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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

This simple product smells and tastes wonderfully and definitely belongs in the collection of anyone who enjoys licking, sucking or kissing.
Smells and tastes great, no residue, not sticky, no clean up.
Bag inside of a bag concept is redundant.
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I have long lusted over the Kama Sutra products which always seemed to be very high end and perhaps just a bit too high for my budget. I finally bit the bullet and invested in a Kama Sutra's Honey Dust, an 8 oz container in the flavour of Raspberry Kiss and I couldn't be happier. I literally cannot think of one bad thing about this product.

Like most Kama Sutra products, the Honey Dust showed up in a gold tin with a distressed design. As soon as I opened the box and saw the sexy Kama Sutra logo, I was in heaven. Inside this tin are one feather applicator and one bag of honey dust. The feather applicator is made of several soft feather attached to what feels like a rather solid black knob handle. The honey dust came in a pink satin cinch sac rather than the black satin listed on the description; I think the bag comes in the same colour as the dust itself (pink for raspberry). The honey dust is actually inside a plastic pouch which is cinched with a twisty tie so it is not actually in the satin sac itself; this prevents unnecessary messes.

I was excited to start applying this on my husband right away but also anxious because the first scent did not smell as good as I was expecting, through the plastic bag. However, after opening the bag completely, it smelled much more appealing and I was relieved.

I rarely use any new bedroom 'toy' on the day it arrives, but I did try the honey dust that night. I applied it to my husband's chest and, I admit, probably used a bit too much but it wasn't a big deal. This product can be used in varying amounts successfully. Not only that, but it can be used on any number of body parts; although, I would stay away from parts with hair.

It did introduce a dust cloud into the air and, if you're not careful you can make quite the mess. This is not in any way a fault of the product; it is dust and as such I was careful when dipping the feather applicator into the bag or setting it down after applying it. A bit of product did get on my night stand but not much.

The light pink honey dust went on smooth and left a sheer layer of dust which smelled even better out of the container. I really enjoy tickling and teasing my husband with the applicator as well. I was even more in love once I tasted it. I am not stranger to licking and sucking on skin but this change a wonderful activity to something heavenly. It was delicious and I found myself trying to lick it all up.

My husband thought it was also delicious and I was thrilled by how much fun we had licking this product off of each other's bodies. Not only that, but it tasted great on one another's lips when we kissed. Furthermore, even though I had already spent much time licking off the honey dust, I could go back and still taste it.

I was a little worried about being sticky or staining the sheets but it was not necessary. The honey dust left no residue at all on my skin and as someone who is constantly washing my hands because they "feel" dirty, I felt no desire to wash the skin where the honey dust had been. Furthermore, because of the wonderful scent, I wasn't left with that stranger saliva-on-skin smell afterward. As for the staining, I did throw down a towel because our sheets are light but the white towel showed no residue whatsoever.

Despite the fact that this is such a simple concept, it really heightened our activity that first night and every time we have used it after. It really seems to enhance intimacy and I might dare say that this product alone has revive a spark that had not been burning as bright as it once have.

As you can see, I really am one smitten kitten with this Kama Sutra product. However, if I were to change one thing, I would do something about the bag inside of a bag concept. I understand the reason for it but it seems a bit tacky and make the satin sac seem unnecessary. I wonder if they cannot make a satin bag that is lined with plastic instead. It would definitely bring this up a notch.

As is, there are no substantial faults to this product and I cannot wait to use it again, as well as other Kama Sutra products.
Follow-up commentary
We finally broke out the honey dust after what must be nearly a year in the drawer. I don't know why we don't use it more often. It's easy to use, tasty (he prefers it over the same flavour of Kama Sutra's Oil of Love), smells good and dust is definitely less messy than oils or creams. Even if you use too much - which I obviously did as I could see gusts of it in the dark - it's not a huge problem. It makes foreplay sensual without requiring too much effort. If I have only one complaint, and it's really minor, it's that the dust makes my hands feel dry. Of course, it's nothing lotion can't take care of!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    That does seem like a lot of packaging. Couldn't it even just come inside the tin with room for the duster?
    I tasted this stuff once in a store (not sure which flavor, though) and wasn't such a fan, but I bet the different flavors add to it. Nice review.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    The idea of the dust just inside the tin seems a little icky to me. And it would probably result in a big dust cloud every time you open it. The duster is inside the tin, already.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Just to add - I read a review where someone dusted honey dust on her skin before going out and I tried something similar (without the going out). However, I had to use a rather large amount to get any lasting effects (I did so a couple times without my husband even noticing) and that resulted in light pink dust on my black bra. LOL Plus, even the large amount didn't last this much longer. It might work right before a date or playtime but don't expect much more.
  • Jul!a
    Ooh, I've got something like this at home too! Except mine is a raspberry powder I believe.

    My guy's last girlfriend (completely batshit crazy now, but that's neither here nor there, lol) always tried to get him to play with this chocolate paint but he always said no because he didn't really like chocolate. I finally talked him into trying the stuff with the Kama Sutra kit and he loved it. He's always trying to get it out now, and especially since it can be microwaved for a few seconds to get a completely different sensation. Although we find that leaving it in front of the space heater while we're out seems to work just as well.

    I definitely agree on the bag inside a bag thing, when I saw it at the store I assumed I would get a tin because that's what it was advertised in, but no, plastic bag in a satin bag. If it were plastic lined I would be much more inclined to use it because I would be less concerned about it making a huge mess.
  • The Temptress
    I've tried most of the Kama Sutra products - but not the dust. Thank you for the review. Like most of their products it sounds delicious!
  • pixieluv
    thanks for the review on the raspberry flavor
  • MissCandyland
    Thank you for the information! I want some!
  • Jenny Smith
    Thank you for the review
  • RxL00
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