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Scooby Doo, Where are You?

It's a parody of a cartoon, so don't expect much plot, but the story's not bad and the sex is hot. Some great extras round out a solid package.
Hot performers, fun storyline, great sets and costumes
annoying groaning by Bobbi Starr, no sex between Fred & Shaggy
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Content / Genre / Audience

As the title suggests, this is a porn parody of the classic cartoon. (Or possibly of the more recent live-action movie. I'm not sure.) Shaggy can't find Scoob, so he meets up with the rest of the team to find the missing dog. Soon they're wandering around a spooky old house (of course) where they stumble onto a case. There's not much to the plot, but given the source material, that's no shocker. It's pretty much the same formula as every episode of the original TV show, although the tone feels a bit off. Daphne was never that stupid in the cartoon.

The sex in the film is pretty mild, as I've come to expect in this sort of parody, but there is some anal sex which may turn off some potential viewers. I think most people who enjoy porn parodies will like this film while those who want all sex and no plot should look elsewhere. Similarly, those who like a serious plot with a fleshed-out story should skip this one as well, as it has less story than a ten minute cartoon. It's really best suited for those who want a bit of light comedy and goofy dialog to fill in the gaps between sex scenes.
    • Hetero
    • Parody


Shaggy: Chad Alva
Fred: Michael Vega
Daphne: Bree Olson
Velma: Bobbi Starr
party girl: Lily Labeau

Evan Stone is mentioned on the box, but he appears only briefly in a non-sex role.

Everyone in the cast does a reasonable job in their acting roles, but only Bobbi Starr seems to be really into her part. She seems to really enjoy playing Velma. The character of Daphne seems a bit off, but I attribute that more to the writing than to Bree Olson.

Everyone's great in the sex scenes. All of the scenes are enjoyable, but Bobbi Starr's scenes were my favorites.

Scene 1: Chad Alva and Lily Labeau

Shaggy recounts the story of how he hooked up with a random girl at a party. In the ensuing flashback we get to see Shaggy receive a nice blowjob before proceeding to fuck her in a variety of positions. There's some reasonable chemistry, and the scene is well put together, but for whatever reason it failed to excite me.

Scene 2: Michael Vega and Bree Olson

Unable to contain themselves after hearing Shaggy's story, Fred and Daphne jump into bed, with Shaggy and Velma watching. They really go at it, and the scene is fun to watch. Bree forgets her character when she's excited by the sex, but that's ok. Few porn stars manage to stay in character during sex scenes. Most of the film's anal action occurs in this scene.

Scene 3: Chad Alva and Bobbi Starr

While searching the spooky house for clues, Velma admits to Shaggy that she was really likes him. We get a brief flashback of her masturbating (which is pretty hot, with good camera angles to show off her lovely pussy) followed by a great scene between the two of them. Bobbi Starr really enjoys herself here, but stays in character as Velma throughout.

Scene 4: Bobbi Star and Bree Olson

When a ghost catches the gang in the house, Velma grabs Daphne and convinces her to help "distract" the ghost so the boys can take care of him. The distraction starts out with them making out, but quickly leads to an extended session of oral sex, fingering, and tribbing, as the two girls find out how much they enjoy lesbian sex. This was a very hot scene, with two very pretty women who seem to enjoy working together. Luckily for us, it takes a good twenty minutes before Fred finally gets around to punching the bad guy, so we get a good long look at the lovely ladies. I think this was the longest scene in the film, and while it seems odd plot-wise for it to go on so long, I'm not complaining.

Scene 5: Chad Alva, Bobbi Star, Michael Vega, and Bree Olson

Even before they've managed to catch the villain, the four heroes become distracted and have an orgy in the middle of being chased by the bad guy. Well, it's more of a swinging scene than an orgy, as it mostly involves the two couples having sex next to each other. They swap partners a few times, and there are some very short sequences where three of them play together for awhile, but most of the time it's two couples side-by-side. The editing is good, so it works out pretty well. This is the second scene to feature anal, but once again only Bree Olson takes it up the ass. Bobbi Starr doesn't participate in any anal sex.

Personally I think it would have been great if Fred and Shaggy got it on in this scene, but this is mainstream porn so the typical double-standard applies: while two girls making out is allowed in hetero porn, the idea of two dudes together is completely off-limits.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This is a two disc set, with the feature on one disc and the second disc filled with extras:
* trailers
* gallery of stills
* pop shot recap
* blooper reel (boring, not worth watching)
* behind-the-scenes (only worth watching for the random POV blow job by Bree Olson)
* half hour bonus scene with Bree Olson and Erik Everhard
* iPhone/iPod version of feature (MPEG 4)

The bonus scene is pretty good. It starts with Bree Olson getting herself off a few times with a pocket rocket, and then a Hitachi magic wand. There are no toys used in the film itself, so it's nice to see them in the bonus scene. After she's done masturbating, Erik Everhard shows up. They have sex in a variety of positions, with plenty of oral as well. Bree looks great in this scene, better than she does in the film. I really loved watching her breasts jiggle when Erik fucked her hard. You don't see a whole lot of Erik, as this scene focuses mostly on Bree, as is common in a lot of straight guy porn. The scene goes on way too long, and you can tell they really didn't edit it down as much as they would if it had been part of a feature film. So it gets a bit tiresome after 20 minutes or so as they start repeating positions. But the first half of it is definitely great and shouldn't be missed.

The iPhone version of the movie is a great extra. It will take up a big chunk of your iPod's storage space (it's over a gigabyte) but it's great to be able to carry it around with you. Too bad the bonus scene isn't included. It's a standard MPEG 4 file (H.264 encoding), so it should work fine on most non-Apple devices, too.
    • Attractive design
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

The sets and costumes in this film were good, and even the Mystery Machine made an appearance. The lighting was pretty good most of the time, and the camera work was competent. Audio quality was great, with good use of music, easy-to-understand dialog, and good volume levels in the sex scenes. Eddie Powell (the director) has a penchant for overly-long sex scenes, but this wasn't a problem here. The scenes are well edited, and are all about the right length.


I thought Bobbi Starr was the best at portraying her character (Velma) and she was great in the sex scenes as well, although her vocals got to be pretty annoying. Bree Olson wasn't great as Daphne, but she was great in her sex scenes. I thought she looked better in the bonus scene, though. Lily Labeau was ok, but nothing special. I enjoyed the scene, but not as much as the others.

Both Chad Alva and Michael Vegas performed well in the sex scenes, and did a passable job representing their iconic characters. Erik Everhard (in the bonus scene) was not much of a presence beyond his dick, but boy did his dick get the job done. It was clear that Bree loved riding that monster cock.

Overall this is a solid release, with some great extras balancing out some of the minor shortcomings in the film itself.

My biggest complaint is the very long unskippable anti-piracy segment preceding the menu. All recent New Sensations releases have it, and I've almost memorized it at this point. Why include it? Pirated copies aren't going to have it, so only their paying customers are going to have to sit through it.

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