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If you're looking for a powerful luxury g-spot vibrator that has a variety of speeds and vibrations, and is rechargeable and 100% body safe, Mona may be the one to make you moan!
Silicone, strong, fairly quiet, rechargeable, multi-speed/function, truly waterproof.
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Mona 2 is an updated, improved version of LELO's first Mona. Mona is a powerful, rechargeable, g-spot vibrator intended for vaginal penetration. Mona can also be used to stimulate the vagina externally. You can also incorporate Mona into play with a male partner by using it to tickle and tease his genital area during foreplay. Run the tip of Mona around your breasts and/or nipples to enhance the mood. Mona doesn't have a flared base, so you should avoid using it for anal play to be safe. Mona can be used alone and, obviously, with a partner. This new line from LELO is waterproof.

Material / Texture

Mona is made with LELO's signature luxury silicone over hard plastic, which is 100% body safe and scores a 10 out of 10 on Eden's safety scale. Mona is completely firm; there is absolutely no give to this vibrator. The silicone is very smooth, velvety, and sleek, and has practically no drag to it at all. There is no added texture, just soft to the touch silicone, making it perfect for any user.

There is a visible seam, but it isn't felt during use.

There are no mood killing scents that come with this toy.

The handle is made of smooth, hard plastic.

Design / Shape / Size

Mona is designed with women in mind. It is sleek and has a slight curve in the head of the toy to help with stimulation of the g-spot. The head comes to a rounded point, expands into a sort of egg shape that tapers into a straight neck, then goes back out into a flatter egg shape forming the handle. The handle fits nicely and comfortably into the female hand for comfortable use and easy access to the buttons. The scoop of the head is to better help stimulate the g-spot, or provide a feeling of girth when thrusting. The size and shape should be fine for beginners and experienced users alike, with a girth of 4.5" and an insertable length of 5.25". The total length is 7.75". Overall, nothing too intimidating.

Given the size, it really isn't too discreet to be tossing into a purse, but it will go fine in a suitcase or overnight bag. It even comes with its own storage bag!

Here is Mona compared in size to Uma and my hand:

Functions / Performance / Controls

Mona is a rechargeable vibrator. There is a charging port on the bottom, at the end of the handle where the charger plugs into. According to LELO's website, charging can take up to 2 hours, but I found mine completely charged in only 1 hour. When you plug it in, an LED light will light up the buttons, setting off blue blinking lights. You will know your toy is charged completely when the lights just remain steady and no longer blink. Mona has up to a 4 hour charge, and will hold a charge for up to 90 days.

The website mentions that Mona has a locking feature, but nowhere on the site nor the instruction manual does it state how to do this. Since I have had more than several toys that do this, I figured it out on my own. To lock Mona for travel, press down on the - button and the + button at the same time; the buttons will light up and then go out. When they go out, release your hold. To unlock Mona, simply repeat the same action.

To turn Mona on, press and hold the + button for about 3 seconds until it turns on. To turn it off, press and hold the - button for about 3 seconds until it turns off.

Mona has 6 speeds. Just press the + button up to 6 times to reach maximum intensity. Press the - to decrease.

Mona has 8 vibration patterns; you cycle through those by pressing the up and down arrows.

1) Constant steady vibrations
2) Pulsing
3) Quicker pulsing
4) Revving from low to high
5) Revving from low to high...pause, repeat
6-8) These patterns are just too random and hard to describe. They are unique from any other toy I have. They have a combination of different things going on from pulsations to roller coaster to revving, from intense to low.

There is definitely something for everyone here, with the multiple patterns and ability to control the intensity that you feel them at.

The vibrations can be felt throughout the entire vibrator, but are strongest in the head. You can feel them in the handle, but it isn't nearly as buzzy as holding the head of the toy. The vibrations, depending on the setting and pattern, can be rumbly or buzzy; both are deep.

While other users have rated it a 1 "bee", I just don't feel that way. To me, this is a 2. It can be heard in the same room, but cannot be heard outside of a closed door (I made sure to test that out). In a quiet house, in a quiet room, if someone was home, I'd be reaching for my blanket to muffle it as a personal preference.

It is marketed as waterproof. I was afraid to put this in the water since it looks exactly like the old style, but since it is required for the type of review I am doing, I did it. I submerged my vibe in water for about 10 minutes while it was on and, thankfully, it IS waterproof! There was absolutely no issue while it was in water, and when I took it out, turned it off, let it dry out and turned it back on again, nothing changed about the toy. So yes, breathe easy ladies, Mona 2 can safely go into the tub or shower with you! I will be adding a video review shortly where I will submerge it into a glass of water to show you.

Care and Maintenance

Mona is easy to care for. The silicone can attract hairs and other fibers, so you should store it in the storage bag LELO provides you with or in the box it came in.

You can clean it with soap and water (minding the charge port), toy cleaner or wipes.

You should only use water based lubricants with your toy.


The outside box that Mona comes in is not discreet at all; the toy is pictured on one side. However, it is tasteful. There is a storage box inside that houses everything. This is black and discreet, only saying "LELO" on the top.

Inside are the toy, the charger, storage bag, instruction manual, information on 1yr warranty and 10yr quality guarantee, plastic product registration card, safety insert and a sample of LELO's water based lubricant.


Mona is certainly powerful. It's right up there with Uma. I have owned Siri and Liv, and Mona 2 is stronger than either of those toys.
Follow-up commentary
Still a great vibe, seemingly more powerful than LELO's first line of vibes. It's got enough power for any user and the fact that it isn't audible outside of a door makes it perfect. The curve is good for g-spot stimulation if you enjoy that. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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