Scooby Doo XXX parody by New Sensations - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

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Scooby Doo! Where the F*c$ are you?

If you are a fan of the old time Scooby Doo series, then this XXX Parody is for you, if you were not a fan, there is still something here for you. This Scooby-less parody features some hot sex and some very comedic moments. This set also includes a “Party Version” with limited nudity, a feature that allows you to watch this with a group of friends without any of those uncomfortable moments. With tons of bonus features, and a solid movie, this will surly keep fans coming back for more.
Funny and sexy with some awesome bonus features.
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Front Cover:
The front cover i
ncludes a picture of Shaggy (Chad Alva), Velma (Bobbi Star), Fred (Michael Vegas), and Daphne (Bree Olson). The background features spooky mansion and some grave stones. The main color scheme for the background is blue and green.

Back cover:
The back cover is different from most Adult film covers, for it features no nudity in all ten screen captures. Some of the screen captures are suggestive but not explicit. There is also a good description of the film and also features a description of the special features that the film includes.

The menus on both discs are fairly simple. Navigation on Disc one is as simple as it gets, with three options that include “Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”, and “DVD Extras” (directs the viewer to disc two).

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The Film starts out with Shaggy (Chad Alva) waking up after a night of heavy drug and alcohol use. Shaggy calls out to Scooby Doo, but receives no answer. Scooby Doo is missing!

Later that day Shaggy is explaining the events of the previous night to the gang. Shaggy tells the gang about a Halloween Party that he attended the previous night. Shaggy explains that there were a lot of drugs and alcohol, and also lots of boobs and vagina at the party. At the party he meets a woman named Sin-dy (Lily LaBeau), and the two head off to a bedroom. In the bedroom the two have oral and vaginal sex.

Fred and Daphne (who are still taking notes) question shaggy about the sex. After a few minutes, it is obvious that the only one with a brain in the room is Velma. To Velma's horror and Shaggy's surprise, Fred and Daphne begin to have sex in hopes of “making a baby”. Fred and Daphne come to the conclusion that the only way for her to get pregnant is for Daphne to swallow his load so that it goes straight to her stomach where a baby will be made. This sex scene features oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

The gang decides to head off to the mansion where Shaggy had his sexual escapade, in hopes of finding clues leading them to the return of Scooby. After some very humorous events, the gang encounters a creepy demon. As the gang splits off in order to hide, Shaggy and Velma decide to hide in a bedroom. As soon as Velma closes the door she strips down and tells Shaggy that his story earlier made her incredibly horny and that she is and has always been attracted to him. The two have oral and vaginal sex, topped off with a cumover.

As Shaggy and Velma jump up to put their clothes on (which magically they already had underwear on) Fred enters the room. After Fred makes some comments about the size of Shaggy's “member” and afterward the three find several bags of money. The noise of someone about to enter the room scares Shaggy and Fred, both hide underneath the bed, while a mesmerized Velma stares at the money.

Daphne enters the room followed by the demon; apparently she has been captured, although her perky attitude begs to differ. In order to distract the demon, Velma kisses an unsuspecting Daphne. One thing leads to another and before you know it the two are fully undressed licking and kissing one another. This scene also features tribbing.

As the demon looks on, Fred sneaks up behind him and sucker punches him. The demon falls over unconscious. The demon soon comes to and a humorous chase ensues. The gang finally eludes the bad guy and takes shelter in a different bedroom, here the four would engage in a four on four no holds barred sexual tirade. This scene features oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Both couples also swap partners before the end of the scene. After the banging concludes, Shaggy receives a phone call from Scooby Doo, who explains that he is just visiting his nephew Scrappy.

After hearing a commotion in another room the gang sets off to investigate, only to find that the police have captured demon. They take off his mask (revealing Evan Stone) and the credits roll.

Camera, Editing, & Sound:

The picture quality was superb, the modern standard. It should be noted that the modern standard is pretty damn good. Picture quality is great but without solid camera direction then you can still end up with a bad movie, Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody does not have to worry about this problem. The camera work was fantastic, no obvious zooms or action breaks. The angles in both the sex scenes and general scenes were perfect.

The sound quality is also on par with the modern standard (which is also very good!). There were no blemishes with the spoken dialogue, and the music was absolutely fantastic!

Special Features:
Behind the Scenes
Party Version
Chapter Index
Photo Gallery
No Scoobyal Coding

Personal Comments:
I found the casting for the most part to be great, Chad Alva was a perfect Shaggy, as was Michael Vegas as Fred, and Bobbie star as Velma. Bree Olson was hot and did a great job portraying Daphne, but since when did Daphne have blonde hair?

The acting and dialogue is way over the top, but this is a Parody and that is to be expected. In my opinion the best performers (acting wise) was Chad Alva, and Michael Vegas with Bree Olson as an honorable mention. That is almost ¾ of the cast though…

I was surprised to see that Evan Stone had such a minor role, and was more or less a cameo appearance. This is probably one of the best adult film stars in respect of comedic acting. After reading that Evan was in this, I was quite disappointed in his role after the credits rolled.

I was downright shocked when I saw that there was anal sex in this movie, every parody up to this that I had watched never featured anal sex. Maybe parodies are supposed to be directed toward a larger audience and companies are scared to explore it in such films. It was nice to see anal sex in a parody for once.

I really loved the music in this film, for example the hard rock music that played during the Lily Labeau and Chad Alva scene. Throughout the film the music is utilized to add something to the film, especially humor. The music also brings back some of that Scooby Doo feel from the animated series.

I found this film to be highly entertaining, and especially funny, and I won't lie, there was definitely something special about watching characters from my youth bang… ah old time cartoons. I am giving this a five star rating.
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  • Selective Sensualist
    Yay, Viktor! It's good to see you around. Great job on the review, as always.
  • naughtyjo
    fab review, I loved the photographs and in depth look at the quality of the production in every aspect.
  • leatherlover
    Great review. I really enjoyed this one as well.
  • El-Jaro
    I've been waiting for your review of this! Great job as always!
  • ? Amanda ?
    I love the title and think this would be fun to watch.
  • Redboxbaby
    Loved your title as well as the review.

    We loved this movie too. I was thrilled to see the gang "hook up" and I agree with your thoughts on Shaggy and Fred's acting. I was unimpressed with Daphne, I just don't recall her being that dumb and yes, she was a redhead!

    My husband was really disappointed her being cast as a blonde because I am a redhead. He loves redheads and he was really hoping to see red bush!

    Awesome review, yet again! I would not expect anything less of you!
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