Scooby Doo XXX parody by New Sensations - review by Love Buzz

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Scooby Doo Where Are You???

What's the Scooby gang without their favourite mutt? When he goes missing the gang have trouble finding him as they can't seem to keep their hands to themselves.

In this B grade kind of funny yet rather entertaining porn parody there's lots of sexual hijinx & little mystery solving. Although their are only 4 core characters the pairings are exciting & their scenes steamy. It can be watched as a full movie or stand alone scenes, making it a DVD I'm glad to have amongst my collection.
Wide Variety of Sexual Acts
Great Chemistry
Bonus Features + extra scene
Sometimes a little bit over the top
B grade humour
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Content / Genre / Audience

This is a porn movie with a thread like plot that almost convincingly ties all of the sex scenes together which makes for an entertaining experience as well as an arousing one. It's a little corny at times, but in a way that it pokes fun at itself.

Some of the scenes are well above average whilst a few leave you wanting for more. The four main characters and one supporting cast member partake in a wide variety of sexual acts that go beyond the simple oral and PIV (Penis in Vagina) sex I've seen in some previous porn club titles. The Scooby Doo XXX Parody also includes anal sex, solo masturbation, some girl on girl sex and even a foursome involving all four members of the scooby gang.

It's an enjoyable movie that has some very strong, very arousing stand alone scenes that I've found myself watching over and over again.
    • Anal sex
    • Erotic
    • Hetero


Shaggy is played by Chad Alva and Michael Vegas is Fred with Bobbi Starr & Bree Olsen playing Velma and Daphne respectivly.Lily Labeau also makes an appearance in a steamy scene that opens the film.

Each actor fits their character well physically, something which is further helped by the costuming we all know and associate with the scooby gang. I also felt that they each played their character very well, not something you often see within porn. I think Bree Olsen did such a great job and feel she could give Sarah Michelle Gellar a run for her money, despite the fact that her high pitched voice at times was aggravating.

For me I love the pairings in this movie, they seem to have such great sexual chemistry that in places it's almost dripping off the screen. I enjoyed the mixture of oral scenes as well as the inclusion of anal scenes between Daphne and Fred, her dirty talk is what really sent me over the edge though.

Within the Bonus Features contained on the second disc there is an extra, added bonus scene between Bree Olsen and Erik Everhard.
    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation

DVD Features

The cover for Scooby Doo a XXX parody is quite discreet for a porn flick. If someone were to simply see it and not inspect it closely they quite possibly would never realise that it is porn. The cover features the four characters backed by a sppoky looking mansion and the back - which is where you would expect to see a lot of explicit screen shots could almost be called PG. It isn't something that everyone would consider, but those with young ones about may appreciate this fact.

The 2 DVD set has numerous bonus features that include the usual suspects such as full motion video menus, a Chapter index for jumping directly to your favourite scene, a photo gallery, upcoming trailers and the all important pop shot reel. (I will never understand the allure of the cum shot)

The bonus features I really enjoyed were the behind the scenes footage along with the bonus scene between Bree Olsen and Erik Everhard.

It is also worth noting that this dvd set is compatible with iPods, so you can add it to your itunes library and have it with you to watch whenever the mood hits you!
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

The gang have lost Scooby. After a halloween party featuring "lots and lots of boobs...and vagina", Scooby has somehow been misplaced by Shaggy and the gang sets out to solve the mystery of their missing mutt - who sadly never does make an appearance in the film.

The scenes start out by giving us a flash back to the night in question, the one where there were lots and lots of boobs...and vagina at a halloween party. During the party Shaggy is approached by an intoxicatingly beautiful fairy named Sindy - Sindy with a capital SIN. She quickly takes control of the hapless Shagy as she tells him how she's going to fuck him. She's so alluring that Shaggy lets all concern for Scooby dissappear as he falls under her spell. I quite enjoyed the scene despite it following the usual formula. They mixed up positions and the sexual energy of the scene flowed very well.

Between scenes we skip back to the team deconstructing the sexual events of the night before - in quite graphic detail. Their meeting is eventually disbanded so that new couple Fred and Daphne can get it on and try to make babies. So much for finding poor old Scoob.

This second sex scene picks up the heat introduced in the first scene and develops it even further. Fred giving Daphne a lot of attention from his tounge before they get to the main act. Again the scene and the energy between the pair flows very well and encompases numerous sexual acts - including anal sex which is undertaken in many different positions. I really enjoyed how vocal she was during the scene - it was the cherry on top as far as I'm concerned. It is by far my favourite scene of the movie and the one I re-visit the most.

Eventually the attention is again returned to the task of finding Scooby and they set out to the location of the previous nights partying to search for him. Velma reveals to Shaggy just how turned on she was listening to him re-tell the events from last night, after which we see another flashback scene from when she finds herself a private moment in the bathroom to bring herself to orgasm using her fingers. It isn't the best masturbation scene ever and kinda screws up the flow of the entire movie, but I'm sure there are some who will love it.

Fast forward and we are back in the mansion with Velma confessing to shaggy how much he turns her in. A confession which quickly finds her naked and giving him a blow job. Again it feels a little stunted and doesn;t flow as well as the previous scene but it is still enjoyable. After they are finished Fred enters the room and together the trio discover a stash of stolen money hidden in the ensuite.

Daphne has found a mysterious and scary friend wuthin the house and together they find the other members of the gang. The boys hide under the bed and in a rather expected twist the girls start making out with each other to distract this scary friend and let the boys escape. It is somewhat of a token lesbian scene that doesn't really 'fit' within the movie, but like many of the other scenes it is a hot stand alone encounter with great chemistry between the two.

There are some funny and kooky interstitials as the gang try to escape this mysterious, clad all in black creature which lead to the four of them holing themselves up in another bedroom which leads into what I would classify as a foursome. Well in so much as there are four people who are all having sex at the same moment. Sadly their is minimal interaction which only occurs when they swap partners. This final sex scene really brings it all and creates a great crecendo.

It all ends in true Scooby Doo style, they tear off the mask and the bad guy gets put away. We never do see Scooby, but it turns out he was just staying with his nephew Scrappy - as to whether he was ever really missing in the first place... only Shaggy knows!
Follow-up commentary
This is one of my favourite Porn club movies. Despite the high level of cheesiness the content it still really hot. The scene between Daphne and Fred is by far my favourite and is one I re-watch all the time.
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  • Purpleladybug
    Thanks for the review!!
  • Ms. Spice
    thanks for the awesome review
  • Shellz31
    Great review

    Wish I enjoyed this one more. It's certainly not the worse I have seen, by far! But I did prefer the Flintstones.
  • Love Buzz
    really you liked flintstones more? I guess I got put off by the fake laughter and other sound effects in that one. Whereas Scooby Doo is towards the top of my pil o porn!
  • Midway through
    Great review! I didn't get this one that month, I only got the Flintstones. Which is slightly disappointing because I've heard such good stuff about this one!
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