Scooby Doo XXX parody by New Sensations - review by ~LaUr3n~

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I Don't Ever Remember Being Attracted to Shaggy...

As Eddie Powell's first parody, I am seriously impressed! For any Scooby Doo fan, this is a must see. I didn't even watch Scooby ALL that much as a kid, but I enjoyed it a lot. There is a lot of comedy, a great cast, awesome sets and extras.
Costumes, sets, etc., cast, the villain!, some great portrayals of the original characters
Female pubic hair, some poor acting at times
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Content / Genre / Audience

Scooby has gone missing! Where did he go? And who is that creepy dude chasing the crew around?

This is Eddie Powell's very first parody, and that being said, I think he did a really good job. The characters, costumes, and sets are very well done. They even have the Mystery Machine van! I more view this as a funny, raunchy film to watch with friends for some laughs than I do a get-off-to-me porn. It would have to be some pretty laid back and chill friends, but still. This was not something that I wanted to watch from beginning to end with my partner to get turned on. It is really entertaining though!

The acting is hard to judge because of how silly Scooby Doo's characters and dialog were to begin with. I'd say they do a great job of being adult versions of the classic characters. It can get cheesy though. I think Chad Alva, Bobbi Star, and Evan Stone are the best for the acting.
    • Anal sex
    • Foursome scenes
    • Lesbian & hetero


*Scores are subjective, based on their sexual performance + acting + appearance (out of 5)*
Only those with sex roles are featured here.

1. Lily LaBeau: ****
Scene #1
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2. Bree Olson as Daphne: ****
Scenes #2, 5, 6
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3. Bobbi Starr as Velma: ****
Scenes #3, 4, 5, 6
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1. Chad Alva (formerly known as Vin Vericose - the industry didn't appreciate the humor, so he had to change it!) as Shaggy: ***** Scenes #1, 4, 6
Let's include a few pictures of him, shall we? He reminds me of my bf in this movie, so that was a special treat!
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2. Michael Vegas as Fred: ***
Scenes #2, 6
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    • Good acting / chemistry
    • Good presentation
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

This film is shot in HD. I was really impressed with the sets, costumes, and camera work. The lighting was great, and I didn't notice any sound problems. The movie runs about 1 hour and 50 minutes. The length seemed perfect for the plot. There is about a half hour of non-sexual content though.

Behind the Scenes: There is a lot of funny randomness, and then interviews with the cast. During this, one of the camera men actually gets a blow job from Bree! This lasts about four minutes. Then there is an interview with the director Eddie Powell.

Party Version: This is a really cool option! It plays a short, half hour version of the movie without the graphic sex stuff. This way you can watch the movie with friends who might not be open to watching an actual porn with you.

Bonus Scene: Bree appears in a bonus scene where she starts off playing solo with toys until a male joins the fun. It's actually a pretty good scene! They have excellent chemistry together.

Outtakes: This section lasts seven minutes and includes some funny moments.

Photo Gallery: Really nice photos!

XXX Parody Trailers: 17 of them! There are so many I want see!

Popshot recap: The cum shots...

There is even a feature where you can download a version onto your iPod using your computer. The packaging looks like a regular movie pretty much. There are no graphic images anywhere. It can totally go amongst other DVDs.
    • Attractive design
    • Discreet packaging
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

You can get a downloadable version onto your ipod!


*Scores are from my point of view alone(out of 5). For this film, my partner had little interest in watching.*

#1 ***** (~15 min) Chad Alva & Lily LaBeau : Shaggy is at a costume party and can't find Scooby. While Shaggy is looking around, Sin-D, a random girl dressed as a fairy, seduces him. They make-out in a bedroom before she gives Shaggy oral. Chad has a very unique member. The head is deliciously pronounced which took me back at first. I was not too pleased with the oral since there was gagging and rouge face fucking, but that is because that simply is not my thing. When they switch, I was totally turned on by how Chad gives oral. This is where my obsession with him begins. There is tongue! They then have sex in a few positions. In the end, he cums on her face. Their chemistry and sexual energy is awesome. It was a good scene to open with.

Pros: Great opening scene, Chad
Cons: Gagging oral

#2 **** (~15 min) Bree Olson & Michael Vegas: Daphne and Fred go to...make a baby. They exchange oral which didn't turn me on because of the pubic hair choices. I am not sure if the large amount was done intentionally on the lead females because of the time period or what, but I was not digging it. Thankfully, it was not shown all that much due to positions and camera. Fred does do some rimming, and she fingers her ass before he joins in on the anal play. I loved that there was anal sex in this scene. Michael has a very pretty penis to look at so it was nice to watch. He has the smoothest balls ever! This seemed like a strange contrast to the female hair presentation. Like the first scene, he cums in her mouth.

Pros: Anal, smoothest balls ever
Cons: Female hair presentation

#3 ** (~5 min) Bobbi Star: This is actually a short flashback to Velma pleasing herself in a bathroom while she secretly listens to Shaggy recount his fairy sexcapades. She fingers herself, and as she cums, comedy ensues.

Pros: Solo female masturbation
Cons: Not involved enough to be really arousing

#4 *** (~12 min) Chad Alva & Bobbi Starr : While they are searching for Scooby and in peril, Shaggy and Velma find themselves in a room alone. She can't hold back her urges anymore and basically attacks Shaggy. If you love the idea of perverting innocence, then this is for you. She gives Shaggy oral before they have sex in various positions that are repeated from earlier scenes. I was a bit annoyed by the yelling arousal noises, but I loved looking at Chad so this scene gets a middle of the road rate. He does cum on her stomach which was a nice change.

Pros: Comedy, Chad, different ending
Cons: Not enough that was new, large amount of female pubic hair

#5 **** (~16 min) Bree Olson & Bobbi Starr : That's right, the girls get it on! In an attempt to distract a villain and keep the boys hidden under the bed, the girls go at it on top of it. They make out and finger each other while licking nipples. There is even some interesting 69-esk fingering. By this point in the film, I had accepted the large amount of pubic hair but was majorly turned off when there was stroking of it in this scene. There are some good parts through. There is tribbing where I believe they cum together. They might even have multiple orgasms.

Pros: Girl-on-girl, tribbing, comedy
Cons: Nothing that hasn't been mentioned already

#6 ***** (~16 min) Michael Vegas, Chad Alva, Bree Olson, & Bobbi Starr!: They really have a huge finally here! The whole gang joins in an orgy or swapping female partners and some girl on girl again. There is a lot of oral and some awesome positions for them all to get in on. My favorite is where the girls are 69 and then there is a guy at either end so he can choose mouth, ass, or vag! This scene is great!

Pros: The whole cast joins in, awesome positions
Cons: none!

So overall, this was an entertaining film. There were some really hot scenes too, but it wasn't all my cup of tea. As Eddie's first parody, I am seriously impressed though!

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I have shared this porn with more friends than any other I own. Previously, Friday the 13th Parody was my favorite to share. This porn introduced me to a few stars that I now love and was not previously familiar with. Because of that, I'll forever love it!
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  • markeagleone
    I agree. It was a good movie,but just didn't fit my expectations. Maybe I wanted more from growing up with the cartoon!
  • Waterfall
    Very nice review
  • married with children
    very nice review, thanks. I liked the pictures of the stars, since I only knew one of them off hand
  • Adam02viper
    Thanks for the review!
  • MonkeyBoo
    Good review.
  • Joie de Cherresse
    Awesome review! I have to agree with you! Shaggy was HOT!!! Loved talking to him during the porn discussion tonight. He's an awesome guy!
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review. I really enjoyed it as well.
  • ~LaUr3n~

    sloppy donkey: I am glad!

    Brandi Rouxxx: Um....I felt like I was in highschool! I have not had a silly crush feeling like that in years! Weird!
  • mama2007
    good review
  • ~LaUr3n~
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    Great Review
  • ~LaUr3n~
  • Penguin
    At least we got your laptop fixed now!
  • wrmbreze
    must have this.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    It's a good one!
  • AussieSarah
    I love Bobbi Starr but her pubic hair does kinda annoy me as well !!
    Actually come to think of it i only really like her anal or blowjob scenes
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I love her anal scenes!
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