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Scooby Doo...And Boobies Too!

What's not to love about this movie? Everything you remember from watching Scooby Doo as a kid plus hard-core sex makes this a fantastic movie. Scooby Doo A XXX Parody is a very amusing film that features a great cast with believable on-screen chemistry. The actors all do a good job of staying in character. The dialog is hilarious and the sex is pretty hot. You will be entertained and turned on throughout the movie.
Funny script, actors were true to character, hot sex
Annoying baby voice, ass to mouth play, lengthy public service announcement at beginning
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Content / Genre / Audience

Scooby Doo XXX Parody is a porn parody by New Sensations based on the original Scooby Doo cartoon. There is a little bit of something to please all audiences. There is girl on girl action, plenty of oral sex and vaginal sex as well as some anal play. I didn't find anything too objectionable other than some ass to mouth play, which I personally don't care for. All in all, this was a very entertaining movie. This film is suitable for individuals and couples. The disc even contains a party version, with all of the silliness minus the explicit sex, to view with your friends.


The movie opens with Shaggy waking up after a wild night out, only to find that Scooby is missing. A hung-over and doped up Shaggy explains to the gang what happened. He was at a Halloween party where there was a lot of alcohol and drugs and also lots of boobs and vagina....vagina everywhere....and boobs....and vagina.

Scene 1: Shaggy (Chad Alva) and Sin-D (Lily LaBeau)
At the costume party, Shaggy hooks up with a fairy named Sin-D and the two find a bedroom where they can get down and dirty. Lily LaBeau is hot in this scene as she enthusiastically gives a pretty mean blow job. Shaggy returns the favor by tongue-fucking her pussy before the two have sex in various positions. The scene ends with Shaggy giving Sin-D a facial. The scene is accompanied by some fairly upbeat rock music which helps keep things lively.

Scene 2: Daphne (Bree Olson) and Fred (Michael Vegas)
Daphne and Fred decide it's "time to make a baby" and proceed to have sex in front of Shaggy and Velma. They decide Fred's not going to have sex in her ass anymore because it's not making her pregnant, but Fred tells Daphne "I bet if I cum in your mouth and you swallow, it'll go right to your tummy where the baby is." Although she has a hot little body, Bree Olson's baby talk is quite distracting. They have sex in various positions until, oh my goodness, he cums in her mouth after fucking her in the ass. The ass to mouth sex is a little off-putting.

Scene 3: Velma (Bobbi Starr) and Shaggy (Chad Alva)
The foursome hop in the The Mystery Van and head over to the house where Shaggy partied the night before to see if they can find Scooby. When they get to the house, they split up to look for clues. This is, in my opinion, the funniest part of the movie.

Velma and Shaggy go into a room to hide from a creepy villain and Velma reveals that she got hot and bothered when Shaggy was telling his story earlier in the day. She has a flashback where she was in the bathroom pleasuring herself after listening to Shaggy talk about having sex. Then Velma pushes Shaggy onto the bed and does some heavy lip-smacking all over his mouth. They have oral and vaginal sex in various positions. Bobbi Starr is quite enthusiastic during this scene, but somehow manages to keep her glasses and orange knee socks on throughout the entire scene. Her oohing and aahing is a little over the top at times. The scene ends with Shaggy making a deposit on Velma's bush.

Fred comes in the room and spies some bags of money in the bathtub.

Scene 4: Daphne (Bree Olson) and Velma (Bobbi Starr)
Daphne enters the room with the creepy villain in tow. Velma grabs Daphne and starts kissing and petting her to distract the villain so he won't find the boys, who are now hiding under the bed. There is some pretty hot girl on girl action with plenty of licking and fingering before they scissor fuck. Daphne goes down on Velma, they 69 a little bit, and the scene ends with Daphne fingering Velma.

There is a funny little chase scene where the foursome run through the hallways and in and out of bedrooms hiding from the villain. This is definitely one of the highlights of the movie! Zoinks! Really good stuff!

Scene 5: Daphne (Bree Olson), Fred (Michael Vegas), Shaggy (Chad Alva), and Velma (Bobbi Starr)
In the final scene, the foursome all get together to end the movie with a bang. They get it on in various positions with some girl on girl action and partner swapping...quite an entertaining orgy!

DVD Features

The DVD starts with a Public Service Announcement by people in the adult film industry asking that you beware of unscrupulous websites that pirate the adult movies. We agree with the message, but it's kind of annoying that you cannot fast forward through this; you have to endure it every time you play the movie. I wish they would quit doing this.

The DVD features about 25 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, which includes about four minutes of Bree Olson blowing a camera man she doesn't even know. There are some fairly entertaining Outtakes where we see the cast making mistakes. There is the standard Photo Gallery as well as Pop Shots and Trailers for several other movies. There is even an option to download a special version of the movie to your iPod. The disc also includes a Party Version that cuts out the sex.

Another feature is a Bonus Scene featuring a young woman pleasuring herself with a pocket rocket before advancing to the Hitachi Magic Wand. It's a pretty hot masturbation scene. A man later joins her and licks and fingers her before she goes down on him. They move to the bed and have sex in various positions. It's a pretty hot scene, definitely worth watching.

Personal comments

My wife and I have watched more than our share of porn, and this movie is definitely one of the more enjoyable films we have seen. We found it to be highly entertaining, with a lot of silly humor and good chemistry between the actors. The actors all did an excellent job of staying in character, and the costumes were perfect replicas of the outfits worn in the original cartoon. We really enjoyed the crazy antics as they ran through the mansion hiding from the creepy villain.

We really enjoyed this movie. The only problem is that now we will never be able to watch the cartoon without picturing the gang getting naughty running through the haunted mansion!
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    great review, thanks. I want to watch this one.
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    Great review, wonder which childhood memory I'll have perverted next
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