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Dios Mio!

Je Joue enters the premium vibrating cock ring market with the impressive Mio. The Mio offers a velvety silicone finish, and the ring is both easy and comfortable to wear. It's sure to please both partners with its deep, rumbly vibrations that will turn your penis into your personal Magic Wand.
Powerful/rumbly vibrations, quality materials, comfortable to wear.
Bumper effect.
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extremely useful review


As a cock ring, the Mio performs several different functions, all admirably. First and foremost, it helps to maintain erections by restricting blood flow from the penis, resulting in harder erections and delayed orgasms. In this respect, the Mio is lightweight and comfortable to wear, whether worn on the shaft alone or around both the shaft and balls. The ring makes it easy to put on and will stretch to accommodate most sizes. Secondly, it turns your erection into a personal vibrator with powerful and rumbly vibrations offered in multiple power levels and patterns. The strong vibrations will stimulate both the wearer and their partner. Lastly, the body of the vibrator may stimulate your partner's clitoris externally if you're lucky. Don't have a partner? No problem. Simply slip the Mio on your favorite dildo and turn it into your new favorite vibrator. Combine all of these functions and you're sure to be screaming "My God!" in every language you know.

(Cock rings should not be worn for longer than 30 minutes at a time with an hour between sessions)

Material / Texture

The Mio is made of silicone that is hypoallergenic, latex-free, phthalates-free, and non-porous. The silicone has a matte finish with a velvety smooth surface. There’s no drag here as your finger glides effortlessly across the surface. The velvety texture is very sensual and begs you to touch and play with it. The amount of silicone covering the vibrator portion is minimal and does not provide any real cushioning effect. The ring portion consists solely of the silicone and is extremely soft, flexible, and stretchy.

Although the Mio is marketed as being seamless, it is clearly not. There are prominent seams that encircle the inner and outer circumference of the ring. However, due to the fact that the toy is not inserted and the silicone is extremely soft and pliable, the seams should not pose an issue during use.

If desired, a water or oil-based lubricant can be used with the Mio. The softness of the silicone would likely indicate that the Mio is not compatible with silicone lubricants. Be sure to spot test first for compatibility.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The Mio has a typical vibrating cock ring design consisting of a stretchable band with the vibrating component on top. The internal diameter of the band measures 1 1/4”, which would be the absolute minimum size, whether the ring is worn on just the shaft of the penis or around both the shaft and balls. Ideally, the band should be stretched slightly to ensure proper transmission of the vibrations. The stretchable band should be able to accommodate a maximum diameter of about 2 1/2”. Be aware that the tighter the band is stretched, the tighter it will constrict on the wearer so that, although the band can be stretched further, it may not be comfortable to wear.

Overall, the ring measures 2 5/8” long, 1 7/8” wide, and 1” thick. The band measures 1/2” wide and 1/4” thick but gets narrower as it is stretched when worn. The Mio is surprisingly lightweight given the size, but it can still be awkward for some wearers because of the bulk. Due to its size when worn, the Mio can act as a bumper and prevent the wearer from penetrating as deeply as normal.

The Mio is designed to be worn with the vibrator portion facing upwards toward the wearer’s abdomen. The vibrator portion of the Mio measures 1 1/8” in length from the ring. Depending on your partner’s anatomy, this may position the Mio on or near the clitoris for external stimulation. Positions where the partners are facing one another (missionary and cowgirl) provide the best opportunity for the Mio to offer external clitoral stimulation. However, the vibrating portion of the Mio is very firm, and positions where the female partner can better control depth of penetration, such as with cowgirl, may be more comfortable for both. Grinding or deep trusting typically results in uncomfortable pressure on the pubic bone of both partners.

Because of the stretchable band, the Mio can potentially be put on even in the erect state, though most wearers may find it easier and more comfortable to put it on when semi-erect. A lubricant is not typically necessary for this type of cock ring, although Je Joue recommends only using water-based lubricants. The ring is easy to put on and the matte finish of the silicone means it doesn’t tend to drag on skin or pubic hairs. Once on, the ring provides even pressure and is very comfortable to wear. For the amount of power the Mio can generate, it is surprisingly light and barely noticeable when worn. The only real issue for the wearer, as mentioned previously, is the bulk of the vibrator itself during penetration.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Three buttons on the top of the ring control the vibrating functions of the Mio. Conveniently, this corresponds to the magnetic charging plate for the device (more on this later). The Mio is turned on by depressing the “+” button for two seconds and turned off by depressing the “-” for two seconds. The Mio offers 7 different vibration patterns with 5 power levels each. Each press of the “+” button increases the power level while the “-“ decreases the power level. The middle button, designated with a backwards “S” symbol, scrolls through the various patterns and unfortunately you can only scroll in one direction. The vibrator maintains the same power level even when scrolling though the different patterns. When you turn the ring off, it returns back to the first pattern at the lowest power level. The buttons are firm but relatively easy to press, meaning the ring won’t accidentally change settings during use. Furthermore, the metal buttons are raised and easy to distinguish without having to look at the controls every time. During use, the charging light (a cute little red heart) turns on, although it is too dim to provide any useful illumination.

Control buttons:

The vibrations are surprisingly powerful and rumbly for such a small device. Let’s face it, most small vibrators are going to produce buzzy vibrations. Not so with the Mio. At the lowest power level, the sound it produces is reminiscent of an idling motorcycle: deep, rumbly, and just a hint as to the power contained within. As you increase the power level, the vibrations become slightly buzzy but also much more powerful. The sound level also increases accordingly, from a subtle noise that can be muffled to one that is reasonably loud and can easily be heard across a room. Hands will quickly become numb from the vibrations when holding the ring.

Vibration Patterns (“-“ denotes a pause or break in the vibrations):

1. ZZZZZZZZZZ (Constant)
2. zzZzzZzzZzzZzzZ (Throbbing)
3. zzzZZZzzzzzzZZZzzz (Rollercoaster)
4. ZZz-ZZz-ZZz-ZZz (Decreasing pulses)
5. Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z (Short pulses)
6. ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZ (Medium pulses)
7. ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ-ZZZ (Long pulses)

The Mio uses an easy to use and convenient charging system. Simply plug in the charging cord and allow the magnets to determine which way to position the charger on the ring. The charge is delivered directly through the metallic control buttons. The power light on the Mio flashes to indicate that it is still charging and stays on when charging is complete. There were no issues as to whether or not the charger was positioned properly, as has been experienced with other click and charge systems. According to the instructions, the Mio takes 2 hours to fully charge with a run time of 2 hours. This appears to be reasonably accurate but may vary depending on power level and vibration pattern used.

The Mio and charger:

Mio charging:

Care and Maintenance

Since the Mio is waterproof, it can be cleaned using a toy cleaner or washing with antibacterial soap and water. A more thorough cleaning can be accomplished using a 10% bleach solution if necessary. The Mio should not be boiled due to the vibrator components. Unfortunately, there are areas that require additional attention to clean properly. There is a crevice between the control buttons and the surrounding plastic, as well as between the plastic and silicone where lube and bodily fluids can accumulate. The small size of these crevices makes it difficult even for a toothbrush to clean. If material does get stuck in these areas, it may be best to soak the Mio in warm soapy water for a few minutes to soften the material before attempting to clean.

Potentially difficult to clean areas:

The Mio does not gather hair and lint like most silicone products due to the matte finish. Instead, the finish prefers to grab onto smaller particles such as dust and dander. Regardless, it’s a good idea to rinse off the ring each time prior to use. The Mio may be stored in the original box with the charger if desired. If the box is not convenient, the Mio can be stored in any pouch or plastic storage bag, being sure to avoid contact with other materials that may result in an unwanted interaction.


The Mio has two layers of packaging. The outer cardboard box is tasteful but not discreet. The front contains the image and name of the Mio while the back simply contains the Je Joue name and logo. A closer inspection reveals information that the product is designed “to keep him harder for longer, your Mio gives you the extra external vibration pleasure, to make sure you both get more.” This box is recyclable.

The inner box is also made of cardboard but of much stronger quality. The box is stylish and simply contains the Je Joue name and logo on the top. The lid lifts off to reveal the Mio, charger, and instruction manual. The attractive box would be appropriate for giving as a gift and sturdy enough to last awhile as a storage container for the Mio. It may also be recycled since it is not necessary for storage.

Inner box:

Mio inside box next to charger compartment:

The instruction manual contains information regarding features, the vibrations offered, basic use, and safety warnings. Although the Mio is waterproof, the warnings advise that it should not be submerged for “prolonged” periods and should be dried completely after such use.
Follow-up commentary
While the Mio is probably still the most powerful cock ring I've used to date, the size just didn't work for me. It was too bulky to wear and the bumper effect was less than desirable. The Mio has since found a new home that I hope appreciates it more than I did.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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