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Meddling, Sex-Crazy Kids

The gang is back and they've got another mystery to solve: Where the heck is Scooby Doo?! The film begins after a hard night of partying. Shaggy comes to with a wicked hangover, only to discover that his bestest bud Scoob is missing! The rest of the gang rallies together to help find their lost pal. Putting their bang-up detective skills to work, this crack team of sleuths track down their four legged friend, and catch a criminal in the process. Horny hi-jinks ensue!
Great costumes & sets, amusing dialogue, classic Mystery Inc. antics, will suit a variety of tastes.
Vocals, pairings, & some sexual acts just not for everyone.
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Content / Genre / Audience

A blast from the past makes a reappearance in the form of adult entertainment! Scooby Doo a XXX parody retells the story of everyone's favorite groovy detective gang in High Def, R-rated style. Get ready to see Mystery Inc. like you've never seen them before; shackin' up and going down! Authentic costumes and sets, a funny (albeit flimsy) story-line, and plenty of hot action await.

Scene One:
After discovering Scooby missing, a distraught Shaggy gathers the rest of the gang together. They begin their investigation by questioning Shaggy about the last thing he remembers. Shaggy then recounts, in vivid detail, his activities of the night before. It goes a little something like this: Shaggy meets SinD, an unrelated character at a Halloween party, who's dressed as a pixie. She asks him if he wants to fuck. He eagerly agrees. What follows is an intense, highly erotic sex session. Expect blow jobs, mouth fucking, cunnilingus, a variety of different penetrative positions, and tons of chemistry! This scene has very little to do with the rest of the plot, but is a welcome addition as there was a great deal of heat and electricity between the pair. It ends with a facial cum shot, which was surprisingly sensual, and probably the classiest one in the film.

Scene Two:
Shaggy's story seems to have gotten the rest of the gang all riled up. Talk of having children sparks a spur-of-the-moment sex scene between Daphne and Fred, much to Velma's horror and Shaggy's delight. The scene quickly focuses in on Fred and Daphne's escapades, all thought of the others in the room long forgotten. After they've managed to strip each other down, Daphne starts off by giving Fred's cock some much needed oral attention. He returns the favor, along with some analingus, before moving on to the main event. Again a multitude of PIV positions are utilized, including doggy style and reverse cowgirl. Throw in a little anal fingering, end it with some anal fucking and a facial, and that pretty much sums up scene two.

Scene Three:
After arriving at the mansion, the gang looks around for clues in classic Mystery Inc. manner, unfortunately with little success. They split up at the appearance of a demonic-looking hooded figure (who hilariously enough is wearing platform shoes). Shaggy and Velma dash into the closest available room to hide. At this point, Velma whips off her panties and confesses her attraction to Shaggy. We get a brief, albeit very hot, flashback of Velma masturbating in the bathroom while Shaggy relived his exploits with SinD from the night before. They then jump straight into the conveniently available bed and have a good bout of sexual exploits of their own, switching between fellatio and fucking more than once. It ends with a body shot to her abdomen after some brief dialogue of her asking him to cum on her. This seems to be a prevalent theme in many of the scenes. Bobbi Starr, who plays Velma, stayed in character surprisingly well during the whole thing.

Scene Four:
Fred bursts into the room just as Shaggy and Velma are dressing. He seems unfazed by the fact that his two close friends just had sex, which is understandable since there's a tub full of money in the adjoining bathroom! Fred concludes that the money must be from "all those bank robberies" (which unfortunately you hear no prior reference to). Fred exclaims that someone is coming, and he and Shaggy hide under the bed. Velma, hypnotized by the cash, gets spotted when Daphne and the cloaked figure enter the room. Velma then reasons that the only way to create a sufficient diversion for the boys to jump the demon, is for her and Daphne to have some girl on girl sex. Some innocent kissing and groping quickly transforms into pussy rubbing, licking, fingering, 69ing, and scissoring. This was a very hot scene, made only that much more erotic by how much the girls themselves seemed to enjoy it. At the end, Fred jumps up from under the bed and knocks out the demon with a well placed punch. A chase ensues before the gang loses the creep once more.

Scene Five:
Deciding to finish off their sex spree with a bang, the friends partake in a foursome. There's a little bit of everything in this scene, including partner swapping, double teaming, 69ing, and all manner of anal play. There was a bit of Daphne and Fred, a bit of Daphne and Shaggy, some Velma and Shaggy, and Fred and Velma. The only pairing they didn't touch was the boys themselves. Such a shame. That would've been the icing on an already delicious cake. The movie wraps up with Scooby Doo's whereabouts being discovered, and the man in the mask being revealed. The bad guy gets taken away by the po-po, and the gang lives hornily ever after.


Bobbi Starr as Velma, Bree Olsen as Daphne, Chad Alva as Shaggy, and Michael Vegas as Fred.

Lily LaBeau plays the naughty fairy who Shaggy fucks. Evan Stone guest stars.

SinD: Lily Labeau plays the role of SinD, a horny little pixie who Shaggy hooks up with at the Halloween party the night prior. Although she only makes one appearance in the film, it left a lasting impression. The acting wasn't phenomenal, but the sex was. Definitely a performance worth revisiting.

Shaggy: Chad Alva was great as Shaggy! He fit the role well, and was what I'd imagine a real life Shaggy would be. His dialogue was probably some of the most amusing, and his 'performance' was top notch. He didn't always stay in character during the sex scenes, but his hot bod (and the sex itself) more than makes up for this.

Daphne: Bree Olsen was cast as a blond, child-like, airhead version of Daphne. She was very vocal, to the point of being narrative, during sex. The rendition certainly won't work for everyone. Bree played the roll well, but it will likely go unappreciated by a large audience (myself included).

Velma: Bobbi Starr plays an awkward, geeky, sexually repressed Velma. She was very much the voice of reason, as the original Velma was, but far less of a know-it-all. She was a bit stiff and uncoordinated during sex, and had a few other interesting quirks such as strange facial expressions and constant moaning; however, these all seemed like traits that fit the character she was portraying and they didn't distract too much from the scenes. She managed to stay in character throughout most of the film, which is an impressive feat. Overall a great performance from Bobbi Starr.

Fred: Michael Vegas stole the show in the role of Fred. His sex scenes were a bit dry, but his acting was phenomenal! He really shone during the plot of the story. Vegas completely captured the essence of Fred's character, and it was this performance that took the movie from 'okay' to 'awesome'. The voice, the personality - he totally nailed it! If only we could have seen that same passion reflected in his sex scenes.

DVD Features

Scooby Doo a XXX parody comes in a standard DVD case, with a relatively inconspicuous cover. The back of the DVD does feature some suggestive imagery, but nothing too graphic in nature. Like many products by New Sensations, this movie is a 2-disc collector's set. The first disc is the feature film, and the second disc hosts a whole slew of bonus features. The second disc includes the following extras:

Party Version - A 30 minute long version of the original film. The party version is mainly plot, with all of the porn scenes cut out. Be warned there is still nudity and other graphic content prevalent throughout.
Behind the Scenes - Shots of the crew on set, being silly and goofing off, taking photographs, cast interviews, and other random tidbits. There's one particularly juicy part where Bree gives a random cast members a blow job while he video tapes it. It's more than worth watching for some laughs and the spur-of-the-moment blow job. About 24 minutes long.
Bonus Scene - An unrelated sex scene featuring Bree Olsen, Erik Everhard, and a Hitachi. Roughly 34 minutes long.
Outtakes - Funny mishaps during filming. About 7 minutes long.
Photo Gallery - Pictures imitating scenes from the film.
Popshot Recap - A recap of all of the cum shots in the film.
A XXX Parody - Trailers of other parodies from New Sensations.

Personal comments

Isn't Daphne supposed to be a redhead?


I really enjoyed this film. It was funny, true to the original show, and had some interesting pairings. Unfortunately, there were also a few things that bothered me about it. Probably my biggest complaint would be Bree Olson's continued narration during sex. Her 'dirty talk' was annoying, distracting, and a huge turn-off for me personally. I think my favorite scenes with her was when she had a cock stuffed in her mouth and was unable to speak. I don't mean to sound harsh, I'm just being honest. While we're being truthful here, the second scene featuring Daphne and Fred was so completely boring! The music sounded like something from Hot Shots Golf, and Michael Vegas seemed uninterested, and at times a bit repelled, by his co-star. There was also a bit of a 'yuck' factor once or twice when a scene with Bree went straight from anal sex to fellatio. Besides these few little discrepancies though, Scooby Doo a XXX parody was a hit in our household. The BF & I will definitely be watching this one again.
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