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Edible powder by Kama Sutra

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Honey Dust = Awesome!

The Honey Dust is primarily about the fun it provides. It gives you an excellent starting point, and it helps to stimulate and enhance the obvious cycle of events that are probably going to be happening anyway. I would highly recommend this product for that reason alone. If you consider the amazing time my wife and I had together using this crazy stuff, it would be a bargain at twice the price.
Facilitates amazing foreplay.
Does not come with a spare feather (for people like me, who lose them!)
Rating by reviewer:
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During a special overnight getaway I spent with my wife recently, we tried out the Sweet Honeysuckle flavored Honey Dust by Kama Sutra. I read a bunch of very positive reviews on this stuff and I had been planning on checking it out for a while now, and this was definitely the perfect time and place to do so.

Our getaway had a little bit of everything: action, adventure, mystery, romance, plenty of booze, a little bit of gambling, a large hot tub in the room a few feet away from our enormous bed, a duffle bag of assorted toys and contraptions, and most important of all, an extremely happy ending!

The whole night kind of bounced back and forth between romantic and hardcore. At some point towards the middle, we broke out the Honey Dust. My wife started off using it on me first. It smelled nice and it felt really good being applied with the little feather duster. It was pretty dark so couldn’t really see what was going on, but this really added to the soothing and relaxing element of what was happening. She would put some on with the feather and then kiss and lick it off. This went on for a few minutes over various parts of my body until the gears shifted into the next level of debauchery.

A little while later we came back to the Honey Dust, and this time it was her turn to relax. Right off the bat, I could find the feather anywhere. It was gone forever…even the next day with all the lights on and blinds open - we could not find this feather. It got lost amidst our nighttime action.

So being the large and primitive caveman that I am, without even really thinking about it, I just reached into the container and grabbed a handful of the dust. I wasn’t about to deprive my wife of her turn at getting dusted.

A few obvious downsides to this handful of dust method, applying the dust with the feather really was a major part of the process. The feather is what causes the pleasant feeling not to mention when you dip the feather into the container it gets coated in only a regular amount of dust. So, since we were in the field and it was now or never, adaptation was mandatory. I applied the handfuls of dust to the areas that I thought she would enjoy the most, since these areas were going to get thoroughly covered.

So in a roundabout way, we seem to have covered the check list here. The Honey Dust smells good, tastes good, feels good (it feels even better if you are smart enough to not lose the feather) it kind of sounds like porn when used correctly, and as far as visuals go… it comes in a pretty cloth bag, awww.

The cleanup did not really seem to be an issue but a lot was going on. I would say that all of the dust was lapped up and ingested. It seemed to leave behind no residue or the dust that did get left behind dissolved or disappeared in between a lot of sweating and the hot tub.
My first taste of the Honey Dust was very pleasant, even though I might as well have been eating it by the spoonful. After a minute or two, I stopped even noticing the taste. I am not sure if this was because of the dust overkill followed by desensitization, or if I was just too distracted by what else was going on… but let me tell you this: good times were had by all!
Follow-up commentary
I still think that this Honey Dust is amazing! My wife did buy another feather, and we have used it again since the review. The feather works a lot better than just using your hand but hey, both work. This Dust is definitely worth buying… unless of course you dislike having an awesome time.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Thanks for the fun review! I assume you were at a hotel and that's why things got lost. Hotels are the perfect place to never see stuff again, I swear. Well... looks like Bijoux Indiscrets sells a solitary feather tickler... if desperate, you could always get one from them Tongue out
  • Machina
    "So being the large and primitive caveman that I am, without even really thinking about it, I just reached into the container and grabbed a handful of the dust"

    HA! I laughed my ass off when I read this. I love manly men.
  • Airen Wolf
    You could try the playful tickler sold here...it might fit the bill and it's fairly inexpensive.
  • Maiden
    I've always thought about buying some of this, but I usually don't like strong tastes during forplay. Aside from a juicy piece of fruit now and then, I don't like to mix food or artificial flavors during sex. I want to taste my man...sweat and all. I guess he would like something like this though to use on me, and if it's a light flavor, I may use it on him.
  • Gary
    Maiden - I agree with everything that you just said. I am not saying you will like it, but I don't really like the whole food thing mixed with sex things either, and this stuff was just awesome.
  • frisky069
    thanks for the review!
  • Splendwhore
    Interesting concept. I'm not one for combining food with sex, though I guess don't know it till you've tried it right? Spot on review. Overall excellent. Flower
  • *Michelle*
    Great review. What is Honey dust made of and how big is the bottle? I would buy something like this but I have to make sure its coconut free. I am allergic!
  • pixieluv
    thanks for the colorful info!
  • samanthalynn
    Thanks for the review
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the great information!
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