Genital Black Hole

Perhaps one of the most practical masturbators ever designed. Not only is it easy to clean and store, but it's also intensely stimulating, and it's design looks like it's light years before it's time. This isn't your every day masturbator and you're sure to get a unique experience with all of the different textured regions that make up it's interior.
Easy to clean, easy to store, extremely stimulating, and very well designed.
A little noisy.
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Is the Tenga Flip Hole Black an indication of what sex toys of the future will look like? With it's hard black plastic outer shell, dock, and three white circles on each side, the unknowing onlooker might not even know that it's a sex toy. They might guess it's a piece of modern art, but probably not a masturbator unless they've heard of or seen it before.

Who is the Flip Hole suited for you ask? Well, with it's intensely stimulating TPR silicone inside, the Flip Hole is meant first and foremost for the more advanced user, but if you're a beginner who knows you like a lot of stimulation, or you're willing to take a walk on the wild side, then the Tenga Flip Hole Black might be the handheld masturbator for you.

Whats so different about the Tenga Flip Hole Black? Well, it's able to be opened up and therefore it's a lot easier to clean than most masturbators. This opening feature also allows the user to apply lube evenly to the inside. It has a hard plastic shell which allows you to easily grip it, but it also has a softer section on the outside that allows you to vary the pressure and suction. Since this masturbator is pretty large it will be able to accommodate most users.
    • Busy men
    • College students

Material / Texture

The Tenga Flip Hole Black has a hard black plastic shell and a textured TPR Silicone interior. Both the plastic and TPR Silicone portion of the Flip Hole have virtually no smell or taste. The inside is soft and squishy, and yet it is firm enough to hold its stimulating ridges. This material gives the greatest amount of pleasure by having a squishy quality similar to Cyberskin, but it also allows a great deal of stimulation, because it isn't soft enough that the ribbed interior won't be felt.

The TPR Silicone inside of the Flip Hole has six different textured shapes. There are three "Waving Balls" on the left side of the opened Flip Hole, and they are round in shape with textured zig zags. Both sides of the interior have interlacing triangles called "cross walk" which are composed of textured straight lines. The last textured area on the left side is the "Brushing Edge" which is made up of a smaller ball that looks like the exterior of a grenade, and a larger ball that looks like the smaller ball, only inverted. The right side of the Flip Hole has a large ball covered with round nubs called the "End Orb." Right next to the "End Orb" is a smaller ball with an opening called the "Orb Shelter" which contains a small textured ball called the "Core Orb." The last textured area found all the way to the right side of the opened masturbator is called the "Moving Balls" and is composed of two balls which sit next to each other and are covered in a squiggly looking texture. Note: the orientation of the aforementioned textures are based upon the interior picture included in the instruction booklet for the Tenga Flip Hole Black. The side these textures can be found on is based on the direction your Flip Hole is facing.

Since the interior of the Tenga Flip Hole Black is so textured I think it would be best suited for more advanced users. The interior could easily make this masturbator too much to handle for more sensitive users. If you don't have an issue with intense textures, or you feel like you might be able to work up to this more advanced toy, than the Tenga Flip Hole Black may be right for you.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The design of the Tenga makes you wonder if the concept was taken directly out of a sci-fi film. It looks like it could be a small model for a teleporter, but the only things being transported from this masturbator is the stimulation to your cock. Ok, so maybe that was a little corny and far fetched, but the design of the Flip Hole makes me want to compare it to all sorts of outlandish futuristic things.

The only thing cooler than the way the Tenga Flip Hole Black looks is the way it operates. The Flip Hole is composed of two parts: the actual Flip Hole, and the "dock." The actual Flip Hole is cylindrical in shape with a clear-ish TPR silicone area at it's center, and three white plastic circles directly above one another. This TPR Silicone center and white plastic circles can be found on both sides of the Flip Hole. At the top of the Flip hole is the TPR Silicone opening, and at the bottom is a hinge like seam that allows it to be opened and closed. The "dock" is a plastic piece that the Flip Hole slides onto for storage, and for use. During use the Flip Hole is positioned into the "dock" with the opening face up. This keeps the Flip Hole from coming open during use. When the Flip Hole is being stored, the Flip Hole slides onto the "dock" with the opening face down. This keeps debris from getting into the Flip Hole when not in use.

Another cool feature of the "dock" is that it can be used to dry the inside of the Flip Hole by balancing the open Flip Hole on the dock. If done correctly the Flip Hole will look like an upside down "V" and will sit on the top of the "dock." This is a nice feature, because it allows you to make sure that the inside of the Flip Hole is completely dry without having to use a towel, or something else that may deposit debris on the TPR Silcone material.

The Tenga Flip Hole Black is 6 3/4 inches long with a "Vaginal Depth" of 6 inches. It has a circumference of 9 1/4 inches and claims to fit up to "any size." I agree that most users should be satisfied with it's size, as my boyfriend is what most would claim to be "larger than average" and it more than fits his needs. It also has a weight of 1.5 pounds, so it's definitely on the heavier side as compared to other masturbators.

I think this masturbator is very discreet unless you know what it is, or someone curious decides to pick it up and open it. That being said it is perfect for storage and travel, because it does not require a special storage bag or case as the "dock" acts as a kind of partial case. It is also very easy to clean, which is always a plus when traveling.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The best feature of the Tenga Flip Hole Black is the ability to open it up for cleaning and applying lube. This ensures that you can clean out all of the little nooks and crannies of its interior, and that you can evenly apply lube to it's insides. Another cool feature is the round plastic circles that you can apply pressure to and allow you to vary the suction and pressure of the interior.

The only drawback of this toy is that it isn't very discreet noise wise. Depending on the amount of pressure you place upon it and how quickly you are thrusting, the loudness of the squishing noise will vary. My boyfriend and I found the squishing/slurping noise to be kind of loud, but if you are using it under the blankets and with the door closed it isn't as noticeable.

This toy is waterproof, but I would recommend using discretion, because water based lubes won't withstand the bath or shower, and you may not find this toy as enjoyable if you don't apply enough lube to it.

Care and Maintenance

This is the easiest masturbator to clean that I have ever seen. All you have to do is slide it off the "dock," wash the inside with warm water and antibacterial toy cleaner or soap. After that you can dry it out on the "dock" and than slide it opening side down for storage. Since the interior is made out of TPR Silicone only use water based lubes.

Make sure to use a sufficient amount of lube. You may even want to reapply lube if your going at it for a while. If you use too much lube you probably won't feel the sensations as strongly. So, I would suggest putting in what you would consider to be a reasonable amount of lube, and using trial and error.


The Tenga Flip Hole Black comes in a clear plastic cylinder shaped package. The package has indents to fit the Flip Hole and the three lubes which are included. The lubes or "Hole Lotion" included with the Flip Hole are "Mild," "Real," and "Wild." The case is nice, because the indents keep the Flip Hole and lubes from moving around too much while in the package. Although the case is nice it is not necessary, since the Flip Hole can be stored on it's own. I think it is a matter of personal preference whether the user will decide to hold onto the package or not. Personally, I have held onto the Flip Hole's package, because I think it looks cool and it keeps the Flip Hole, instructions, and lubes together.

The instructions included with the Flip Hole are in two parts: a little yellow insert, and a colorful booklet. The insert shows you how to place the Flip Hole on the dock for use, and how to store it. The booklet has multiple pictures of the flip hole, an illustration of the interior with the names of the different textured regions, and directions with pictures. The pictures are very helpful, but the directions are in Japanese.

Personal comments

Honestly, I don't know who was more excited to use this masturbator, me or my boyfriend and as I sat down to write this review I couldn't help but wish that I had a penis so that I could experience the Tenga Flip Hole Black for myself.

The only thing I wondered about with this masturbator was the name. I couldn't help but laughing as I told my boyfriend that it's name was the "Tenga Flip Hole Black." As appealing as the Flip Hole looks, the prospect of sticking any of my appendages into a black hole isn't as appealing. Name aside though, my partner enjoyed using this masturbator, and I enjoyed using it with him.
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