the bottom of the handle. If you measure along the curve of the toy, the Big Boss measures 10 1/2" long. It has an insertable length of 7". The head and shaft measure 5 1/2" around. At the bottom of the toy measures 5" around.

This toy is not discreet whatsoever. Although it isn't a realistic color, it does have a distinguished head as well as swirls in it to simulate veins. I would consider putting this away out of sight of those that tend to be nosy.

If you are traveling with this, do not store it in direct sunlight. It does fit in a larger sized purse or bag easily, but won't fit in a pocket or smaller purse.

Functions / Performance / Controls

It has a magic touch sense technology that lights up when you are near it making it to be one great toy to use in the dark because you can see what buttons you are pressing. It has three easy to use silicone button controls a +, -, and * that are located on the handle.

To turn on, hold the + for a few seconds or press the *. Hold the + to increase the power of each level of vibration. It has six levels of steady vibration power. Hold the - to decrease the level of vibrations and to turn it off. The * button controls the four vibration patterns. The vibration patterns are as follows:

1) fast on-off-on-off
2) fast pulse
3) up down like a wave
4) pulses that start off slow and then increase

I'm not a fan of pulsation patterns so I prefer the levels of vibrations. You cannot change the intensity of pulsation patterns and they are a good 3 Vroom vibration intensity.

The vibrations can be felt throughout the entire shaft of the toy, but felt strongest toward the bottom of the shaft. It has fantastic rumbly vibrations that I love. When inserted and holding the handle, you can feel the vibrations in your hand and up through your arm. This I would consider a good 5 Vroom at the highest setting. I love that this had as much power as it did.

The G4 Big Boss is rechargeable by using the Click N Charge technology and the FUN magnetic plug. All Click N Charge toys use the same charger to charge the toy. The lithium polymer accumulator is found inside the toy and can be recharged at any time without hurting the toy. To charge the toy, attach the included charger to the metallic FUN symbol on the back of the handle and plug into a socket. It connects magnetically at the handle in one direction only. It lights up red when charging and quits when it is fully charged. For first time charging it usually takes about six hours to fully charge. My Elegance arrived with a small amount of charge and it still took about that long. A full charge should give you at least 30 minutes at full speed. It has a standby period of approximately three months. This is not my first Fun Factory product so I know how they are magnetized and I make sure I have a good connection and lay it on my bedside table before leaving it to charge. If you dangle it from the socket, you could potentially lose connection.

It is waterproof and the control unit and the silicone sheath of the vibrator are firmly attached. In a water setting, the vibration intensity did not decrease.

While using this, you will be able to hear it if you were in a room with someone else, but not through thin walls or a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

When storing it, do not leave in direct sunlight. It does not come with any additional storage pouch. I keep mine in my lingerie drawer with my other toys in a dedicated toy pouch that I swiped from another toy that doesn't pick up as much lint as this one does.

It is best to use water-based lubricants with this. Fun Factory states in their pamphlet, if the silicone in a G4 Click N Charge comes into contact with silicone based lubricants they cannot guarantee that the toys materials do not begin to take on an unpleasant smell.

Always unplug before cleaning and make sure it is completely dry before reconnecting the charger and plugging it into an outlet.


The packaging is not all that exceptional for a product in this price range. Again, this isn't my first Fun Factory product so I knew how their packaging was, but I guess I'm spoiled to packaging from Lelo and Je Joue where they come as a nice box inside another box. That is just not the case with Fun Factory. They have a normal cardboard box that you can see the product through with magnets on the outside that displays information about the product. It also features a toy in the Fun Factory line on the back of the package so it is not discreet. It also has an instruction pamplet in several languages describing the product and a product guide displaying all of the products from Fun Factory. It also came with a sample packet of toy fluid.

The Fun Magnetic Plug came in its own seperate box.


I'm impressed with the power of this toy and intimidated by the size. I bought the toy specifically for the purpose of its power so I am not complaining one bit. If you need power, then this Big Boss has it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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