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Unbeatable value per price

There's no beating the price per value of this product. Its a good size and feels great. Its soft, making it a wonderful choice for a beginner.
veins feel fantastic, low cost
has a strong smell initially
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extremely useful review
This was the second sex toy I ever purchased. The first was the Hitachi Magic Wand which I bought 30 years earlier. Sometimes a woman reaches a point in her life when she no longer receives from her husband all that she desires. Welcome Mr Softee.

When I first took Mr Softee out of the package the rubber smell was quite strong. I decided to let it air out for several days before using it. Now, months later, its odor is less intense. For a few hours after you wash it, its smell is drastically reduced, but the odor reduction is only temporary. You'll want to store it in a plastic bag to keep its scent from infiltrating other objects or the room.

I thought it looked smaller than the measurements on the website, but it actually measures exactly as stated - 5 1/2 inches in circumference.

I put lubricant on it and in it went. This was a mistake. If you don't warm it up first it will feel like a pelvic exam. Rubber doesn't warm up as quickly as other materials. Now I soak it for a few minutes in warm water beforehand. I've found this is faster and more effective than trying to warm it up against my body or between my legs. The warm water pre-soak also serves to render it temporarily a low scent toy.

Once its warm and lubed it feels great inside. Its less firm than the real deal, but that helps insure that its non-irritating. This is a great product for a beginner. You can be as vigorous as you like with this one and you won't hurt yourself no matter how delicate you are inside. I've used this one for extended sessions without being sore afterward.

The veins on the top of it feel fantastic. I was surprised how much difference that makes. It feels great to push it towards your clit as it moves in and out. Tightening yourself as you do this increases the sensation even more. I believe I'll be looking for veins on future products I order.

In my new quest to learn to deepthroat|Learning deep throat oral sex, I've practiced with this product. Its a good tool for that in that its soft and bendable, although its a bit large for someone just starting out with that technique. Probably this dildo would be best for someone who is close to mastering the skill.

I've also tried keeping Mr Softee|Mr. Softee - Dildo by Doc Johnson inside me while using a vibrator. It feels good to squeeze it and push it inside with a vibrator on you.

After use I wash it in warm soapy water. After almost a year of regular use its still like new. The top of the veins is now slightly less shiny than the rest of the toy. Time will tell how much use is required for the veins to be obviously worn down.

Its made of rubber so any lubricant can be used with this product. Rubber is a porous material, so it cannot be sterilized. If sharing with others or using in more than one orifice, its recommended that you use a condom with it.

This isn't an anal-safe toy. It lacks a flanged base to keep it from inadvertently being pushed inside where it would be difficult to remove.

Mr Softee's biggest flaw is that there is no base to hold onto as you use it. When covered with lube it can be a challenge to maintain a grip on it. I found it necessary to use one hand to apply lube and the other dry hand to manipulate the toy. Keeping a towel handy to grip with also helps.

This is the only toy in this price range that I still like after using it a number of times. Doc Johnson says that its one of their all-time bestsellers. I completely understand why.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Nice review. Just remember, rubber is porous, so use a condom if you're ever sharing between partners or orifices.
  • Nashville
    It's gonna stink because it's made out a cheap material. and Follow Cock's advice.
  • makes me need to take a cold shower. too bad there are no demonstrations available here. you painted a vivid picture.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review!
  • ellejay
    Thanks for the review! Good to know that it's stood up to the test of time.
  • pinkzombie
    You always have the most helpful reviews! Thank you!
  • bliss after dark
    Nice review! The learning to deep throat mention is a great suggestion for this product!
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
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