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Gigi is a lovely g-spot vibrator. While a bit on the small side, she is firm and has adequate vibrations to stimulate to orgasm. Her dial is easy to use, and even has a locking function for travel. She is powerful, yet quiet. Gigi is rechargeable and holds her charge well, whether during use or stored. Care should be taken, however, not to overcharge her.
Beautiful color, easy to operate, rechargeable, quiet, travel setting, storage bag included.
Not waterproof, can’t leave plugged in, may be too small for some.
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Gigi is intended for use as a g-spot vibrator, but she also works well as a clitoral stimulator. She is not designed for anal play. Gigi is lovely and petite, and her design should work well for beginning to advanced users. Those who like a more slender toy should enjoy her immensely. Gigi is great to use anywhere, as a solo toy or with a partner

Material / Texture

Gigi is made from silicone, and is phthalates-free, smooth, and non-porous. She is also odorless and tasteless. Her texture is smooth and silky, and will appeal to anyone who doesn’t like a lot of ridges on toys. Just a little lubricant is all that’s needed for easy insertion.

Design / Shape / Size

Gigi is a g-spot stimulator, and I really like her design. She is easy to hold and use. Her flat tip for g-spot stimulation is rigid, as is the rest of her. This worked well for me when stimulating my g-spot, as I find firmer toys work much better than those with a lot of give.

This vibrator comes in a variety of colors. I got the turquoise color (a robin’s egg blue), and it is beautiful. The color just glows. The base half is white, with a four quadrant dial and a dc socket to plug Gigi into the charger.

Gigi is 6 1/2" long overall, with 4 1/2" insertable. She’s only 1 1/8” in diameter, so if you need something wider, you might consider some of Lelo’s other g-spot vibes. She comes with a one year warranty, which is nice with a toy in this price range.

Gigi features a locking interface for travel. Pressing the dial for 5 seconds locks her and makes it unlikely she’ll turn on in your suitcase. Pressing the dial again for 5 seconds unlocks her, or she can be unlocked by placing her in the charging base.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Gigi is a rechargeable vibrator. Her lithium ion battery power is good, and a two hour charge will get you up to 4 hours of use, depending on the intensity you use her on. There is a charge indicator light that flashes white when Gigi is plugged in and charging, and turns solid when she is ready for use.

Unlike other rechargeable toys I have, Gigi’s instructions warn not to charge her for more than 24 hours. This was actually a bit surprising, as the Sinnflut line, We-vibe, and Form 6 all state they can’t be overcharged. This is why it’s a good idea to read the directions!

Gigi is controlled by a simple dial located towards the bottom of the non-insertable end. She is turned on by pressing the dial. If her charge is low, the dial glows red, otherwise it glows white.

Gigi has five stimulation modes, which are controlled by pressing the dial. Pressing the + activates her, and pressing + repeatedly increases the vibration intensity. Pressing the - decreases the intensity, and also turns her off.

Pressing the up arrow or down arrow cycles through Gigi’s 5 modes, which are: continuous vibration, long pulses, medium pulses, short pulses, and a wave/roller pulse. Each of the modes can be increased and decreased in intensity.

Gigi has a nice variety of power and vibration settings, and I liked several of these on the higher intensities.

Gigi truly is a quiet vibrator. Her maximum noise is less than 50 decibels (dB), just a bit noisier than a refrigerator. To put this in perspective, normal conversation is around 60 dB, whispering falls at around 20 dB, and rustling leaves are about 10dB. This may not sound quiet, but she is much quieter than many vibrators I’ve used. She won’t be heard when you’re using her under the covers or have some background music or TV on. She also won't be heard through a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

Gigi is made of silicone, and should be cleaned before and after each use, with water and antibacterial soap. She should be dried with a soft cloth. If you get water in the plug-in socket, a good way to remove it is to blow into the socket to remove the water. Always check before plugging her in that the socket and the rest of Gigi is dry.

Gigi should be kept out of sunlight and away from heat, and stored in a dust free place. She comes with a silk bag, which is great for storing her, or she can be kept in her black Lelo box. Only water and oil-based lubricants should be used with Gigi.


The turquoise Gigi comes in a turquoise box. Inside, she rests in the standard nice black Lelo box. She comes with a satin pouch and a charger, as well as an 11 multi-language instruction booklet.

Personal comments

Gigi is a really nice g-spot vibrator. I like her as a clitoral stimulator as well. She feels great in my hand, and her controls are easy to work. She’s firm, and she really hits the right spot on me. I do wish she was a bit larger in diameter.

I’m really glad I read the instructions, as I would have left her plugged in and charging much longer than 24 hours. She’s the first rechargeable I’ve had that I can’t leave plugged in! She holds her charge well, though.

I love that she comes with a bag for storage. The box works well too, but the bag takes up less space, and will be better for travel. I think the biggest drawback for Gigi is that she’s not waterproof. This is one vibrator I’d love to take into the tub!


I tried Gigi out multiple times our first night together, both alone and with another vibrator. I liked how she stimulated my g-spot, but she also worked wonderfully on my clit with her firmness and smooth surface.

I like using Gigi alone, without my partner. He tried using her on me once, but he had trouble holding her at the right angle. Gigi holds her charge well, both during use and when in her bag, and she recharges quickly. I just have to remember to unplug her!
Follow-up commentary
I do love my Gigi, although I find I use her more for clitoral stimulation than g-spot stimulation. Her curve hits me well inside, but I often find her a bit too thin. Externally, however, she is wonderful, and she plays well with other toys I have.

Gigi retains her charge well, and I absolutely love her color and locking feature. She is great to travel with.
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  • Purple Foxglove
    I just got caught the GiGi fever too, and I'm totally impressed with it. Great review! Big smile
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    I am soooo envious that you have the blue one! I want a blue one. LOL! And now I really want it because of the blue box too.

    Great review, of course!
  • Sammi
    The color is just awesome Smile

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  • Fuck it.
    I wonder what happens if you overcharge. Hm...
  • Sammi
    I'm afraid it will overcharge and burn the battery out, so I haven't tried it.
  • married with children
    thanks for the great review, looks like a great toy
  • Sammi
    Thank you! It is a pretty good one
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    Awesome review! I want one!
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    Good to hear you still like her. Great review.
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    Gaah!! I'm gonna have to get this one, I know I am. This is bad, kind of.
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    Thanks for the review! I literally just got this and haven't used it yet, so I'm pretty excited.
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