Amazingly Sensual

For the price here, you really can't go wrong. Even at 3 times the price, you'd still be getting a pretty good deal. The oil itself smells great on a man or a woman, and it works great to moisturize with. The only real downsides are that you won't get hour long massages out of it, and the lid leaks sometimes.
Scent is great, Price, Feel, Packaging, Sinks into the skin wonderfully
Not great for long massages, Lid sometimes leaks
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The "best," or at least the intended use of this oil is as a massage aid. Something that smells yummy and gets you in the mood while you rub your sweetie down, or get a rub down yourself. However, it's also pretty fantastic as a moisturizer or as a lube.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a runnier oil, hard to control and best off being dispensed into a cupped hand or another area shaped similarly, like the small of the back. It's easy enough to control, but one wrong squeeze and you could end up with a lot more than you initially wanted. Between the fingers and on the skin it feels lovely. Nice and silky and a little greasy but in a good way if that makes sense.

Taste / Aroma

The bottle is labeled as being Passion Flower scented, however to me it smells a whole lot like vanilla. Vanilla and a few other things I just cannot put my finger on. A soft, warm spice and a little bit of almond is about as close as I can come up with to describe the scent mixed with the vanilla.


For massages for us, this worked wonderfully. We don't normally do really long massages and a nickel to quarter size application lasts for a good 10 minutes or so before I want it reapplied. If you use more initially, it would probably last longer, but with this one it never really bothered me to have to keep reapplying because we didn't do it very often. I have the same experience when using it for handjobs. I'm also using smaller quantities, and it's probably the skin on skin contact thing.

Where this oil shines for me is as a moisturizer. It goes on smoothly and evenly and soaks into my skin quickly enough that I don't feel gross waiting for it to dry. It does a great job at keeping in the skin's moisture short term, although I've found that after I've applied it right out of the shower my skin looks and feels great that day, but by the next day I need to reapply. Not a big deal, but something I have noticed. A little oil here really does go a long way too, because I've used this as a full body moisturizer about 10 times now, and with a few extra massages thrown in there the level is still only at the top of the label.

While neither my husband or I felt the need to wash this off since it sinks in so nicely and quickly after you stop rubbing it around, if you do a warm soapy washcloth should take everything off.


The bottle is really nice, and could be given as a gift to somebody you wouldn't give a sexual gift to. The front does say Sensuous Massage oil with Ginseng and Pheromones, but there's nothing more risqué than that anywhere else on the bottle. In addition to giving us an address and informing us that there has been no animal testing involved, they also list the ingredients: sweet almond oil, safflower oil, sesame seed oil, isopropyl myristate, avocado oil, myristate propionate, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, actiphyte of rose hip, ginseng, Hawaiian white ginger, juniper berry, passion flower, evening primrose, jasmine, sun flower petals, rosemary, lavender, fragrance, and pheromones. A whole lotta names, but at the same time all either completely natural or used in cosmetics to help things sink in. *Huxley* goes into more details about the ingredients on her review if you'd like to read more.

The bottle itself is a nice size at 4.5 fluid ounces. It's small enough to tuck into just about any bag for a trip, although the lid is a bit finicky. It's a click cap, similar to what you might find on a shampoo bottle and seems to seal well enough. And that's been hit and miss for me. When brought on our honeymoon it leaked all over the bag we had it in. On more recent traveling trips it's been fine. I'd make sure your cap is screwed on well and that oil hasn't gotten onto the threads at all.

Personal comments

While you can use this as a lube during sex, please note that it is oil based and therefore not compatible with latex condoms. You should either use a non latex condom, don't use one at all, or use a different lube.


I think my favorite thing about this oil is the scent. Well, that and the price. I too was among the skeptics who thought "$6 for a massage oil that's awesome? Can't be true!!!11one" But I also figured that for 6 bucks, if it sucked it wasn't a huge loss. So I bought it. Ages ago actually. It goes through periods where I use it a lot for moisturizing out of the shower, then it gets tucked away and temporarily forgotten about, and then brought back out. We have plenty of other things we like for massaging, and while we did like this one, I like the way it smells so much that I bogart it for myself to moisturize with.

You should definitely snap this one up, it has virtually no flaws and if you don't like it for massaging, it can make a great moisturizer!
Follow-up commentary
I finally finished the bottle! I had put a small dent in it using it here and there for massages and as an after shower moisturizer, and then when I finally ran out of my Shunga oil in the bathroom I switched to this. After about two months of using it 4 or so times a week as a full body moisturizer, I finally finished off the bottle. I still love the scent, and I will be buying another bottle once I get through a few more moisturizing things. I buy this one as a gift for friends and I haven't had anybody tell me they don't love it yet. It's no wonder this stuff is always out of stock!
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