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If you're looking for something that has it all, this is the porn for you. Awesome twosomes, an amazing foursome, a sexy girl/girl, a pivotal masturbation... everything. They had some great sex and if you like bushes, you'll love it. If you don't and can get past the huge bush, then you're in for a treat. At least Bree's Bonus Scene was with her shaved. I'm giving this one a four star rating because it was an awesome porn with a plot, and had some amazing sex scenes with great camera work.
Great Sex, Awesome Camera Shots, Bonus Scene with Bree Olson
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Scooby Doo A XXX Parody was an awesome flick. You get a little bit of everything. You get amazing sex scenes that inlcude awesome twosomes, a little girl/girl, an amazing foursome, even masturbation. I loved the camera shots in this film. They were amazing; even gave me a few ideas for some camera shots for my own personal videos. The costumes and makeup were awesome. I loved that all of the costumes were so much like the original cast. Great job with that. The backgrounds and props were great. I appreciate the fact that they put so much hard work into this film. My only complaint: the girls could have used a shave. Yes, I know that you were going for the au natural due to the time period, but come on, even the guys were groomed down there. That was a complete and total turn off for my husband, me as well, but I had to watch it. In fact, it was so much of a turn off for my husband, he fast forwards through every pussy shot.

Cast: Bree Olson, Bobbi Starr, Chad Alva, Michael Vegas, Lily LaBeau, Evan Stone, Alyssa Branch, Ralph Long

Directed by: Eddie Powell

The movie starts out with Shaggy waking up from a hellacious night he had at a Halloween party. He goes on telling Scooby he had too much alcohol, drugs, and sex. He has one hell of a hangover, but then, just wait! Where's Scooby? He can't find him! So Shaggy gets the gang together and they start to brainstorm. Shaggy goes on to tell them all about the party and about the amazing, wild sex he had with an naughty little fairy (Lily LsBeau). The whole time, Velma (Bobbi Starr), doesn't want to hear anything about Shaggy getting him any pussy. It's pretty obvious that she has the hots for ol' Shaggy. She goes into the bathroom as Shaggy gives the details of him fucking the daylights out of his little naughty fairy friend. I loved the shot of her kneeling on the bed while he's fucking her mouth with his dick. Hot stuff. Also loved the camera work while he was eating her pussy. Loved the positions they did. A lot of my personal favorites. They had some awesome sex in this scene. I could deal with her pubes; at least she was groomed. I loved Shaggy's tattoos. They were hot. I loved the cumshot. It was awesome! I love watching a girl enjoy her man's cum!

Then the amazing sex scene is over and the gang hears Velma in the bathroom. She comes out of the bathroom and tells them she lost her contact lens. They come to the conclusion they need to find this girl. Daphne (Bree Olson) and Fred (Michael Vegas) are "trying" to have a baby, but it's hilarious because Fred has Daphne convinced that she has to swallow in order to get pregnant. They start talking about it and then start kissing in front of Shaggy and Velma. The two share some great oral sex. Again, I loved the camera shots. But here is where we lost our appetite... the bush. The huge, hairy, ungroomed pussy shot from hell. Yea, it was a huge turn off for us. They did have some great sex, even 69'ing and anal. There were awesome camera shots in this scene, just the bush was too much. We couldn't stand to look at it when it came on. I did love the way she talked to him through the whole thing. That was a turn on, for me at least. They had some great sex and if you like bushes, you'll love it. If you don't and can get past the huge bush, then you're in for a treat. Again, great camera work. Great background as well. Velma and Shaggy watched the entire thing. They share a little sexual tension, and then they all leave to go solve the mystery of where is Scooby Doo!

They get to the place that the party was held. They search around for clues, but turn up empty handed. If you ask me, they took a long time looking for clues. Then Daphne gets distracted by some little babies she sees on a bedpost, and a masked stranger comes up behind her and frightens her. Then it goes to Velma and Shaggy. Velma brought Shaggy into a room so she could seduce him. As soon as he closes the door she's ripping off her panties and telling him about why they heard her in the bathroom. She tells him about how she masturbated to him telling the story of him fucking the daylights out of that naughty fairy. It's quite a long scene of her playing with herself. Great camera work for sure.
By the time she finishes telling him the story she's butt naked in front of him and he's enjoying what he's seeing. She rips his dick out of his pants and she tells goes crazy. I loved the camera work on her blow job. Amazing shots. You can tell she loves to give head. I love a girl who loves to give head. Velma has quite a bush on her too, and it's not very groomed, but at least it wasn't in patches like Daphne's. They quickly get to fucking and they do an amazing job. A lot of my favorite positions again. Again, great camera work. Great cum shot ending as well. The two then go to find the other's and Fred walks in on them. Then they find some money in bags in the bathroom.

Daphne and the masked man meet Velma in the room and Velma tries to create a diversion by having sex with Daphne. She does this so the guys who are under the bed can run out and get the masked man. But they are having too much fun enjoying listening to what is going on in the bed above them. The girls kissing, rubbing each other, fingering each other, licking each other... those boys were in hog heaven. Another scene with great camera work. The bushes just really put me off.

The guys finally jump out and clob the masked man. And then they do the all famous hall chase. At least they put that in there. Great job, though it was kinda carried away. They all get into the same room finally. The guys asked the girls about the sex they just had with each other and tell them that it's the hottest thing they ever seen. Then the four of them all start having sex in the same room, then eventually all together. Another great scene. Lots of great positions. Lots of great shots. This was a really long scene. I really tell you this movie has something for every one.

Scooby finally calls Shaggy and tells him that he's safe and sound at Scrappy's place. But that doesn't help the fact that they are in the same house with a homicidal maniac. But then the cops come knocking at the door. Daphne cleverly called the cops during the hall chase. The cops caught the bad guy and the day was saved. Another mystery solved.

The second disk is full of great trailers for more parodies by New Sensations. Lots of good ones we can't wait to see. You also get a bonus scene with Bree Olson. At least she's shaved in this one. It also has Behind the Scenes, and the Party Version of the movie and even a chapter index. You even get a photo gallery with some awesome pop shots.

All in all you get a great XXX rated movie with a few extras. Well worth the pennies spent.
Follow-up commentary
I still love this movie! We tell all our friends about this one! The bushes still turn me off, but I just close my eyes when it's too much for my eyes to handle. Other than that one flaw, this was a great film!
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    Thank you! It really was a great flick!
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    Good job
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    Thanks everyone! Yea this was definitely a good one, as long as you can get past the bushes, lol.
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    Bushes? I want a shrubbery.
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