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Lotion d'amour reviews

15 reviews
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15 reviews

It's always fun to make parts warm but it's even more fun if you're good tasting. Very exciting stuff to be able to taste someone. If you're having problems making love in the bedroom, then this is the fun you need. I wouldn't pass this stuff up! Tons and tons of ways to use this and you can use it every night. It's edible!

In my opinion, I would say this product is well worth the money to buy it. The massages with it are wonderful.

This review is a fair as it can be from a product that I could not use to it's full potential. This was a very mild allergic reaction. I love the warming it provides, the taste is decent, but it breaks me out so I can't tell you what it feels or how well it works on other body parts. I give it a 4 because it does what it says it is going to, but I am not able to use it.

Like I said several times, it is worth what it costs. If you want a massage oil, I would choose another product, but if you want a lube that will warm up with a blow this will work~ I might buy again maybe in strawberry next time. This would make a nice gift in a gift basket or in a stocking for a couple or for someone single.

This is a really great lubricant! It is very versatile. It is great as a lube, or a massage lotion. It heats, smells amazing, and is tastes great too! You can't beat all these features, in a 4 ounce bottle, for only $5!!

Personally, if you want something cheap, this is your buy. Otherwise, get something else. Not the best, but not the worst either.

Here's a new addition to the food pyramid! This great flavored and smelling lube is cheap and works well. I most certainly am going to buy a few more bottles to last me the year.

If you are wanting a flavored massage oil this is a good choice. The smell is nice, but the taste can be strange. For the price it is worth purchasing this product.

A lot of the times, we think that a low priced product means low quality. That is not the case at all for the Lotion D'amour. We are extremely happy with how good it tastes that we will end up buying another when we finish this bottle. The only con for this product is the fact that it doesn't heat up like it says it does.

This is an okay lube with a nice warming sensation feature that's not expensive. Unfortunately, it tastes horrible and gets too sticky.

I really feel like the taste of this lube will be the deciding factor for most people. If you are one of those people (like me) who really just loves artificial cherry flavoring, then you will probably like this product. If you hate the idea of a product that tastes like cough syrup, then I doubt you'd like this lube. Even though it has some down sides, I'll probably buy another bottle when my current bottle runs out.

It is not a lotion. It is not a lubrication. It is barely an oil. It does have a warming feature that is interesting though. At such a low price I think it is worth giving a try, just don't expect anything spectacular.

This lube is really good for the price, the warming is nice while it lasts. It would be nice if it tasted better and the warmth lasted longer.

I really didn't like the product from the time we opened it. It was too strong smelling, smelled and tasted cough syrup and the tingling was too intense.

Not for me. Might like it if the taste was better, could probably handle the heat if the taste was not so gross... Just not for me.

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