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Ruh Roh, Rhaggy Gets Raid!

As a fan of the Scooby Doo cartoons, I really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with the gang, minus Scooby Doo. It’s like watching a well acted comedy that happens to have a lot of sex, and some great sex at that. This movie will appeal to a variety of people as it offers a little bit of everything; an impressive cast, good writing, and amazing sex.
Great cast,
Good variety in sex scenes,
Captures spirit of original cartoon
Scooby Doo never makes an appearance
Rating by reviewer:
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This New Sensations parody of the Scooby Doo cartoon offers non-stop action, and here I mean sex, and endless laughs. The storyline is simple; Scooby Doo has gone missing, and the gang of four must put their heads together to figure out what happened to him. What follows is almost two hours of hilarity and sex. The characters are well developed and all but Daphne remind me of those in the cartoon. I don’t remember Daphne being a ditzy blonde, but that’s how she is portrayed in the movie. Both the director, Eddie Powell, and writer, Tyler Scott, offer up a fun movie to watch and dialogue that entertains. And the people are easy on the eyes, too.

Shaggy (Chad Alva) awakens with a killer hangover after a wild Halloween party the night before. He discovers that Scooby Doo never made it home with him. Daphne (Bree Olson), Fred (Michael Vegas), and Velma (Bobbi Starr) join Shaggy and try to help him remember what happened the night before. Shaggy begins to retell his tale, but to the dismay of Velma all he seems to remember are boobs and a hot fairy girl (Lily Labeau) having sex with him. Almost six minutes into the movie, we have our first sex scene as Shaggy relives his encounter with said fairy. He starts sucking her breasts but she quickly takes control and begins oral, and in true Shaggy fashion he yells “Zoinks!” This scene offers variety in terms of positions but is straightforward PIV and oral sex. He comes fourteen minutes later on her face. The two are good together and definitely get into it, and that makes it an enjoyable scene to watch.

We cut back to Shaggy’s apartment, where the four are wondering what to do next. Daphne exclaims she is ovulating and she wants to try to make a baby. Fred kindly obliges and four minutes after the last sex scene, we have our second one. While Fred is standing over the bed, Daphne goes down on him with great enthusiasm. She also performs oral while lying on her back, offering up some very impressive angles. Then they switch and he penetrates from behind, and she inserts her own fingers in her ass. They switch back to oral and 69, but she wants him in her ass. Again, he obliges with anal sex both with her on top, and then with him from behind. After fourteen minutes, he comes in her mouth, again at her request. One note here, Daphne talks the entire scene, and baby talk at that. But they are hot!

The gang jumps into the Mystery Machine and heads to the mansion where the party took place, hoping to find someone or something that might lead them to Scooby. While there they discover they are not alone; a fiendish ghoul (Evan Stone), dressed like Death, is chasing them. Shaggy and Velma run into a room together to hide. She drops her underwear and professes her desire for Shaggy. Here she retells an earlier scene in which she masturbates (for about four minutes) in the bathroom while listening to Shaggy describe getting laid by a fairy. She is now naked and grabs Shaggy’s cock; she is the aggressor here as she begins oral. This scene is only twelve minutes, but they manage to do a little bit of everything in terms of oral and PIV. After Shaggy comes on her face, they dress and Fred walks in. The three go into the bathroom to hide, only to discover something hidden there.

Out in the bedroom, Daphne and the ghoul walk in. Fred and Shaggy had hidden under the bed, while Velma met Daphne and the ghoul face to face. She needs to distract him from finding the boys, so she starts to kiss Daphne, who is taken aback. For almost eighteen minutes, the two girls enjoy some quality time together. There are rubbing bodies, fingering vaginas, sucking breasts, oral sex and lots of kissing. This is some very fine girl on girl action.
The distraction works, and Fred is able to get up and hit the ghoul on the head. The foursome run and a chase ensues. The ghoul follows them from room to room. Eventually they lose the ghoul and all end up in one room together. Fred and Daphne go at it again, and Shaggy and Velma don’t want to be just spectators and she jumps Shaggy. This scene begins with the two women giving oral to their man, but there is some threesome action, with Daphne giving oral to Shaggy while being fucked by Fred. They do switch partners as well. There is more anal sex between Daphne and Fred, and more threesome action with Daphne sucking Shaggy while tit fucking Fred. The scene ends with Shaggy coming on Velma’s face, and Fred in Daphne’s mouth (and she plays with it a lot). Afterward Scooby calls to tell Shaggy he is safe, and they hear the police arrive downstairs. Thanks to Daphne, who had called the police, the foursome catch a most wanted criminal while escaping any harm, and they once again save the day.

What a fun, entertaining movie to watch. New Sensations is really good at writing and producing parodies of some of our favorite shows from the past. The director pays attention to details from the original show and incorporates them into the movie. The actors in this film are really quite good, both with acting and with sex. There is good chemistry between them and this translates into some very hot, enthusiastic sex. One disappointment is that Scooby Doo never makes an appearance. But as that is really the only negative (except for Daphne’s baby talk, which I did not care for), I can’t complain. This is both an entertaining movie and high quality porn; well worth your time.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this film even though I don't necessarily watch it from start to finish. In general, I prefer to fast forward to my favorite scenes, and this movie has plenty of scenes that I enjoy. Although it is based on a cartoon, it comes across more as a comedy rather than being cartoonish.
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