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This is a wonderfully crafted G-spot vibrator with strong vibrations and a head perfectly designed to direct them. It applies pressure to my G-spot in a way that most other G-spot vibrators fail to do, and I definitely feel it rumbling against my G-spot. One of my favorite things about it is that you can adjust the intensity of its vibrations independent of the pattern. It's quiet and rechargeable, waterproof, and easy to care for. It also comes in elegant packaging that makes it a great gift.
Strong, rumbly, directed vibrations. Firm pressure. Beautiful packaging. Rechargeable.
Charging port is only covered by a silicone plug, which makes me nervous. Not submersible.
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Mona 2 is a G-spot vibrator, intended to be used primarily for vaginal penetration. I would not recommend it to be used for anal penetration, as it lacks a flared base. It can also be used to stimulate the clitoris, nipples and perineum, or run up the shaft of a penis. Mona 2 is waterproof (although not submersion-proof) and can be used in the shower.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

Mona 2's insertable portion is made of super smooth, velvety silicone. It has the very faintest of seams on its underside, which I could only detect with extremely close examination. At first, I thought it was completely seamless. Either way, I'm very impressed. The silicone glides very smoothly, especially with a touch of water-based lube.

Its handle is made of plastic, with what feels like silicone buttons and a silicone cover for its charging port.

Its insertable section is rigid. It does not flex at all. It doesn't even have the slight give that I've come to associate with silicone. It's not as firm as glass, but it's close to plastic.

It has no odor and no taste.
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Length: 8" (about 5" insertable)
Circumference: 4.5" at its widest insertable point, and 3" at its narrowest
Diameter: Approx. 1.75" at its widest insertable point

Mona 2 measurements

Size comparison

Mona 2 size compared to hand

This vibrator's weight is wonderfully balanced between the head and handle. The head has a blunted shape with a tapered tip that reminds me somewhat of the bloom of a tulip flower before it opens. I've mostly leaned toward bulbous or snub-nosed tips on G-spot vibrators, but the shape of the head of the Mona 2 is perfect. It slides right into place, pressing against my G-spot in just the right way and focusing its vibrations in a way that other G-spot vibrators have failed to do. Below its head, the body of Mona 2 tapers to a circumference of roughly 3". The shape of the head and the way it tapers guides the Mona 2 right into my G-spot and keeps it there. The handle fits easily in my palm and I don't experience any wrist strain. I don't have to put a lot of elbow grease into my sessions.

While I have enjoyed my G-spot vibrators and dildos, they have tended to fall short when it came to placing the right kind of pressure on my G-spot or transmitting their vibrations in a way that was actually effective. This is the first G-spot vibe that I've really felt. If you have found that G-spot vibrators fail to bring you to orgasm and you absolutely have to have a partner's fingers - as I have - the design of the Mona 2 may suit you very well.

It's not very discreet if you just leave it lying around - but since it comes with both a box and a bag, you don't really need to. The bag is very discreet, and the box looks like a jewelry or tie box. The only clue that the box contains something else is the embossed "LELO" logo on top. It's a bit large to travel with, but not too large to tuck into a suitcase. The fact that it's rechargeable and you can lock the controls so that it doesn't turn on in your suitcase makes it more convenient to travel with than battery-operated vibrators. It's too large to fit in some purses.

I think this is a great beginner G-spot vibrator because, aside from some minor details, its design is almost foolproof. I don't think there's a way I couldn't hit my G-spot with this vibrator, because it slips right into the perfect position on its own. I would like to mention that a beginner who is a virgin may have difficulty with it, but that's probably true of the vast majority G-spot vibrators and dildos.

Mona 2 charging port

Mona 2 is rechargeable and has a traditional charging port, with a jack that you plug its plug into. There is a silicone plug that covers the charging port when the Mona 2 isn't charging, and its booklet warns to make sure the port is closed securely. I assume that if it's not, water would get into the charging port. I don't really like that - I absolutely love that it's rechargeable, I just wish it had a waterproof magnetic port like my Salsa does. I'm worried that I won't close the port securely and water will get in, although I haven't had that happen.

Do not leave it in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme heat.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

The booklet in the box was fairly generic. It didn't describe any of the functions beyond the most basic - how to turn the vibrator on and adjust the speed and setting. I actually looked through it and over the box a few times looking for that information. I thought that maybe I was overlooking a page. As it turns out, I just had to learn by trial and error.

Here is one of the things I love about Mona 2: you can adjust the pattern and intensity independently. I was completely confused by its controls until I figured that out. When I did, I was ecstatic - that was a feature I had longed for with some of my other vibrators.

According to LELO's website, Mona has 6 stimulation modes. By this, I assume they mean patterns - I have read claims of 8, but I can only detect 6. If 6 patterns is all I can detect, then as far as I'm concerned, 6 patterns is what Mona 2 has for me.

Mona 2 pattern chart

1. Steady vibration.
2. Buzz buzz buzz buzz (steady med length buzzes).
3. Buzzbuzzbuzzbuzzbuzz (faster short buzzes).
4. Steady vibe on lowest intensity (seems the same as #1), but if you hit + to raise the intensity, it begins to pulse in a wave that evenly rises and descends in intensity.
5. Pulsing wave similar to #4, but falls off more sharply.
6. Teasing irregular waves of changing intensity, descending from high to low. This one will catch you off guard.

The vibrations smoothly increase and decrease in intensity as you hold + and -. This allows for a great deal of fine-tuning. The intensity ranges from incredibly gentle (I would rate it at about 2 vrooms, maybe) to a high 4 vrooms. I wouldn't quite give it 5 vrooms, but it's close. I have read that it has 8 patterns. The truth is that after pattern #6, the patterns are far too irregular to tell apart.

To turn the Mona 2 on, press the + button. The + and - buttons adjust the intensity, and holding the - button for 2 seconds turns it off. Holding down + and - for 2 seconds locks its controls for travel. The up and down arrows adjust the pattern.

Between the number of intensity settings and the patterns, you can do a lot of fine-tuning with Mona 2, which makes it extremely fun to play with. My only issue with it was that the lack of instructions or information about the various settings in the booklet it came with made it a bit frustrating to figure out all of its patterns and intensities. It doesn't seem to have a pattern memory - it resets to pattern 1 at the lowest intensity when you turn it off.

In terms of noisiness, I gave this vibrator an average of 2 bees. Its low settings are whisper quiet - unless you're holding it, you may not know it's on. My laptop fan is louder. The highest settings, however, are much louder - a loud 2 bees. You won't hear it through a closed door, but you might hear it through a blanket.

Mona 2 is rechargeable, and I love that. I hate going through batteries and disposing of them properly is a hassle, so I've slowly been drifting more toward rechargeable vibrators now that there are some that have a decent amount of power behind their motors. It blinks while charging. When it is fully charged, its lights go solid. Its booklet didn't mention any of this, so at first I wasn't sure if the blinking was an "error" message. I only knew this because I gave up on thumbing through the booklet and looked up some other reviews.

Mona 2 charged in about one hour and held that charge over a few fairly long sessions. After all, it takes me a while to orgasm. I didn't get the sense that it didn't maintain its charge between sessions, and did not notice any perceptible loss in power. Its booklet advises that, even if you don't use it constantly, you should recharge it at least once a month.

It performed fine with water running over it, although I was nervous about the charging port. I patted it dry and plugged it in to recharge, and did not experience any problems.
    • Discreet sound
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Mona 2 is easy to care for. Its booklet advises against using alcohol-based cleaners. It suggests spraying toy cleaner on the insertable silicone portion, and spraying cleaner onto a cloth to wipe down the handle. It also suggests using antibacterial soap and water to clean your Mona 2. Although the insertable portion is silicone, it warns against boiling it. I would not try to put it in the dishwasher. I spray and wipe mine down with toy cleaner and rinse it with very hot water. I pat it dry, and - ta-da! - all done.

According to the small information card that came with it, here are the DOs and DO NOTs regarding Mona 2's care:

Apply cleaning solution directly to silicone
Apply cleaning solution to towel before cleaning handle
Charge unit monthly
Ensure silicone plug is fastened before cleaning
Ensure that interface is unlocked before first use (includes a diagram of pressing down + and - buttons at the same time)

Do not submerge in water
Do not boil any component
Do not store in direct sunlight
Do not clean with alcohol or silicone-based solutions
Do not use when plugged in and charging

It's important to note that the care card makes it sound like this vibrator needs to be recharged at least once a month. You need to do this whether you use it or not, in order to keep it functioning properly.

Only use water-based lubricants with this toy. It is made of silicone, and silicone lubricants will interact with it and damage the material.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Mona 2 external box

Mona 2 packaging

Lelo's Mona 2 comes in a very nice package. The outer box is quite obvious and not discreet - it says it's a G-spot vibrator on the front. Inside of that box is a small, discreet, well-made black cardboard box with "LELO" embossed on the top. When you slip the lid off, the Mona 2 rests in a Mona 2-shaped cutout in soft, velvet-covered black foam. There is a small compartment inside of the box that you open up to reveal a charger, instruction booklet and care card, silky black storage bag, "LELO Authenticity Card", and a small sample packet of LELO Personal Moisturizer.

The LELO Authenticity Card indicates that this is an authentic LELO product, and encourages you to register it to take advantage of LELO's 1-year warranty.

I like having the option of both the box and pouch for storage. Although it's cardboard, the box is very well made and the little cushion for the Mona 2 is nice. It was a very nice presentation, in general. I think it's great packaging for a gift. I currently store mine in the box, because I have the room under my bed and I'm fussy like that. The pouch is good for storing it while traveling, though.
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I have spent a lot of time and money looking for THE G-spot vibrator. Not the best one, even - just one that actually worked! I have several G-spot vibrators I enjoy, but none of them do the job exactly perfectly (or at all, sometimes). I generally enjoy using them on my G-spot but ultimately end up using them for clitoral stimulation so that I can actually climax.

To tell you the truth, if I hadn't had a few partners who were particularly talented with their fingers, I might be one of those ladies who claims she doesn't have a G-spot . The stimulation I get from most vibrators is fairly weak, and I can't find a dildo with the perfect firmness and curve. Up until I got the Mona 2, I honestly required a partner to really stimulate my G-spot because I can't get my own fingers at the right angle, and none of my vibrators could do what my partner's fingers could. If you have the same issue, Mona 2 may suit your body shape and needs.


As soon as the postman dropped off the package containing the Mona 2, I grabbed it and ran straight to my bedroom. I had work to do!

I was impressed by its presentation. It really is beautifully presented. I would be proud to give this to somebody as a gift. It's a vibrator, no argument about that, but it still manages to be very classy. Prior to this, I had only owned LELO Personal Moisturizer - which is also beautifully presented, even if the product itself didn't suit my tastes - and had read a lot of reviews of LELO vibrators. I associate LELO with presentation and craftsmanship, and Mona 2 did not disappoint. I was worried that it might be a bit weak since that seemed to be a complaint with a few of LELO's vibrators, but Mona 2 has more than enough power for me.

I quickly laid everything out and photographed it, then cleaned it with toy cleaner and water and set it up to charge. I expected it to take 2 hours, but it only took about an hour for its lights to stop blinking.

Mona 2 slid right in, and I was immediately impressed by how effortlessly it found my G-spot! It applied pressure in a way that none of my other G-spot vibrators or dildos have managed (or anything short of a pair of fingers or a real penis)... and that was before I had even turned it on!

Here's where the only hitch in my experience came: the instruction booklet is woefully uninformative when it comes to Mona 2's patterns and functions. It took quite a bit of fumbling and confusion while I switched through the patterns. I also didn't realize how hard I needed to press the buttons, so at first I was disappointed by how "weak" the Mona 2 seemed. I thought I was pushing the + button, but I wasn't pushing it hard enough! At first, I also didn't know that I could change the intensity independently of the pattern. The rising and falling irregular waves had an intensity I loved that I thought I couldn't get on the steady vibration, which was what I really, REALLY wanted.

Finally, in a fit of frustration, I managed to press the + button hard enough (which startled me). This led to the revelation that I needed to press the buttons harder, and after that working the Mona 2 was a breeze. None of my current G-spot vibrators come close to Mona 2 - not by a long shot. I'm pretty sure they're just going to gather dust in my toy box, now. If Mona 2 died on me - which I doubt, since it seems to be pretty sturdily constructed and comes with a warranty - I would immediately buy another one.

Mona 2 is the first vibrator that has allowed me to orgasm with a very small amount of clitoral stimulation. I think that, with practice, I won't need clitoral stimulation at all. In fact, it does its job so well that for a little while my vagina refused to give up its grip on Mona 2. I had to wait for the muscles to relax before I could retrieve my vibrator.

If you feel like you absolutely have to have clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm, don't be discouraged. Check out Mona 2's "sister" vibrator, Ina 2. Ina 2 has a clitoral arm.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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