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No Scrappy or Scooby Doo.

This is a great parody of a favorite cartoon of mine. Typical Scooby Doo plot with some great sex scenes. Very funny and filmed much like it would be were it a cartoon. If your a fan of Scooby Doo cartoons and porn, get this DVD now.
Great costumes/sets, Actors played parts well, Good selection of positions in sex scenes, Some anal.
Baby talk and spitting are not my thing. Velma was to tall and Daphne did not have red hair.
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Shaggy wakes up from a night of drinking, smoking and sex to find that Scooby is missing. The gang is trying to figure out the mystery behind Scooby's disappearance. As Shaggy tells his tale, Velma heads for the bathroom.

Scene one
He remembers a fairy vixen, Sin D, from the party and the sex they had. This scene has oral with gagging for Shaggy, oral for Sin D. A standing missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie and spooning. The pop shot is on her face.

Fred and Daphne ask Shaggy some more questions about the night. From the bathroom you hear Velma moaning and the gang asks if she is OK. She tells them she was looking for her contacts (She wears glasses), Daphne offers to go look for them while Fred and Velma ask more questions. Daphne comes out and suggest that they go look at the mansion for clue. First though, it is time for Fred and Daphne to try to make a baby, in front of Velma and Shaggy.

Scene two
They decide that the best way to get pregnant is if Fred comes in her mouth, that way it goes to wear the baby is. Well duh! They start out with some oral for Fred done in a couple positions with some gagging and spit. Fred flips her over and returns the favor with some oral for her. Daphne is quite the baby talker as Fred licks her pussy and ass. They start the PIV with doggie with some fingers in her ass for good measure. Cowgirl, 69 and reverse cowgirl leads us to some anal. They switch to doggie/spooning/missionary anal until Fred comes in her mouth. She ask if he thinks she is pregnant and he responds that the come is defiantly in the right spot.

Shaggy is in shock from the sex they just witnessed and finds Velma's hand in his crotch. She is a bit embarrassed but he assures her it is all right. They head to the mansion in the Mystery van. Daphne finds the door open and they head inside. They look for clues but none can be found. They hear a noise and hide. Shaggy and Velma hide in a room, as Shaggy enters he finds Velma taking off her panties and she informs him that she is tired of hiding her attraction to him. She tells him that earlier when he was telling them about his night with Sin D, she had to go to the bathroom to get herself off.

Scene three
Velma is in the bathroom listening to Shaggy while stroking her pussy. She heads to the toilet and proceeds to rub and finger herself to orgasm. As she finishes she falls of the toilet. Back to the present, Velma informs Shaggy that she is going to make him forget about the 'slut' from the party and attacks. Throwing him on the bed she gives him oral with some hand work and some gagging thrown in for good measure. Standing missionary starts of the sex, some more oral for Shaggy, cowgirl, doggie, spooning, missionary and finishing with Shaggy coming on her stomach/pussy.

They start to get dressed and Fred comes in the room, after staring at Shaggy's cock, they notice the bath tub is full of money. There is a noise and Fred and Shaggy hide under the bed as Daphne comes in with a fiendish ghoul behind her.

Scene four
Velma starts to kiss Daphne to provide a distraction so the boys can jump the ghoul. The girls head to the bed. Kissing and feeling ensues as they take each others cloths off. Fingering, oral, spiting, 69 and tribbing make up this scene.

As they finish, Fred knocks out the ghoul and they talk about leaving. Just then the ghoul stands up behind Shaggy, he back hands him and they run away. This leads to the good old fashion chase scene in the hallway were they all run through different doors from different directions. This ends with them all in the same room. They decide they have lost the ghoul.

Scene five The boys talk to the girls about their 'distraction', this leads us to the final scene. Fred and Daphne get down and dirty while Shaggy and Velma do the same. Oral for the boys starts this foursome off. Spitting, gagging and deep-throats all around here. Daphne gets it from both ends as Velma gives some oral to Fred and licks Daphne's ass. A good mix of doggie, missionary, the girls kissing each other, swapping partners, 69 (girls) fucking, oral, cowgirl, anal for Daphne, reverse cowgirl, titty fucking all make up this scene. Both girls get the pop shot in the face. Of course Daphne truly believes she will get pregnant for sure.

As the gang is talking about the changes that are sure to come, Shaggy's phone rings. It is Scooby, he is at Scrappy's house. They realize that there is still the ghoul in the house, about then they hear the cops catching the ghoul. Thankfully Daphne had the thought to call them during the chase scene. They meet the cops and find that the ghoul is the butler. Of course he states "I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those kids!"
    • Anal sex
    • Hetero


Lily LaBeau as Sin D. Lily was very hot and I enjoyed her scene with Chad. Her gagging on Chad's cock is not my thing but at least she did not seem to mind. They seemed to have a good time together.

Chad Alva as Shaggy. Shaggy played his part like he was made for it. Much better than any other actor I have seem lay the part of Shaggy. He did a fine job of staying in character. Even though his scene with Lily was good, his first scene with Bobbi was much better. They just looked to have better chemistry.

Bree Olson as Daphne. Bree did a fine job as Daphne and truly played the part well. She was missing the red hair though. I did not care much for her baby talk and excessive spitting during the sex scenes, but that is just not my thing. Still, she was very attractive.

Michael Vegas as Fred. Michael was pretty good as Fred, although I remember Fred being a bit more serious in the cartoon. During the sex scenes he did not seem to be into it as much as Chad was.

Bobbi Starr as Velma. My only complaint with Bobbi as Velma was her hight, she was not as tall as Fred. Aside from that she was my favorite actor in this movie. She was smoking hot and I could watch her scenes over and over. Amazing how she could keep her glasses on during her sex scenes.

Evan Stone as the demon. Not much to tell here as his scenes were short and mostly him just standing or chasing the gang. At least he got the penultimate ending phrase "and I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"

The sets and costumes were right on, they even had the Mystery Machine. Camera work was great and I did not notice any editing problems.

This movie was written by Tyler Scott and directed by Eddie Powell. This was my second Eddie Powell movie and I am becoming a big fan. He has some great ideas and he knows how to get the best out of the actors.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

The DVD comes with two discs, one with the movie and one with the extras. On the front cover there is the gang with a 'Creepy mansion' in the background. On the back there is the gang with the ghoul behind them. There is some screen shots and the normal listing of stars, producers and director. If not for the "XXX Parody" displayed, this could be left out with none the wiser.


Chapter Index
Party Version
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes
    • Attractive design
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

My only complaints with this movie were the excessive spitting and gagging. Some may find this atractive and enjoy seeing it, I did not. I also did not care for Bree's baby talk voice. Once again, just not my thing. Other that that, I found the movie to be quit fun to watch and very erotic to see one of my favorite cartoons turned to porn. I always new that Fred and Daphne were getting it on. Velma has always been a crush of mine, she just seems like she would be a real kinkster. To pair Shaggy with Velma was just icing on the cake.

I liked seeing the girls with hair around their pussy's, you just don't see that much in porn. It could have been trimmed a bit better but I enjoyed the change.
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  • Maiden
    Nice review as always! I too enjoy the "change" of seeing pubic hair. I mean, I'm not very fond of the 70's untrimmed bush but some neatly kept hair is more appealing these days, I guess because you don't see it too often.
  • Midway through
    Great review, I wanted to see this one, I'm thinking of buying it. I got the Flintstones instead.
  • ToyTimeTim
    So true Maiden, I wonder if that was Eddies intent or just how the girls were?

    Mid, I would say if you liked the Flintstones, you will like this one too.

    Thanks Lady's.
  • deadpoet
    great review. I may have to buy this
  • ToyTimeTim
    Thanks deadpoet. Very funny, well worth the price.
  • markeagleone
    I had the same dislikes as you. I did miss the one that should have been there, Scooby!
  • Waterfall
    Great review! Still waiting for this one to be available for me to buy it
  • Redboxbaby
    Yea, Daphne's baby talk was annoying! I don't recall Daphne being that dumb. I, too, missed Scooby, but I really loved this movie.

    Great review.
  • ToyTimeTim
    Thanks everyone.

  • Mihoshi4301
    Thanks for the review
  • ToyTimeTim
    You're welcome
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