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The Big Boss' size and design make him absolutely phenomenal. The texture is mostly smooth with some minor detailing. Click and charge is brilliant; vibration patterns and strength are intense. The loop handle is very easy to use. If you are even remotely thinking of purchasing this, do NOT hesitate...put the Big Boss in your cart now and get ready to call in sick the day it's delivered...your 'boss' will understand! Yeah, it's THAT awesome.
High quality, body melting vibrations, it's HUGE, pretty orange color, easy charging system
No cons here, only pros!
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So you're interested in the Big Boss, huh? Well, if you go for it, you're in for a real treat. He's great for thrusting and provides a nice full feeling without a lot of texture. The realistic shape is beautiful and the orange color is bright and vivid. I mainly use this toy for masturbation, but my husband has used it on me when we're having sex. I'm not sure who had more fun! The Big Boss is also waterproof, so it can be enjoyed in the bath or shower as well.

Wait, what? You lost the lube during sex? No problem, the Big Boss' controls have a touch-sensitive feature that makes the control buttons light up when you rub your fingers over them. Problem solved...he's a multi-tasker and doubles as a dim flashlight!

Material / Texture

Big Boss' shaft is made of silicone and his handle is plastic. The shaft is firm yet has a small amount of give when squished. This makes thrusting feel awesome because the shaft will flex somewhat and hit all the right spots yet still maintain the perfect amount of rigidity. Its texture is smooth, with a very soft and velvety feel. I have used this with and without lube, and unless you're really wet, I'd go with the lube. There isn't a lot of drag, but it's so big that lube makes insertion so much easier. Because the Big Boss is made of silicone, use only a water-based lube. I have used silicone-based lubes, but we'll cover that a little later in the review. The Big Boss has no taste or smell.

Design / Shape / Size

Big Boss is a name that is well deserved; he's BIG! Measuring up at 9" long (7" insertable), 1 3/4" wide, and circumference of 5 1/2" (5 3/4" at the widest part of the head), he will get your attention! The part I love most is the slight curve to the shaft; it feels so delightful and hits my g-spot perfectly. Its size lends well to thrusting and gives me a full feeling. The realistic shape is tactfully done and even has a few veins on the shaft. Typically, I do not feel the veins when thrusting, but I think they are well placed and add to the realistic look. If I'm just playing around slowly, then I do feel the veins, but they are not very prominent. My hands feel right at home when using the loop handle for thrusting, and can be used either right or left-handed. Another thing that I noticed about the curvature of the shaft is that it feels differently when I turn it upside down (so the curve is pointing downward) or sideways when inserted.

Although the size is massive, I believe that beginners and advanced users alike will enjoy the Big Boss. I probably wouldn't blindly recommend it for a beginner, but if they are comfortable with the size, then the Big Boss might just be a great match.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Big Boss' vibrations stem from the motor which is located just above the white loop handle and they carry well throughout the shaft. The vibrations actually feel stronger to me at the head of the toy than they do at the base of the shaft. Although the vibrations are fantastically strong, the actual noise level is very quiet and discreet. I've had it at the max setting and it wasn't heard in the next room. If you're concerned about the noise, a small fan turned on should take care of that. The only time when it got loud was when my wedding ring rattled on the plastic handle.

There are many levels of vibrations, from low and rumbly to high and buzzy, not to mention the booster button, which adds an additional 4 patterns. The "+" button turns the motor on and increases the intensity of the vibrations, whereas the "-" button decreases the intensity and also powers down the motor. The "*" button is the booster function and it will cycle through 4 different patterns with the push of a button (more on that in just a minute). The controls are recessed in a thumb-shaped indentation on the loop handle that feels very ergonomic.

Okay, let's discuss those booster functions:
1) Very fast and steady pulses, so fast that it's almost hard to distinguish the pulses from the regular vibrations.
2) Slower, longer pulses, but still very fast. I tried to count the pulses per second, but totally lost count. I came up with about 4-6 pulses per second, but the pulses are SO fast that I can't keep an accurate count.
3) Ahhh my favorite booster setting! This is an even slower pulsing that feels more intense. I think the reason that it feels more intense is because the pulses are more distinguishable from the first 2 settings. I counted 3 pulses per second, and they feel amazing!
4) The last one is so hard to describe. It almost sounds like a dead car battery starting at first...you know, the wah wah wah sound? Well, it's like that at first, but then the pattern increases in pulse frequency and intensity until they resemble the first pattern (fast/steady), then it starts over again at the low/slow wah wah wah. It's a build up of both rhythm and intensity that keeps repeating.

To power off the motor, simply press and hold the "-" for a couple seconds.

The Big Boss is rechargeable via Fun Factory's Click n Charge system. It's so easy once you figure it out! Simply place the magnetic charging dots from the charger on the silver "FUN" logo on the Boss' loop handle. Isn't that easy?! The instructions say to charge completely before using. I lost the instructions already otherwise I would specify how long the initial charge was, but I'm thinking it was 6-12 hours. It may require less time, but I just plugged it in and walked away. The lights on the controls do light up when charging, and the FF logo on the charger does too (even turns red), so it's easy to tell when the toy is completely charged as these lights will shut off. Subsequent charging requires less time; I have not timed how long it actually takes to charge as I just plug it in and check it a few hours later, by which time it's fully charged.

Care and Maintenance

The Big Boss is extremely easy to care for, and he's waterproof! Being a silicone toy, do not use silicone lubes with it; water based only. That being said, I have used Liquid Silk and Wet Platinum and have had no reactions, but PLEASE, do a test spot first as this is highly not recommended (just wanted to let you know that I haven't had any reactions with it)! I have also used Sliquid Sea and Toy Fluid (both water-based); both work well with Big Boss. Cleaning is super easy, just wash and dry. I use dish soap or anti-bacterial hand soap and warm water to clean the toy with. There really aren't any nooks and crannies for stuff to get stuck in, so clean-up also goes pretty fast. The hardest part for me to clean was the white handle part. Even still, it was easier than most toys to clean. Since the Big Boss is a silicone toy, do not store it near other silicone based toys.


The Big Boss arrived in Fun Factory G4 Calla box, like another reviewer noted. It didn't bother me any, but if you're giving this as a gift, it might be kind of weird that it's not in a Big Boss branded box. Nice simple box with a little magnetic flap on the back. The product is stored in a clam shell type plastic that slides into the box. A clear window on the front of the box shows the product, so it's not discreet at all; there's no denying that the box houses a massive vibrator. Also included was the charging cord, which came in it's own small box. Both of these items were packaged in a gallon-sized Ziploc type bag. Also included in the main box was a sample of Fun Factory's own lube, Toy Fluid and a little pamphlet highlighting Fun Factory's other products.

I use the clam shell casing to store the Big Boss in, for now. It's not perfect, but it works and it keeps the boss protected. I kept the clam shell casing, and recycled the rest of the packaging. If you don't keep the clam shell though, it can be recycled too.

Personal comments

I've got a confession to make....the Big Boss has turned me into a G4 addict. I want them ALL! I've had so much fun using it that I want to experience all the others. I have never had such powerful orgasms from a vibrator before. The size and curve of the shaft provide a wonderfully full feeling and hit my g-spot perfectly. The vibrations just send me over the edge! My favorite setting is the third booster setting; it's so intense! Typically, I start off by using the first vibration setting, and then gradually increase the intensity before hitting the booster.

As I mentioned earlier, the Big Boss' control buttons can be used as a flashlight! We did lose the lube during sex once and Big Boss came to the rescue. Just rub your thumb or fingers over the controls and they light up. The light they give off isn't much, but if you're in the dark, it's enough to help you find the lube (or whatever else that's missing). Cool feature!


One last thing I wanted to mention is the battery life. It's supposed to last 30 minutes on the maximum setting, which I'm guessing means either the max vibration or booster setting. I don't use those settings constantly, and I've used the Big Boss for longer than 30 minutes. He's never died on me, so if you use the lower settings (or lower combined with higher), I feel confident saying that he'll last quite a bit longer.
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