G-spot vibrator discontinued

Oh. My. God. Gigi, marry me!

This isn't your kid sisters' toy. The LELO Gigi is cute, but it means business! This is the most powerful g-spot toy I've ever encountered, and it knows the female anatomy! Nothing compares to this master of orgasms. The LELO Gigi could easily be the only toy you'll ever need... or want!
MADE for your g-spot, can be used for clit stimulation, smooth, strong, beautiful!
I want a waterproof case to take the Gigi EVERYWHERE! Other than that, nothing at all!
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The LELO Gigi is a g-spot master. After having tried the non-vibrating sister, the Ella, I was dismayed by my lack of an intense g-spot 'O', and thought maybe Gigi would get it right. My boyfriend surprised me with a pink Gigi on my birthday, and I couldn't be happier! It's like the Gigi was MADE for me! All of my other toys were totally forgotten as I realized the LELO Gigi was my new clit-stimulating warm-up toy, soft enough to slowly push in and pull out, and my finisher with an amazing g-spot orgasm.

For those new to sex toys, the Gigi is a discreet, not intimidating clit stimulator toy that could expand horizons farther than you ever imagined. And for those who've been there, done that with sex toys, this isn't just the Lexus, the Beemer, or the Mercedes-Benz you've thought of getting: The Gigi is most definitely the most luxurious race car of the sex toy world.

Every woman should own a Gigi. Like... now. Go order it. Hurry. This could be the last toy I'll ever need.

Material / Texture

The Gigi is made from "FDA-approved and phthalate-free PC-ABS/ silicone" and the base/handle is white plastic. The silicone is very smooth, but not very giving or flexible. It can collect some hair or dust, (mine always brings a few out of the pouch) so I recommend rinsing off the silicone part before using it. Please do not immerse your Gigi under water- it is NOT waterproof! I take much care to make sure only the silicone part is ever under water.

I can't help but notice that the Gigi does have a bit of a smell to it. It's a plastic-y, rubbery smell, and it's not real pleasant. You do need to be close to it to notice, so it's not like you bring it out of your toy case and the room stinks like a rubber factory. But, I thought I'd take a whiff when I first got it, and I noticed the smell.

Because the material is so smooth, the Gigi is nice to use for gentle clit stimulation.. if the vibrator is on a lower setting, of course. It glides over your skin and it's not sticky, bumpy, or otherwise annoying in any way.

Design / Shape / Size

Uh-may-zing! I don't think any other toy will ever compare to how the Gigi is for the g-spot. This toy completely molds with your body to nudge itself right up against your g-spot, and with the slight curve, it puts just the right amount of pressure.

The size is just right to hit my g-spot and not be too long. While I haven't tried the Gigi with a lot of lube or lubed up hands, I have heard that the base is hard to hold onto with butterfingers. So far, no complaints there, though. The Gigi doesn't need much lube at all to slip in.

Speaking (meaning writing) of slipping in, I have found that sometimes it's easier to get the Gigi in by turning it to its side and easing it in, then turning it to hit my g-spot. Just a hint for other sometimes timid/tight women out there.

Coming with a little silky pouch, the Gigi is easy to hide. You just have to worry about the charger, really. Another awesome thing about this toy is that you can lock the controls! So, no need to worry about TSA wondering why your purse (what, you wouldn't carry this on for some mile-high fun?) is vibrating.

For me, it's just right. Goldilocks has found her bed, and Gigi is in it!

Functions / Performance / Controls

Slow down, honey! The Gigi is the Ferrari of sex toys, with it's intense power and sleek design. The highest setting is also the loudest, and would be heard through a door, but the power is all up to the user. To control the Gigi there is a d-pad on controls on the white plastic base. You know, a d-pad. Like on a Nintendo controller? Like that. Only pressing the buttons is so much cooler! I had to go over the instructions a couple times to figure out why pressing random buttons wasn't getting me what I wanted, but once I figured it out, I was in geek-heaven. (Note: it's MUCH easier to figure out if you read the instructions and try them when the Gigi is Not inside of you.)

On the D-pad there are (clockwise): an up arrow, a plus sign, a down arrow, and a minus sign. Holding the plus or minus turns the Gigi on and off, and controls the vibration power. Once on, the up arrow filters through the different vibration settings. They are:
1. Constant vibration
2. Slow pulsing vibration
3. Faster pulsing vibration
4. A more mid-level pulsing vibration (I call it "washing machine mode")
5. Slow power to high power pulses

So far, my favorite is setting 3, and of course 1 is a good solid foundation vibe. The vibrations on this toy really finish it off. It looked so delicate, and then it was like, "BAM, BABY! WHO'S YOUR VIBE?!"

Care and Maintenance

Okay, so the Gigi is silicone. This means no silicone lube. But you knew that, right? Silicone toy + silicone lube = one sticky, un-fixable mess.

Moving on. To clean the Gigi, you can wash it with warm, soapy water. Just be sure not to get the DC charger socket wet! This isn't a toy I think anyone would want to share, but because you can't sterilize it, if you do share it, be safe and put a condom on it! It's not surprising that it's not a toy you can sterilize, since I can't imagine the DC socket would come out of a dishwasher happy.


As always, LELO makes amazing packaging. The pink Gigi came in a pink box that just said LELO on the front. It does have a picture on the back, but the box only says that it is a "pleasure object". I'd argue that that could mean it's a travel-sized neck massager, if this was a gift.

The toy is set in a plastic holder. Under it there is an instruction manual in a bunch of different languages, a one year warranty, a white pouch, and the charger. The toy does need to be charged up before use, but 2 hours should provide you with four hours of play.

Personal comments

Gimme gimme gimme! The Gigi is made of orgasms, and I can't get enough of it! If the other LELO vibrators are half as amazing, I must have them all! IF I can wrench myself away from the Gigi! If my house weer on fire, and I could only get one toy to save, it would be the Gigi. No doubt.


Holy crap. This thing is a GODDESS amongst sex toys. I never thought I'd find anything to compare to my boyfriends' fingers, but the Gigi does fight for it! I wanted the Gigi in my quest to squirt, and while I haven't figured out how to (or if I can) yet, every attempt is so worth it. For me no toy will ever compare to another human, but as a runner up, the Gigi takes the cake. And gives it an orgasm. A really strong one. With sprinkles.
Follow-up commentary
Yeah. Yeah Gigi is still F-IN AMAZING. This is totally still my go-to toy. When I just want on thing to do the trick, Gigi is it. It's so beautiful and super powerful.. There's no toy like it. As I've said before, the ONLY think Gigi needs to be ABSOLUTELY awesome .. is a waterproof case. Ahh, Gigi.
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  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Ha ha ha I just reread your review what an awesome review. Love all your quircky little comments "BAQM, WHO'S YOUR VIBE?", lol.
  • Contributor: Septimus
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Thank you!
    Lol, ty Naughty, I was kinda excited, and kinda tipsy hehe
  • Contributor: girl next door
    great review! love it!
  • Contributor: Fuck it.
    Such a good review!
    If only the Gigi was waterproof.
  • Contributor: bethd1708
    lovely review!
  • Contributor: BuckeyeGal04
    I LOVE that your boyfriend bought this for you! Now that's a sweet gift!
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Lol, well BuckeyeGal04 he's my husband now!
  • Contributor: IndependentlyHappy
    Thanks for the review!
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    nice review
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