Darth Flip Hole - Back in Black

This is an excellent toy, that would be perfect for anyone looking for a solid, durable, easy to clean, and simple to use masturbation sleeve. The quality of the design, and the overall functionality of this toy, are light years beyond any other masturbator currently available. And the sensations provided by the inner sleeve (although very different), rival only the almighty Fleshlight.
Intense texture, feels amazing, easy to clean and care for, it's black!
The new texture design seems to create more 'noise' than the original Flip Hole.
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The Tenga Flip Hole Black is an excellent hand-held masturbation device. For those of you who are not familiar with the Tenga Flip Hole, it is the best designed male masturbation sleeve / apparatus that I have ever seen or used. It is basically a textured TPR Silicone masturbation sleeve, encased in a hard plastic container (somewhat like a Fleshlight, but the design and function are quite different).

The Flip Hole has a removable docking base, that allows you to close it for storage (covering the opening). When removed from the docking base, the Flip Hole opens up for easy cleaning, or easy lubricating. It is two equally sized halves that split longways and hinge on the bottom.

For those of you who are familiar with the Flip Hole, you are probably wondering what the difference is between the Flip Hole and the Flip Hole Black...aren't you? There are two differences... one, it is black instead of white (which is pretty obvious). The second and more significant difference is, the texture on the inside of the sleeve is remarkably different. It is more extreme, and provides a noticeably different feel during use than the original Flip Hole.
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Material / Texture

The Flip Hole's interior sleeve is made out of TPR Silicone, which is a silicone based rubber compound. It a safer material than rubber, and it is basically scentless; but it cannot be boiled or completely sterilized as pure silicone can be. This means that it is easy to clean with soap and water. If you are going to share this toy, you should be using condoms for safety. You should only use water based lubricants with this toy.

The texture of the material is pretty soft, but yet firm enough to provide some resistance which really maximizes the shape and terrain of the sleeves design. If it were too soft, the shapes would not really cause the intended effect. So the firmness of the material directly influences the pleasurable sensations it produces.

The texture and internal design of this Flip Hole would be a better fit for an advanced user, it has a stronger 'flavor' than the original Flip Hole. I am not saying that a beginner could not enjoy it, but the original is a little more vanilla, where as the Flip Hole Black has a little bit more of distinct flavor due to the ntensity of the design. But honestly, I think anyone would have a great time using this masterpiece.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of the Flip Hole is amazing. It is, by far, the best designed male masturbation device that I have ever seen. It looks really cool, it feels amazing, it is easy to clean and care for, it has its own built in storage container, and while it is a little conspicuous... it is not at all obvious that it's a sex toy. If some one sees it sitting around, or in your luggage, they are going to ask you what it is, for sure.

As for the size, it's bigger than most male masturbators, but it's only as big as it needs to be; and the size is not really a big deal. I found it very easy to use and maneuver, and I'm sure that you will too. If you are planning on traveling and want to take something with you, this is probably your best bet. It will easily fit inside a suitcase, and is easy to clean, pack, unpack, use, clean, use again, clean again, pack, and then go home.

Although... the Flip Hole is a little too noisy to use on the bus, at least without being noticed.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Flip Hole doesn't really have any mechanical functions, but it has a removable base. Depending on which end you put the base on, it can either keep the Flip Hole together during use, or cover the opening and effectively close the Flip Hole for storage. Another feature of the Flip Hole are the 2 little 'windows' (1 on each side), that allow all the displaced TPR material to squeeze out during use. This also allows you to manipulate the sensations by squeezing the material as it pushes out - if you like.

This toy does makes a lot of wet air and slurping noises when in use. Most sleeves and devices do. This toy is not only waterproof, but makes an excellent shower companion!

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance for the Flip Hole really could not be much easier... unless of course it could take itself into the bathroom when you were done using it and clean itself. When removed from its base, it splits the whole way down the middle, with a hinge on the bottom. So you simply open it up in the sink, rinse it off, get in there with a little soap and some more water, and that's about it. You can prop it open upside down on the base to dry for a little bit, and then clean it up and put it away. Because of the base, and the outer shell, you can store this pretty much anywhere (within reason of course!).


The Flip Hole comes packaged in a clear plastic tube, that makes a very nice display for the toy. The Flip Hole does have it's own enclosed casing, which would work fine for storage, but you could also store it in the plastic tube that it comes in. I guess it all really depends on the space that you have available.

Also included inside the packaging are 3 small tubes of various Tenga lube, and (unlike my first Flip Hole, the original white version) a tiny instruction booklet. The instructions are pretty basic, but it does show you that the base flips around to hold the Flip Hole closed while 'in use'. I had to figure that out on my own, after the first time I used it while holding it shut. But, I have talked to other people who didn't figure this out immediately either, so... for this reason alone, the instruction booklet is handy!

Personal comments

The inner design of this toy is very unusual, even more so than the original Flip Hole. First of all, the triangular or teeth shaped pieces of TPR Silicone provide a barrier that you literally pop through. There is a popping sensation as you push or pull through this area. This sensation feels very good, but it is not very smooth or subtle. I would definitely consider the inner terrain of this toy to be on the extreme end of the spectrum.

Once you push through the teeth area, you end up pushing into a little textured pocket; which is also very pleasurable but very very intense. So in addition to the various more traditional inner textures of this sleeve, the 2 extreme textures really take this toy into a new realm of male masturbation sleeves. Also worth noting here... I would not say the Flip Hole Black is better than the Flip Hole White. I would however say that they are both very different, and I see myself continuing to use both of them... depending on my mood.
Follow-up commentary
The Tenga Flip Hole Black is amazing. I am still undecided as to which I prefer of the two different Flip Holes, though visually the Flip Hole Black definitely looks cooler.

Over the weekend I made a video that I've just attached to this review. This gives you a closer, more 3 dimensional look at the Flip Hole Black, how it works, and also what it looks like side by side with the Original Flip Hole. As you will see, they both have distinctively different textures and internal designs from one another.
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