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Tiny bubbles, floating in my... bathtub

It's perky, whimsical shape and velvety silicone texture don't prepare you for the pure awesome powerhouse of vibrations that this little dynamo can deliver. Rechargeable and fully waterproof this toy is the perfect tub or shower time companion. It's girth is satisfying by itself, but the vibrations and patterns make it a petite orgasm delivering machine!
Rechargeable, safe silicone, completely waterproof, intense vibrations.
The charger is tricky to attach, lint magnet, no designated on/off button.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This vibrator is great for intense g-spot stimulation, but can be used for stimulating the labia, clitoris, perineum, or nipples. It should not be used anally. It's completely waterproof and makes it ideal for bath tub fun, or for those of us who can only get their kicks in the privacy of the shower. It has a good girth to it, so beginners proceed with caution, or at least a good lube.

Material / Texture

The mini bubbles is constructed almost entirely of silicone, the exception being the plastic housing at the base where the magnetic battery unit is. It's entirely waterproof, completely submerge-able and hypo-allergenic. The matte silicone holds on to lubricant nicely and the texture provides a pleasant amount of drag while thrusting. Unfortunately it's also a lint magnet. It has no smell and no discernible taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The toy itself is fantastic, hands down, mind numbingly good. It features four “bubbles” the top one angled for g-spot stimulation and the the second from the top is larger than the others which gives the toy a very satisfying filling feeling. The insertable length is about 5 inches, the circumference of the largest "bubble" is about 5 inches. It's girth is very satisfying while the angled bubble allows you to "attack" your g-spot with intense vibrations

Functions / Performance / Controls

There are 6 levels of vibration on this toy and 2 patterns, one escalating, one pulsating with 3 levels of intensity each. The vibration levels range from a gentle buzz to a rocking intense vibration. The functions are controlled by pressing the plus or minus buttons on the base of the toy. To turn the toy on you hold down the “+” and can increase the vibrations by either pressing the button or holding it down. To access the patterns you hold down the “+” when the vibration is at the highest level and it will begin to cycle through the patterns. The patterns are a pulsating and an escalating style with three intensity levels. To shut the toy off you repeatedly tap the “-”. My only issues with this toy are that there is no designated on/off switch and that sometimes while in use you can tap the button and it changes it's pattern. This happened to me more when my husband was using it on me then when I was using it on myself. Despite the powerful vibrations it can put out, even at it's highest setting it's no louder than a cellphone vibrating :)

Care and Maintenance

The charge in the toy lasts a good while, i've used my toy about 6 times or so and it's still going strong. The instructions recommend that you allow the charge to run out completely before re-charging your toy. The charger is NOT waterproof and the toy will not function while charging, it's also not advisable to leave credit cards near the charger 'cause it's a fricken electromagnet, and will render your credit card as useless as a tits on a bull. It's easily cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or wiped down with 10% bleach solution or toy wipes. Because it's a lint-magnet I recommend storing it in the original box or a storage bag. Since it's made of silicone please only use water-based silicone free lubricants.


The packaging on the toy is really snazzy, it's has a tri-fold front with a little window that you can see the toy through. It has all the toy info in four languages, English, German, Spanish and French. It also has the main points in adorable pictograms, i.e. Completely waterproof, silicone, vibration and patterns, comes with a sample of “toyfluid”, not for use in your ear, not for use in your nose, not for use in your butt, and magnetic. The butt with a big “x” through it made me giggle, but I'm easily amused. The box opens at the top and an inner cushion slides out with the toy, instruction manual and a blister-pack sample of toyfluid. The instructions are again printed in the four languages.

Personal comments

The charger is a cell phone charger like set up. It's relatively discreet, with the exception being the fact that Fun Factory is emblazoned on the back of the circular charge unit. This logo lights up while charging a toy. My issues with this style of charger are that the “fun” on the toy base and the “fun” on the charger have to be lined up exactly and stay parallel to charge properly. Since the mini bubbles doesn't have a base and is rounded getting it to stay still so the charger could attach properly was a bit of a pain in my non existent balls. I ended up laying the toy across a cup and attaching the charger, then I took the dog out for a 3 hour walk so it could charge without me worrying about him trying to eat my new toy.


I have a hard time finding my g-spot, but this toy allows for maneuverability that made it possible to find mine with not much effort. The vibrations and patterns are fantastic, the highest level of the pulsation pattern gives a feeling that the best i can describe as a delicious throbbing. I think this toy will end up on my short list of favorites.
Follow-up commentary
this toy doesn't get as much use as it should because it's such a pain in my non existent balls to charge. Another caveat, I've noticed it only holds a charge for 4-6 days depending on use. That aside, those deep rumbling vibrations are still well worth the hassle, especially since it can join me for a bubble bath.
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    It makes me sing really dumb songs in my head.
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