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The Legandary Hitachi

Hitachi is the wand massager sex toy lovers rave about. However, for me it did not live up to the hype. It is a powerful toy that has multiple uses and is easy to use. But it has a porous head that requires purchasing a silicone attachment for body safety reasons. It is extremely bulky causing me to only use it during solo play. And the bulky head stimulates everything, so it lacks in focus on the clit. Overall, I like the Hitachi, but think other wands are better for me.
Powerful, multiple uses, and easy to use.
Porous head, too bulky, LOUD, and vibrates everything.
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Hitachi is the most talked about toy on Eden due to the power it is packed with. Hitachi is also the toy I see used the most in adult videos. I am a fan of watching BDSM adult videos. Usually I see the girl all roped up and gagged with someone using the Hitachi on her in a violent and sexy way. Which is how Hitachi begun to appeal to me. I also wanted to know what the hype was about and to have a better understanding of the "POWER" people rave about.

Hitachi is originally a body massager that plugs into a standard US outlet, but is not intended for international use. This is a very large and heavy massager that women use to stimulate the clitoris. However, due to the large head size it doesn't focus solely on the clit. The Hitachi ends up stimulating the clit, labia minora, and the labia majora even on low. There are some attachments you can purchase, so your Hitachi can be used in different way, but mostly it is for external use only. Due to the bulky size it really doesn't make a good couples toy, unless someone is using it on you. I find it doesn't work well for me during intercourse, which is when I use my toys the most. Hitachi is more of a masturbation toy mutual or solo.

Hitachi is a vibrator that is for the Clit of Steel ladies, but it is also effective as a full body massager, so everyone can enjoy it.

Material / Texture

Hitachi has a plastic handle and a plushy rubber material for the head. The head is what matters for body safety since it is what makes contact with the genitals. The head is porous, so you might want to use a dental damn if you share or you can purchase an attachment made of silicone. The head of the Hitachi has small markings of texture that are similar to what you would find on a porous wall. This texture doesn't add any extra stimulation to Hitachi. The entire Hitachi is latex free, phthalates free, and hypo-allergenic.
Texture Markings:

Plushy Head

Design / Shape / Size

Hitachi is very plain to look at. Some have called it ugly, but I think it is just plain to look at. It is white with some blue and silver on it. The total length of Hitachi is 12" long from the top of the head to the point the cord starts. You have a 72" power cord to work with. The handle of the Hitachi is completely smooth and straight with no placement for you hand. It has a circumference of 6.5" or a 2" diameter; slightly above the controls; where most would hold it. The controls are located on this handle with a flip switch that has high, low, and off. The handle is broken up with a slender blue post to attach the head. The head without the cover looks like a small motor with electrical tape around it. With the cover, Hitachi's head is 8" in circumference or 2.5" diameter.

Hitachi is not at all easy to hide or travel friendly due to the massive size. Although, the plain appearance makes it look more like an actual massager than a sex toy, so it is somewhat discreet.


Head Cover Off:

Comparative Image:

Functions / Performance / Controls

You must find an outlet you can use your Hitachi near, since it is powered by electric. Once you plug it in, it is easy to use. The flip switch (pictured above) flips up for high and down for low. When you are ready to turn it off click it back to center.

The vibrations the Hitachi is packed with are amazingly powerful topping over the Vroom chart passing 5 vrooms. The power is something that clit of steel ladies will love, but those who like moderate vibrations will most likely go numb from them. They do tend to make me numb as well and I am a clit of steel usually. The sound of the vibrations are extremely loud. They can't be covered up with any back ground noise unless you are at a concert. I can't even hear my partner talk with this on and he has a voice that carries.

Hitachi is not waterproof, since it is electrical. So, keep it away from water.

Care and Maintenance

Hitachi is easy enough to clean. I use Toy wipes and recommend you do the same. Should you be out of toy wipes, remove the head and wash it with soap and water. Then allow it to air dry completely before putting it back on the Hitachi.

I store my Hitachi in my underwear draw. You need space to store this baby, so plan on it before purchasing.

I recommend only using water based lubes with Hitachi. You could use Silicone based lubes, but if you are using a silicone attachment and your porous material has absorbed silicone lube, it could damage it slowly.


I love wand type massagers. I have purchased a decent amount of them...

Miracle Massager
My Mini Miracle Massager (electric)
My Mini Massager Electro Power Kit
Wanachi Mini
Fairy Rechargeable Wand
Hitachi Magic Wand

I really don't understand the hype about Hitachi. It is really powerful, but all but my Wanachi Mini are comparable in power to Hitachi. Some of the other ones I have like the Mini's have smaller heads that allow for focus stimulation directly to the clit. Hitachi vibrates everything and tends to make me go numb. The large size makes it so I can't use it during intercourse. I can orgasm with it, but I orgasm better with direct clitoral stimulation.

Overall, I think Hitachi is a fun solo toy, but I won't be replacing if it dies. I use my toys mostly during intercourse. I can't use it during intercourse because of its size, so I will stick to my other wand massagers.
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