Oscillating massager discontinued
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Dr Ruth was wrong

Need only small back and forth movements to climax? Then the Eroscillator might please you. If you already know you like strong, deep vibrations, look elsewhere. This vibrator is probably best suited to those who find other vibrators to be too strong.
Comes with multiple attachments, electric power, quiet
too weak to accomplish its goal
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If I were a woman who had never had an orgasm and had turned to the Eroscillator as a solution I would have concluded that something was wrong with me and that I never would successfully have an orgasm. Truly.

I gave it multiple chances, but each time it gave so little sensation. I just don't have the patience to try for the very long time it takes to be successful with it.

Its supposed to be quite different from other vibrators. It moves back and forth, like your fingers, instead of vibrating in all directions. But to me it feels like regular vibration, only weaker. It feels nothing like using your own fingers. On the highest setting it feels similar to a bullet. So this has turned out to be the most expensive bullet I own.

It is quiet though. I'll give it that.

Possible reasons why it doesn't work for me:

Its not useful to people to just read that this product didn't work for someone, so I've attempted to figure out the reasons for this in an effort to help those considering buying it. Here are the factors that might account for why it didn't work for me:

-I have a large clitoris. Maybe the tiny back and forth movements it gives aren't enough for a big clitoris. There's no way to control how wide its back and forth movements are.

-I need strong vibration. The Eroscillator is just not a strong vibrator and I know I'm not alone in this thought. Like the Magic Wand? I don't think you'll like this one. It could be that because I've used the Magic Wand for so many years that something inherently weaker just isn't going to be enough.

-I need deep vibrations. The Eroscillator just can't meet this need.

I'm aware that a study was conducted that showed that a majority of women preferred the Eroscillator to the Magic Wand and the Prelude and felt that the Eroscillator's vibrations were more effective, but my experience was the exact opposite. I wonder who paid for that survey. Eroscillator? This strikes me as something a vibrator manufacturer would want to know more than a university.


The Eroscillator comes with several attachments. All the attachments are soft and flexible. I had assumed they would be firm and was pleasantly surprised to see how pliable they are.

Ball and Cup heads: This one has a small round cup on one side and a ball with three small bumps on the other side. I had hoped that the cup side would hold onto my clitoris to move it back and forth but it doesn't feel like it works effectively that way.

Golden Spoon: This one is similar to the ball and cup attachment, but is elongated. The non concave side is flat. It feels similar to the ball and cup attachment.

Grapes and Cockscomb: This was the best attachment. It provides the most sensation, at least the grapes side does. I'm not sure how the cockscomb side was intended to be used.

Ultra Soft Fingertip attachment: This attachment doesn't come with the Eroscillator. I purchased it separately. It looks like a large shiny marshmallow. While others rave about this one, I found it to be the worst of all the attachments. The Eroscillator is already weak. This attachment mutes sensation even more. Maybe this one is good for someone who only needs the softest most faint touch to climax. You know how it feels when someone flicks their tongue back and forth across your clitoris? Nice but not nearly strong enough (for me)? This attachment reminds me of that.

The Eroscillator looks like a large electric toothbrush. It comes with a very long, soft electric cord. Snap the cord into the bottom and rotate clockwise to lock it in place. The instructions say to never remove it. I have no clue why.

There are three power levels controlled by a slider that runs the length of the vibrator. There is a also a "I" and "II" near the top of the unit where the attachments fit in. These markings aren't mentioned in the instructions that come with it. I don't notice any difference between the two settings.

The attachments snap into place easily and are equally easy to remove.
After trying it a few times with no success, I read a site of tips for Eroscillator users that suggested that using lube with the Eroscillator can help. In the interest of thoroughness, I made one last valiant attempt at success, this time with lube. I had good visuals, lube, a house to myself, plenty of time and the determination this time to try for as long as it might take.

Finally, after a very long time where I switched back and forth between most of the attachments and speed settings and also used a clitoral arousal gel as lube, I managed to eek out the weakest, most fleeting orgasm of my entire life. So much for the intense results its supposed to bring. It may have stopped short because the attachment moved away from the sweet spot. It was mentioned on one Eroscillator tip site that you need to find the one spot where sensation is strongest. I may have slipped off that spot at the key moment.

This was incredibly frustrating for me as you can imagine.

No toy has consistently made me feel more inadequate than the Eroscillator. Every time I use it I'm grumpy afterward and am left wondering if something is wrong with me. But I know from using my fingers that nothing is wrong with me at all.

I suggest that if you already know that you like strong vibration, the Eroscillator isn't the toy for you. However, if other vibrators sometimes feel too strong for you, the Eroscillator might be a good choice. Its not that it can't be a fantastic toy for some women. Clearly many women love it. Its just not the right choice for women who need strong sensation, like me.

The one star rating I'm giving this product is based solely on my experience with it, not on how I think it might work for others.
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  • Contributor: SneakersAndPearls
    Thanks for your thoroughness! I think I'll skip this one.
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    good review
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    Thanks for your review!
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you so much for your review.
  • Contributor: ashboo32
    this is so weird bc i find that its really strong and very easy to orgasm. it does feel different than regular vibrators but its def not weak for me!
  • Contributor: Aishiteru
    Thanks for the review.
  • Contributor: Bleu
    Thanks for the review. For the price, it seems not worth it at all.
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    Thanks for the review, very informative.
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    Very helpful..thanks
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    Thank you for the review! I may reconsider buying it now
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