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If you're looking for a vibrator that is large and in charge, the Big Boss fits the bill. Its vibrations run deep to stimulate anything they come into contact with. Just make sure that size in on your list of qualifications, otherwise you might be getting more than what you bargained for.
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The Fun Factory G4 Big Boss is an insertable vibrator. It's intended for vaginal use. While it doesn't have a flared base that would make it completely safe for anal use, the looped handle should ensure you can keep a good grip on it, so if you want to try it anally just make sure to pay attention to what you're doing and be very, very careful. I have not tried it anally yet because of its size.

Can I just say how much I love the orange? It's so stunning and vibrant. Honestly, my picture doesn't do it justice. Orange is one of my favorite colors, and it's what made me want the Big Boss so much in the first place. The fact that it's also an amazing toy just makes me all the happier with my purchase.

Material / Texture

The shaft of the Big Boss (the orange part) is made of silicone while the handle is plastic, and I think the buttons on the handle are silicone as well. Instead of a thin covering of silicone like you might be used to from other insertable vibes, the Big Boss has a really thick layer of it. In fact, the first few inches are actually flexible because it's all silicone. The silicone is a bit on the draggy side unfortunately, but this just means that you have to use a good lube with it (water-based only, as to not take a chance on marring the silicone). Ride H20 by Sliquid is my favorite for use with the Big Boss.

As for texture, there's only the lip on the head and a few 'veins' on the front near the base and one going all along the length on the back. The veins I can't feel so much, bit the head I can. The head only bothers me when I haven't applied enough lube and the drag makes it catch on my pubic bone. When this happens, it's not really painful, just a bit uncomfortable. That's just me though; if you're someone who is really sensitive to ridges (and keep in mind that the Big Boss's ridge is quite firm and does not squish down), you'll want to think carefully if the Big Boss is a good choice for you.

Design / Shape / Size

The Big Boss is 9 inches in total length, the orange or insertable part is 6.5 inches. It has a circumference of 5.5 inches around the head (including the lip). Around the middle of the shaft its circumference is 5.25 inches. So what does this all mean? That the Big Boss is not a small vibrator, that's what. And since the silicone doesn't have much give, you're going to feel the girth. Only consider getting the Big Boss if you like larger sizes, and make sure to warm up with a smaller toy first if the Big Boss's size is pushes your limits.

As for the looped handle, I don't put my fingers through it in use, I just grasp the handle. The loop seems like it would be good though if someone were to use the Big Boss on you or if you used it on them (if your fingers are on the small side), but alas I have not been able to test this theory.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Big Boss has three buttons: *, -, and +. Holding the + for about 2 seconds turns it on and also increases the vibration intensity each time you press it. Alternatively, holding the button down will also increase it. Stop when you release it or it gets to the highest setting. There seem to be about six intensity settings, but it's kind of hard to tell because the last two feel almost the same in strength. You know that you're at the highest intensity when, if you're holding it down or pushing the button repeatedly, all three buttons flash yellow. Pushing the - button or holding it down decreases the intensity. This is also how you shut off the toy, holding it down until it turns off. This means that the toy doesn't turn off instantly if you have it at a high setting and need to turn it off quickly, but it's still only a few seconds. Now for the * button. This is the function button. When you're at the intensity you want, push it to scroll through the patterns. Here they are as best I can describe them:

Extra rumbly
Fast pulses
Medium pulses
Slow pulses

So yeah, the patterns aren't too exciting. Except that first one is kind of fun and I do use it occasionally.

As for charging, a lot of people complain about the Click n Charge system being unreliable, but to me it's not been a problem. Simply match the 'Fun' on the wall outlet magnet to the 'Fun' on the handle of the Big Boss, and it starts charging. The magnet's connection doesn't feel weak, so as long as nothing bumps it, it should charge fine. The 'Fun' on the cord magnet glows red while it's charging, and the Big Boss's buttons continuously light up. The red light will go out when it's fully charged. This seems to take about 6-8 hours, depending on how depleted your Big Boss is. The amount of play time has been hard to me to determine; sometimes it seems like I can use it for over an hour before it needs recharging, other times it seems like like only a few sessions adding up to half an hour will drain it. I've thus gotten into a habit of charging it on a more regular basis to counteract this issue.

There is one last function of the Big Boss. When it's off, merely touching the buttons will make them glow yellow. Some people think this feature is creepy, but I think it's awesome. It's kind of cool to have a toy that responds to your touch.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Big Boss is waterproof, it's easy to clean. For everyday cleaning, soap and water is all you'll need. If sharing or if you just want to make sure it's extra clean, it can be wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. I would try to focus on the silicone part rather than the plastic handle too much if you're using bleach, because there seems to be some information stating that bleach isn't so good for plastic. Do not boil your Big Boss; it will hurt the motor. Likewise, do not put it through the dishwasher. And as I mentioned earlier, it's probably best to stick with water-based lubes only.


The Big Boss came packaged in a box made of thin cardboard, with a sleeve with a picture of the Big Boss covering it. It also came with instructions and the charger. I tend not to save any packaging, so I recycled it. It would work okay for storage, but the box material isn't very strong, so you'd have to store it carefully if you wanted the box to last very long. It also would have been nice if it came with a storage bag, but none was included.

Personal comments

In my opinion, the Big Boss is an amazing toy. Its vibrations are strong and very rumbly; they throb from the very depths of the toy. It feels great when using it vaginally, whether you passively let it rumble inside you or add to the G-spot pleasure by lightly thrusting it. Using a clitoral toy at the same time feels great, and my Eroscillator is my favorite pairing for my Big Boss. The combination of intense rumbling internally with the delicate yet profound sensation on my clitoris is absolutely incredible.

I think this is a great toy for anyone who loves girth, intense internal vibrations, and the color orange.
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