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Take a ride on the self-love ferris wheel

The Sqweel 2 is an oral sex stimulator, it doesn't vibrate like most clit toys, it has a wheel of little silicone tongues that spin around to lick the clit like a lover's tongue would during oral sex. It's a different experience than using a clitoral vibrator or even just your fingers, but it's not quite a perfect replacement for the real deal. Maybe I'm just a bit spoiled, but even with a talented real tongue in my bed already the Sqweel 2 is a fantastic toy to add to any toy collection.
Fun design
Different feeling than a vibrator
Silicone tongues
Can start to feel like someone is hitting your clit over and over instead of licking after a while
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The Sqweel 2 is an oral sex toy, its design is intended to replicate the feeling of cunnilingus. But its use does not have to be limited to just the clit, you can use the Sqweel to lick your nipples or even give yourself a rim job, just as long as you clean the toy before clitoral use against first. Men can also get enjoyment out of the Sqweel by using it to lick their penis or testicles for a new experience to self love.

The Sqweel comes in two different color combinations; white and pink or black and pink. The one I got is the white with pink tongues. The majority of the toy is made of plastic, which rates an 8 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale. The tongues of the Sqweel however are made of silicone which rates a 10. Both plastic and silicone are non-porous, hypo-allergenic and phthalates free. The plastic of the case of the Sqweel is hard and completely ridged, however the little tongues are a different story. The silicone on the tongues is soft and flexible, and there is a slight amount of drag, but that can be alleviated by using water-based lubricant with the Sqweel. There was no noticeable odor associated with the Sqweel.

silicone tongues

The Sqweel is composed of four pieces, a pink plastic cap that covers the wheel of tongues between uses, the pink silicone wheel of plastic tongues, and then the white (or black) plastic base has two pieces; the main base of the toy with the controls and where the wheel fits into the base, and the removable piece that covers half of the wheel of the tongues. The piece that comes off the base makes cleaning the Sqweel easier, it also allows for the wheel of tongues to be changed out for one of the Sqweeler wheels that can be purchased separately for a different experience.

all four pieces

With the pink plastic cover in place the Sqweel is 5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide and is 2.25 inches thick. For a clitoral toy it is kind of bulky. The wheel of tongues is 3.5 inches from one end of the other, with 10 individual silicone tongues on it. Each tongue is 1 inch long and 1 inch wide at the widest point. The tongues are not flat in shape but rather have semi-curved shape to them, much like a real tongue would have if it was licking something.

holding sqweel2
size comparison
The Sqweel is powered by three AAA batteries. There is a battery compartment located on the back side of the toy, when placing batteries in the Sqweel you will notice that there is no protection in place against moisture, the Sqweel is not waterproof, it is not even splash proof. Care must be taken during use and especially during cleaning to make sure that no water gets into the controls, inner wheel mechanism, and battery compartment of the Sqweel.


There are two different buttons on the front of the Sqweel that control the functions of the Sqweel. The play button turns the Sqweel on, it also changes the speed of the Sqweel. There are three speeds at which the tongues spin; low, medium and high. Pressing the play button changes these speeds. Holding down on the play button will turn the Sqweel off. The second button on the from of the Sqweel is two arrows in a circle, this changes the rotation of the wheel of tongues, pressing it will reverse the tongues spin direction, pressing it again changes it into flicker mode (forward and backwards) then pressing it again changes it back to a forward rotation.
control buttons

The first time I turned on the Sqweel I was very pleased, this thing feels amazing! I made sure to apply a good amount of lube to my clitoris before I turned it on and pressed it up against my clit. It took a bit of experimentation to know where to hold the Sqweel in relation to my clit, too close and it stops the spin of the tongues, you want to find a distance where the tongues will lick your clit just right. I also tried with the Sqweel facing both front and back, with the tongues licking up and down my clit. I much prefer them licking upwards.

I was not a fan of reverse or flicker mode, the stimulation was just too intense for me using it that way. Also I wasn't able to use the Sqweel in any speed higher than low. I will say that normally I have a somewhat sensitive clit and do not require high power levels to get off. The Sqweel felt really fantastic for a while, but it just wasn't enough to get off, after a while it felt like it was just hitting my clit and became a bit too much but I still wasn't having a orgasm with the Sqweel. For that the Sqweel makes an excellent warmup and teasing toy, not a finish line king of toy.

After use cleaning the Sqweel 2 is a bit of a chore. First you must remove the front cover of the base to get at the wheel. On the front of the cover there is a small switch that moves from side to side showing a locked and unlocked symbol. Change over to unlock and slide the cover up and off the base. The entire wheel is now exposed, lift the wheel off its peg to clean. Once the silicone wheel of tongues is removed from the Sqweel 2 it can be run under water and cleaned with anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner. The base is not waterproof and can only be cleaned by wiping off with a damp cloth. I find that Eden Fantasys' toy wipes are excellent for this chore. I find that the Sqweel 2 feels the best when used with lots of lube so there is splattering of lube down inside of the where the wheel spins after I use the Sqweel 2. I wipe out with a toy wipe and its nice and clean again. To reassemble make sure the wheel of tongues is nice a dry and place it back on the peg, reposition the locking base cover, switch to a locked position and then put the pink cap on the Sqweel 2 for storage.


I find that other than the cap that covers the silicone wheel the Sqweel 2 does not need any other protection during storage, I just place it in my drawer just like that. The packaging that the Sqweel 2 came in just isn't a great storage option in my option. The packaging that the Sqweel 2 came in is far from discreet. The front of the box mentions that the Sqweel 2 is the "World's best selling oral sex toy" while the back of the box makes the same statement as well as listing off some other qualities of the toy. Inside of the box the Sqweel 2 sits inside of a plastic tray with a plastic cover that fits over it. With the cap on the Sqweel 2 I just don't see a need to keep this packaging on hand.

front of package
back of package
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