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Gigi I'm giddy with pleasure!

If you are looking for a quality g-spot vibrator to do the trick, look no further! The Gigi hits my g-spot with very little effort on my part and is slender enough to be a great choice for beginners! Even though the price is a bit steep, I'm sooo glad I went ahead and bought this one!
Silicone, comes with it's own storage box, rechargeable and hit's my G!
Easy to accidentally hit the controls during play!
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Ah, the Gigi g-spot vibrator from Lelo|G-spot vibrator by LELO! How I coveted the raving reviews of orgasmic pleasure but, the price! Should I really spend that much on a g-spot vibe? I wanted to make Gigi mine! I checked for new reviews every time I logged on and viewing the actual size image while I was there. Imagining how wonderful that silicone shaft would feel inside of me.... You get the idea.....

When the object of my attention arrived, I opened a glossy, purple cardboard box to find a sturdier black box contained inside. I lifted the lid off of the black box to find my new Gigi laying in it's own molded holder. The holder that the Gigi rests in also lifts out allowing a storage area for the charger, an additional white satin bag, one year warranty and user manual. Nice!

I chose to purchase the purple Gigi. It does come in pink as well. The purple silicone shaft is separated from the white plastic handle via a shiny metallic band. This creates an almost seamless appearance! I find it very smooth and classy looking indeed! Since it is rechargeable, I found it to be fairly light without the extra weight from batteries. It is rather small in stature though so, you won't find alot of girth with this one! It really isn't about the girth so much as the g-spot though. I do believe it's silicone covered plastic so, it has the rigidness to apply firm g-spot pressure. Being silicone, you should only use water based lubes with the Gigi. It's also phthalate free and easily cleaned. Just use your favorite toy cleaner, antibacterial soap and water or if sharing, be sure to sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution! I noticed no smell from this product.

I was ready to charge it up so, I removed the protective silicon cap from the base, plugged the charger in until it made a slight click and then plugged the charger into the outlet. I noticed that the light indicator encircling the control panel started flashing. It flashes when it's charging and quits flashing when it's fully charged so, you don't have to guess. The same led light will become a reddish color if the battery's low and you try to use it. You are advised in the user's manual not to use the Gigi while it is charging so, I didn't attempt this. It also states that you should not charge it longer than 24 hours. You should receive up to 2 hours of vibrations from an hour and a half charge. I have not used it that long so, I'm not sure if it actually lasts the full 2 hours. The manual also claims that the battery has a standby time of 90 days but, who could go that long without using it?

Now that my new g-spot vibe was charged and ready to go, I couldn't wait to see what it could do! The controls took me awhile to get used to but, they are easy once you know what you are doing. The circular control panel has a plus on one side and a minus on the other. These are used to cycle through the vibration speeds. The description states that there are 7 speeds but, I actually noticed at least 10 different speeds with mine. They varied from barely there all the way up to a good strong vibration that may be a bit too intense for some. If you don't want to keep pressing the button you can just hold it down to cycle all the way up to the highest speed or all the way down to the lowest speed. On the top of the control panel there is an up arrow and on the bottom there is a down arrow. These are for cycling through the functions once you have settled on a speed. There are four different functions with this vibe, five if you count the steady vibration. First, is the steady vibration. Second, is a short interval pulsation. Third, is an intermediate interval pulsation. Fourth, is an extended interval pulsation and five, is called before and after. The second, third and fourth variations are all just pulses of vibration with different delays in between. The fourth variation is just kind of a roller coaster starting at a high vibration then dwindling down to a low vibration and then back up again.

Another great feature of this vibe is the ability to lock it so, it won't turn on if accidentally pressed. This is a great feature if you travel! Just hold down on the very center of the control panel for 5 seconds until the light goes off. To unlock it, hold the center down until the light comes on again. Pretty simple in my book!
The Gigi g-spot vibe is a marvelous product. The only complaint I have is the same one as so many others... the controls can be quite treacherous during use! There is really no way to keep your fingers away from the controls! The benefits of the Gigi outweigh this minor flaw in my opinion and it never claimed that you wouldn't accidentally change the speed so, I didn't take anything away from it for this. I'm just glad I'm as pleased with it as I expected to be and if you like g-spot stimulation, you will more than likely be pleased with it to!

So, how does the Gigi perform as a g-spot vibe? After lubing it up with my water based, wet heating massage lotion, I am pleased to say it performs marvelously well! It hits my g-spot with little effort on my part. It just kind of goes in and hits it......and goes in and hits it.......and goes in and hits it......did I mention this is great for thrusting?

This thing is so light I have not had any hand cramps from using it yet! Light, powerful and silicone to boot! What more could a girl want? If you like g-spot stimulation, this one will definitely do the trick! It nestles itself right up there on my g with virtually no help on my part and it feels fantastic while thrusting! It's also great to use during sex! We like doggie style so, the curve of this vibe helps reach my clit from that position! Of course you could use this vibe on virtually any erogenous zone on your body as well as your partners. Oh the possibilities!

Just remember to never store your Gigi in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme heat! Store it away from other toys, preferably in it's case or satin travel pouch, and use only water based lubes. Taking these measures should ensure a good, long lifetime to your Gigi!
Follow-up commentary
The Gigi is still working wonderfully for me and hasn't died yet! I'm so glad too because she's not cheap! Lelo does truly make quality products though, so I'm really not surprised that she's still going strong.

I do have to admit that when I first got Gigi, thrusting with her was fun but somewhere along the way that changed. Is it possible for a g-spot to grow larger? Anyway, she's so rigid that I can't always thrust her anymore, but I do love to just stick her in there on my g-spot and wiggle her. That provides a very nice sensation for me and the vibration is usually all I really need.

When I want a g-spot toy that I can thrust quickly, I now turn to Ella, Gigi's non-vibrating sister. Ella is more flexible so she's just more comfortable for me to thrust. Don't get me wrong here because I still love Gigi but they both have their places in my bedroom. They both provide surprisingly different sensations as well. Ella can provide your g-spot with a very stimulating, stroking effect while Gigi can vibrate it into oblivion. It's your choice!

So, do I still love the Gigi? Absolutely! I wouldn't part with her at all. She's still a great toy that I love to play with. She just has some competition now.

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  • Sangsara
    great review- I've had the same problem with too much content on the standard review form, it's frustrating, especially cause you can't go back and switch from standard to extended which sucks when you are passionate about the review you are writing
  • freud13
    Great review. I have been wanting to try this out.
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