Scooby Doo XXX parody by New Sensations - review by Darling Jen

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Zoinks, Jinkies, and Scooby Snacks!

Eighty-six those Scooby Snacks because Scooby-Doo is missing! What's even worse is however will these four friends find him when they can barely make it past the door without their horny, sex-craved selves jumping each other? Hm, wait, maybe that's not the worst thing. In fact, for me it was only the interesting sex that kept my attention throughout this less-than-spectacular parody. And any Scooby fans need to know up front that no, there's no bestiality. Scooby isn't even IN the film.
Variety in Sex (Both Vanilla and Non),
Some Funny Dialogue,
Plenty of Bonus Features!
Very Weak Plot,
Furry Genitals,
Annoying Voices!
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

Plot & Content
Jeepers! It’s a Scooby-Doo parody! One more X-rated homage to a classic children’s cartoon. Perhaps it’s a little disturbing what people do with old Saturday morning cartoons but, hey, every kid grows up eventually and it’s only a matter of time before sex is incorporated, right? So this adult version does have a plot, as weak as it is. And yes, it’s very weak. It’s mostly as a way of explaining why we never see the title character (after all, porn has come a long way but not so far that it can pay for CGI animation for a feature length adult movie). And as for the sex, it’s actually a good blend of the vanilla and kinky. There’s vanilla hetero pairings, anal sex, woman-on-woman, and even a group scene.

Now I feel it a fair time to explain that I’m not, nor have I ever been, a huge Scooby-Doo fan. As a child, I found myself constantly changing the channel to anything (news, weather, QVC) from Scooby-Doo. I don’t know if it was the slow plot or the very 70s animation style but it wasn’t my cup o’ tea. So this porn parody had a lot to make up for. Keep this in mind, if you will.

Cinematography & Acting
The cinematography is mostly very well done. The angles, lighting, and framing are great even though the cuts and transitions are less than perfect. Though, the acting is just so-so with me. On the one hand, they’re playing already ridiculous characters with even more humor but it also detracts from the arousal level for me because it crosses from funny into annoying more than once. But this is definitely an individual preference.


Opening Sequence & Intro

The film opens with a short, but funny, scene before going into the opening credits and theme song, which become somber. It’s definitely a more serious introduction to a Scooby-Doo parody than I thought it would be.

Scooby 01
Scooby 02

1st – Chad Alva & Lily LaBeau
The first scene starts a little strangely for me. It only features one actual Scooby-Doo character in a very non-original-Scooby-Doo scene. It was almost as if it was a last minute addition because they couldn’t come up with another pairing or opportunity for sex with the original characters. Maybe it was because I had just reviewed the Flintstones parody, which blew me away, but this seemed odd. But there’s an extensive blow job, some cunnilingus, and plenty of different penetration positions. I particularly love the rock music playing in the background.

Scooby 03

2nd – Bree Olson & Michael Vegas
Fred and Daphne decide on an impromptu romp as a perky and very cheesy song plays in the background. I had always been greatly annoyed by these two characters and the mentally slow interpretations of them aren’t any less so. Funny, yes, but I found myself only able to deal with them in small doses (or on mute). She is very chatty and whispers in a child-like voice during much of the scene (seriously, just mute it) and there’s plenty of dribble and spit. What else? Well, there’s rimming, 69 position, and even anal! I know, right?! Totally not vanilla, especially for Scooby-Doo! But I didn’t much appreciate the close-up which revealed some vag pimples/blisters/whatever they were.

Oh and isn’t Daphne supposed to be a redhead/strawberry blonde???

Scooby 04

3rd – Chad Alva & Bobbi Starr
This scene is unique in that it starts with a solo scene. Yes, my pervy ladies and gents, some masturbation! It actually had some pretty awesome camera angles and positions and ended in comedy. Not bad!

But then the sex starts with horrible (on purpose though) kisses. Don’t worry, that leads into the standard beginning – a blow job – which actually doesn’t last as long as others in this film. With the switch over to penetration though, you can tell the cuts weren’t done very smoothly, though it’ll only stick out to those trained or looking for it. And her mouth annoys me when she moaned because the expression on her face and her lips look fake! But at least she doesn’t talk as much as Daphne.

Scooby 05

4th – Bree Olson & Bobbi Starr
This is the token Daphne and Velma pairing that I’m sure plenty of grown-up Scooby-Doo fans have considered. And what was a background detail before becomes very evident in this scene. The women in Scooby-Doo are not clean shaven. Personally, I don’t like the completely bare, prepubescent look. But it being neatly trimmed and tidy is definitely what I would have preferred to the furry look these women have. But honestly, it’s not that bad and there are much worse in other films.
In this scene, there is a little oral, plenty of manual stimulation, some tribadism, and the 69 position returns for another go. I have to say that this is one lesbian scene that didn’t do too much for me.

Scooby 06

5th – Chad Alva, Bobbi Starr, Bree Olson, & Michael Vegas
Making sure to never bore, this scene features all four main Scooby-Doo characters! There’s two simultaneous blow jobs, the “pig roasting” position, a creative 4-way 69, rimming, anal, and partner-sharing, all on a very large and very bouncy bed. There was plenty of action to follow as the camera panned and cut fairly well between the participants.

Besides hoping that the person who sleeps there washes their sheets, I was surprised once again at how non-vanilla Scooby-Doo turned out to be. If nothing else, I have to give it credit for not being predictable in the sex department. I think that's the only thing that saved this film from a low 2-star rating for me.

Scooby 07

DVD Features and Bonuses
2 Disc Pack – Feature Film and Bonus Features
111 Minutes
Widescreen 16:9 HD Format
No Regional Coding
No Condoms/Protection Used

Scooby 08

There are quite a few bonus features to enjoy in this DVD set, as you can see. But I'll only go over a few of them, as most are fairly self-explanatory.

Party Version – 31 minutes of just the storyline
Bonus Scene – With Bree Olson & Erik Everhard
Popshot Recap – Just all of the money shots from the film.

Favorite Dialogue
“Somebody’s pregnant!”
“Somebody is clinically retarded.”
“Sticks and stones.”
“Don’t tempt me!”
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  • Selective Sensualist
    The furry genitals and the pimple/ingrown hair/wart/whatever definitely disturbed me, too!
  • Illusional
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. I AM a omega Scooby Doo fan and own a book of "Everything A-Z to know of Scooby Doo" cause I am a loser, lol.
    It had very weak minimal plot. Also the lack of shaved genitals was SO gross to me too.
  • married with children
    good review, thanks.
  • Stephanie Marie
    Great review!
  • C4ss
    Wonderful review. Thanks.
  • Waterfall
    Great review! For some reason I really want to see this one
  • Shellz31
    Mine just come quick enough. Although I'm looking forward to the Flintstones more.
    I'm not a fan of hairy bushes on girls - gag.

    Another great review
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peg
    Great review. Love the screen shots. stole the title for my review!
  • wetone123
    Great review! No Scooby?
  • Darling Jen
    Sorry about that Mr. & Mrs. Peg! It came to me in a moment of genius and I just had to take it!

    Yeah, the girls are a bit hairy, but I have definitely seen worse. I just wish it were trimmed, not shaved, but trimmed.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Interesting item. Not my cup of tea because I actually enjoy Scooby and porn.. not so much.

    I'm wondering if you could clarify what you consider to be non-vanilla? You make mention of it three times or so but you don't mention anything that isn't standard fair in porn or even your traditional sex life (a la 69 and anal) so I'm wondering what you found to be so.. untraditional.
  • Darling Jen
    @Adriana Ravenlust - I mention throughout the porn what was "out of the ordinary" for standard porn, especially the general, non-kink specific porn that is advertised to a very broad and general audience like this one. In fact, almost all the Porn Club movies are standard, vanilla. Heterosexual pairs, only vaginal penetration, and no kink or fetish incorporated into the play is pretty much vanilla.

    The fact that this one had a woman-on-woman scene, a group sex scene, and anal sex made this one not your standard, run of the mill porn, especially as a parody. Vanilla, as a term, stays pretty static in definition so defining it as what you happen to do in your own sex life doesn't work when using it to compare to porn. Most porn doesn't do anal, so that alone makes this one stand out, especially because it's not targeted as an "anal sex" porn.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the great review.
  • M121212
    Thanks for the review. Great screen shots.
  • littlezimmey
    Great review ..and I agree with Silvi--great screen shot selections.
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