Double the seals, double the fun

The Sex in the Shower dual locking suction handle is absolutely superb. It really sticks to tile and to most smooth surfaces, and it can support a whole lot of weight. Simply put, this toy will elevate your sex life to new heights.
Study, relatively affordable.
Doesn't actually come with the footrest.
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The Sex in the Shower dual locking suction handle was meant to provide extra support for play in the shower. This device is definitely an upgrade from the "Sex in the Shower locking handle." While both products are effective, this handle is simply sturdier due to the addition of an extra suction cup. It doesn't stick to all surfaces, however when it sticks it REALLY STICKS. In my tile shower, this toy could support my body weight (~108 pounds) for a few seconds. The toy never collapsed under my weight, I was too scared to stay on for any longer without any support.

I should note that even though it might be possible to support your weight with this toy, this handle was not designed for use without at least one foot touching the ground. It was possible for me to slide the handle a few inches when I was jumping.

Remember to test this product on any surface before engaging in any sexual activity as this product will not stick to every smooth surface. Both Sportsheets handles seem to be affected by different finishes.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

This handle was constructed almost flawlessly. The dual suction cups provide a strong hold on wood and tile surfaces. The long wider surface is also ideal for larger hands. This handle is also dichromatic. The top of the handle and rubber suction cups are white while the underside of the handle and levers (for locking) are gray. While these colors have no actual use, they are pretty awesome. There is a slight separation between the white piece and the gray piece, however this does not impact the effectiveness of the toy.

This handle has two levers, one above each suction cup, to aid in locking and unlocking. Note that there is a spring in each suction cup so make sure that this toy dries completely before storing just in case any water gets trapped on the metal (rusted springs aren't any fun).

I would have no hesitations using this as an aid to achieve otherwise awkward positions during sex. The principle behind the design of this toy and the design of Sportsheets' other handle is the same.

To attach this toy to most smooth surfaces (these directions are printed on the side of the box):
1. With flip levers in the up position, press handle firmly against the shower wall or tub rim
2. Activate suction by pressing the flip levers down until they lock into position.

For removal, just pull the flip levers up and peel back the rubber suction cups on the raised area.


This toy held up beautifully. During my unofficial tests, I couldn't believe that this was actually attached to the wall/tile via suction. I actually pulled my dresser out of its proper place using this toy (I wouldn't recommend this - especially since my dresser is heavy). The seal created by this device is simply phenomenal.

Generally it's a little sturdier than the Sex in the Shower single locking handle. Both handles perform admirably but I am slightly more comfortable with this toy because of the second suction cup.


The handle came in a box similar to that of other toys in the Sex in the Shower line. It is a thin, recyclable cardboard box depicting a couple using the handle (and the footrest - sold separately). The woman's breast is exposed, so definitely keep this box away from young children.

The toy itself is wrapped in plastic. The instructions provided are on the back of the package.

This handle is extremely discreet. There are no markings on it whatsoever to indicate its true purpose. It is clearly a handle of some sort, but you could easily tell people that you bought it as an aid for shaving.

Care and Maintenance

This toy can be cleaned with soap and water. Sterilization of the plastic solution can be achieved by bleaching however this should not be necessary under normal usage conditions. Since the suction cups are made of rubber, they cannot be completely sterilized.

Since this toy contains metal springs, please let it dry completely before storage. While water should not seep beneath the suction cups during use, it is possible to get water into the inside of this toy. This toy can be stored anywhere. I keep mine in a ziploc bag in my bathroom.

Personal comments

Both the dual locking and the single locking Sex in the Shower handles are effective. This dual locking handle is just a little bit more sturdy. I am extremely comfortable with both products, but I do prefer the double locking handle for its added security. It can also support my body weight for short periods of time (aka seconds), whereas the single locking handle cannot.
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