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Another mystery solved

Who doesn't love a mystery? This one includes an amusing story line wrapped around mostly vanilla sex. The characters are true to the cartoon Scooby Doo. The actors and actresses are beautiful and the sets are wonderful too. The women were too vocal during their sex scenes and there was one disturbing anal to mouth moment, but it was otherwise enjoyable to watch.
Amusing plot, movie doesn't end at conclusion of last sex scene
anal to mouth, untrimmed female actors, no action for Evan Stone
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This movie is a parody of the popular kids show by the same name. I confess that I never watched that show. I believe its the voice of the goofy dog that turned me away from it. I did however recently watch a G-rated Scooby Doo movie just to acquaint myself with the characters.

From what I learned, every Scooby Doo adventure includes some common themes - Scooby is missing some or all of the time, there is always a mystery to solve, the mystery involves ghosts or demons, the mystery is always solved and the villian unmasked to be a human in disguise who makes a reference to "those meddling kids."

The sets and camera work of this movie were excellent. No condoms were used in any scene. This was actually an enjoyable movie to watch.


The movie begins with Shag waking up and realizing that Scooby Doo is missing. Shag had been at a wild Halloween party the night before and is now hungover. He recounts for the others his party adventures which include sex with a woman dressed as a fairy.

Scene 1 - The Fairy (Lily LaBeau) and Shag (Chad Alva)
The fairy does a great job blowing Shag, although she does make a lot of noise as she does so. She's not the total screamer that most women in porn are. For once I didn't have to turn the sound off during a sex scene. He finishes in her mouth. This scene lasted 19 minutes and was my favorite sex scene of the movie. Once again, sex with someone who isn't a main character is what I like best.

Velma, Fred and Daphne try to help Shaggy remember details of what happened and begin to formulate a plan to find Scooby Doo. The talk of sex appears to bother Velma.

Scene 2 - Fred (Michael Vegas) and Daphne (Bree Olson)
Fred and Daphne decide its time to work on making a baby. Brainless Daphne believes that anal sex and swallowing semen will help her meet her goal. I find portrayals of blonde women as stupid incredibly annoying, but I can't fault this movie for that. Its a trait the creators of Scooby Doo gave Daphne's character. At least she's also the one who often stumbles upon the answer or does the simple, but critical thing that solves the case.

They begin in the presence of Shag and Velma but soon we are transported to Shag's room. Bree talks dirty during their entire session, which includes multiple positions, 69 and analingus. Fred finishes in Bree's mouth. Bree is gorgeous from every angle. This scene takes 15 minutes.

They go to Woodbury mansion, the scene of the previous night's party, to look for clues about where Scooby might be. They find none. While they are looking, a demon enters the mansion. Velma confesses to Shag that she is attracted to him and that his telling of his adventure with the fairy aroused her. She confesses that as he told that story she went into the bathroom to pleasure herself. We then see the scene of Shag relating his party adventures again, but this time with the camera focus on Velma during a masturbation scene that is both hot and entertaining. It could only have been improved by the addition of toys and squirting.

Scene 3 - Shag (Chad Alva) and Velma (Bobbi Starr)
Velma is super vocal during their sex scene, even while she blows Shag. I had to turn the should off during their scene. She does stay perfectly in character though, both in her mannerisms and voice. He gets plenty of blow jobs during their scene, but she receives no oral in return. She doesn't appear to mind. Was this because she is untrimmed? He finishes on her abdomen. This scene lasted 13 minutes.

Scene 4 - Velma and Daphne
Immediately afterward, Fred enters and finds bags of money in a bathtub, apparently left over from a bank robbery. ?? Daphne and the demon enter. Daphne does the talking for the demon, asking where the others are. Velma pretends not to know what they're talking about and proceeds to distract him with a session of sex with Daphne. Again Velma is far too vocal. This scene has plenty of spitting, some scissoring and 69 also. Both women appear to really enjoy themselves. Fred and Shag are hiding under the bed the entire 18 minutes of this scene.

As the demon is about to attack them, Fred punches him. Soon afterward, Shag accidentally knocks the demon out again.
Scene 5 - A foursome
All combinations of partners except Shag and Fred happen in this 24 minute scene. Bree receives anal then immediately goes down on her partner. Why? How unsanitary. It does appear that anal is one of Bree's favorite things.

Fortunately the movie doesn't fade away as the last sex scene ends. We see the four main characters still in bed chatting about what just happened. After this, the exciting resolution of the caper plays out. It was fun to watch.

Scooby is missing in action during the entire movie. This solves the problem of how to include a dog that acts like a human.

My only regret (other than the anal to mouth scene which still disturbs me) is that Evan Stone, the demon, didn't have a participatory part in this movie. He's so hot. I would have loved to see him with one of the female (or male) actors.

Behind the Scenes - Fifty two minutes of highly entertaining interviews with the actors. This BTS is not just clips of the actors being silly. Bree, always adorable, is also hilarious during her interview. It ends with a brief interview with Director Eddie Powell himself.
Party version - just the dialogue
Bonus scene - Bree Olson and Erik Everhard
Popshot recap
Photo Gallery
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