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Genius plot and acting I would not expect in a porn mixed with humor = BEST PARODY EVER! I loved the hallway scene back and forth through the rooms and the background music played perfectly. Filthy, fantastic fun! Scooby Doo, where are you??!
Jinkies! Fun and well written plot and excellent acting. This is what a parody should be all about.
Noisy scenes, loud gagging and baby talk.
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Oh no, they didn't! Oh yes, they did. New Sensations and Director Eddie Powell boldly go where no porn (that I have ever seen) went before and parodied a cartoon; my favorite childhood cartoon. I saw this assignment in my list, accepted it and then sat down and ate a whole box of scooby snacks. I was prepared for Daphne and Fred to get it on, I mean I'm sure we were ALL waiting for that to happen. But I was troubled to think that Velma and Shaggy might get it on too, or Velma and Fred or Scooby Doo...? Perhaps my worries were all for naught and it really was time for Velma to claim her sexual identity. Maybe Shaggy might come so hard his voice might finally change. But Scooby Doo? I shuddered to think and ate another scooby snack then I did a little more research.

Turns out Tyler Scott has written a brilliant screenplay for this porn parody. I will let one cat, err dog out of the bag: Scooby Doo is not in this movie, folks. You can all relax.

This is actually a flashback trip down 70's memory lane shot in HD and Dolby Digital and will be enjoyed by folks that know and love Scooby Doo and the gang and don't mind seeing them get down and dirty. There is even a toned down party version you can watch with your friends and all trip on how incredibly well done and accurate this live action version is.

But Scooby Doo, where are you?
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This feature film starts with Shaggy waking up in his bed and trying to recall the night before once he realizes his faithful furry pal Scooby Doo is nowhere to be found. Sounds like a new mystery for the gang and Shag gets joined by Velma, Fred and Daphne as he recounts the night before. It all started at a halloween party...

Scene 1 - Lily Labeau and Chad Alva (fairy girl and Shaggy)
Lily Labeau is Sin-D, dressed as a dark fairy at the party and wastes no time putting the moves on Shag (Chad Alva). Lily performs noisy and slurpy oral on Chad's big wang and they have vaginal sex in various positions including her on top both facing Chad and in reverse cowgirl. I like seeing natural breasts bounce when women get fucked hard. Chad Alva has a unique penis with a pronounced head that I imagine felt really great entering Lily. I was not personally attracted to Lily and it was difficult to watch her give oral as she gagged numerous times but I could watch Chad perform oral all day long. Nice tongue action. The lighting was a little dark for much of this scene but nonetheless, a great straight sex romp that ends in a facial for Lily.

All this talk about sex is grossing out Velma (or is it?) and she retires to the bathroom where we find out later she rubs out a quickie followed by some fun physical comedy.

When she returns to the room, Fred and Daphne announce they are trying to make a baby and the best way to conceive is for Daphne to swallow Fred's load so the semen goes straight to her stomach where the baby will grow. I give Bree Olson a lot of credit for her portrayal of Daphne; it takes a smart person to play dumb and she does a decent job. Fred and Daphne's costumes by Maria are fantastically accurate and even though she's not a redhead, Bree Olson and Michael Vegas are the epitome of their characters.

To Shaggy's surprise and interest and Velma's horror, Fred and Daphne decide to do the deed right in front of their Mystery Machine pals.

Scene 2 - Bree Olson and Michael Vegas (Daphne and Fred)
Fred and Daphne have a hot scene with oral including 69 position and various positions of vaginal sex. Bree Olson is loud and talks dirty talk in a babyish voice through out, which I disliked. She is wearing the cutest bra and matching thong set though and keeps her sexy, pink boots and mint green scarf on while she deep throats Michael laying on her back and that was quite arousing for me. The bonus here is an anal sex scene with some great thrust action. Bree has a hot body and I enjoyed this dirty scene but Michael Vegas should have put a gag in Bree's mouth when his dick wasn't in it. Sidenote: I cannot recall the last time I saw a completely naturally, hairy pussy. Then again, I also cannot recall seeing a porn with natural breasts on all three female stars. Finally, kudos to the set decorator for the lava lamp and glow-in-the-dark poster over Shaggy's bed.

Cue back to Velma and Shaggy sitting on the couch watching this whole scene play out. Although Velma's hand is on Shaggy's leg, I am surprised not to see the two of them going at it but more on that later. The gang decides to revisit the spooky mansion the party was held at the night before and see if they find any clues.

Upon arrival, they tip-toe creep about the house with whimsical background music track until they hear someone in the house and everyone hides. The gang ends up splitting up and Shaggy and Velma find themselves in a room together where Velma acts on her pent up desires and doffs her undies before you can say "Zoinks!".

Scene 3 - Bobbi Star and Chad Alva (Velma and Shaggy)
Bobbi Starr has the perfect nasally pitch as Velma and is adorned in orange while Chad Alva does a great Shaggy shuffle in brown corduroys and voice cracking when he talks. As Velma, Bobbi describes how she momentarily quelled her sexual frustration earlier as in Shaggy's bathroom by masturbating while he described sex with Sin-D and now she wants to get "shagadelic' with him. This scene alternates between Bobbi performing oral on Chad and vaginal intercourse in different positions. Bobbi is as noisy as Bree and also just as hairy down below. Sidenote: They should have covered up Bobbi's tramp stamp since that was so not 1970's.

Just as soon as this scene ends (with Chad jizzing on Bobbi's stomach), Fred enters and the three discover an adjoining bathroom with a tub full of money bags (ala Scrooge McDuck no less). But wait! Someone's coming and the guys have just enough time to hide under the bed before Daphne enters with the ghoul. Attempting to deflect the ghoul's attention and keep the guys hidden, Velma plants a kiss on Daphne and convinces her to give the ghoul a show.

Scene 4 - Bobbi Starr and Bree Olson (Daphne and Velma)
The ladies give a breathy, lip smacky, bouncy scene that hovers between noisy and noisier, performing all the typical lezzy moves of fingering, oral and scissoring. Although Bobbi Starr's outer labia is shaved, this is hairy bush on bush action that I find mediocre at best. I am amused to see the mattress moving from the guys' point of view underneath and nothing more.

What happens next puts the film back on track. The guys come out from under the bed, Fred knocks out the ghoul who gets back up and gets accidentally knocked out again by Shaggy only to get back up again. This sets off the best non-sexual scene in the movie. This is classic Scooby Doo with the gang running through the hallway in one room and out the other and the ghoul on their tails while the accompanying spooky chase scene music plays. I did laugh out loud.

The gang shake off the ghoul long enough to shut themselves back inside a bedroom and we have the final scene where the gang(bang).

Scene 5 - Bobbi Starr, Chad Alva, Bree Olson and Michael Vegas
This freaky foursome really get it on. Starting out with Bree and Michael side by side Bobbi and Chad, the guys receive oral from the girls before vaginal intercourse. They mix it up and move around the bed switching partners and positions. A highlight is the girls on top the guys receiving a pounding right beside each other. Another highlight was Michael and Bree engaging in anal sex again. The group scene ends in a big sticky mess on both girls' faces. Relaxing four in a row on the bed, Shaggy receives a phone call to say that he is fine at at Scrappy Doo's, his cousin. Mystery solved.

But wait? Who was that ghoul and where did all that money come from? And what's that noise now? Turns out Daphne had placed a call to Sheriff who is on the scene with back up and arresting the ghoul (Evan Stone). And wouldn't ya know? He would have gotten away with the money too if it wasn't for those meddling kids.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This DVD has some great features and the first one I will mention is the party version of the feature movie. It's a shorter version clocking in just over half an hour and largely skips over the sex scenes but it perfectly captures the accurate take on our favorite cartoon characters and the plot. This could definitely be enjoyed by a group of folks who might not want to see all the sexual content.

Other features are the photo gallery, which captures some of the whimsical poses of the gang as well as some stills of the stars in their sex scenes, a recap on the popshots, and fun, short interviews BTS.

Do not miss the bonus scene with Bree Olson and Erik Everhard. I wouldn't want them as my next door neighbors but everyone should get fucked as hard as this at some point in their lives. Excellent bonus scene where for some reason I did not mind Bree's noisiness. I figure I would have been wailing too if I'd been on the receiving end of Erik's dick.

There are outtakes (gag reel) to watch, full motion menus and chapter index.

The front cover shows the gang posed at a cemetary. Chad Alva and Michael Vegas appear more in character than Bree Olson or Bobbi Starr do but right away you can see the character resemblances. There is an empty collar on the ground in front of them and the question mark, "Scooby?!?" I like that the dash between Scooby and doo in the title has balls on one end. If there was any doubt this was a porn that and the xxx parody right after it should confirm it for you.

The back cover is a classic pose of the gang with a ghoul behind them and there is a photo montage with some suggestive poses but no nudity. The DVD is shot in HD with Dolby Digital sound and clocks in at 111 minutes with a widescreen version available.
    • Gag reel
    • Party version
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

I loved this DVD and was completely prepared not to. Other than the fact that Velma seemed to be the tallest of the gang when she should have been the shortest and Daphne was not a redhead, these were fantastically accurate representations of the retro cartoon characters. The writing was well done with a complete plot that moved along at a good speed with humor thrown in at the right time. The sex scenes were introduced at the right times and although noisy and predictable, had some hot moments. I laughed at and enjoyed the non-sexual parts.
Follow-up commentary
Still a completely fun DVD to watch; humorous and completely well done writing and acting as well as sexy fun! I love that you can watch a watered down version as well.
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