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MiMi is a phenomenal addition to any collection. With her strong vibrations, multiple speeds *and* patterns, being waterproof, really quiet, easy to hold and wield with one hand, the list goes on. The only downside is that the buttons can be really hard to press, and almost impossible to distinguish between during use. Otherwise, MiMi is an absolutely worthwhile addition for any toy collector.
Multiple vibrations patterns and speeds, Strong vibrations, Convenient size
Buttons are really hard to press
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MiMi was designed as a clitoral vibrator, which really means that you can use her just about anywhere you want on the body. Nipples, behind the ear, tease the penis and balls, tease the anus, wherever! Just don't actually put MiMi inside your butt, she won't come back out easily. She's also good for pinpoint massages as well. Because the buttons can be a bit of a pain to press, those with weak or overly sensitive fingers should look for something else, or have somebody else handy to change settings.

Material / Texture

MiMi is coated in the softest and least lint magnet-y silicone I have ever had the joy of experiencing. She'll pick up and hold on to small particles here and there, but nothing anywhere near what I've seen with some other materials. She's very smooth, almost buttery soft, and has just a bit of drag to her. She doesn't really have a smell or taste, and doesn't seem to hold onto scents much either.

Design / Shape / Size

MiMi is small, and easily fits in even the smallest of hands. At a mere 3 1/4" of length and just over 2" wide at her widest point, MiMi is shaped sort of like a smooth stone. You know those stones you'd look for to skip across the water when you were a kid? That's what MiMi reminds me of. Since she's only about an inch thick, she doesn't feel bulky in the hands at all, and because she's shaped sort of rock like, and has nothing extremely obvious about her, you could easily leave MiMi out in the open because even if somebody does figure out she vibrates, they don't have to know it's for anything other than massages. But her small size also makes her easy to tuck away in a drawer if you'd like. Traveling is also easy with MiMi. The buttons being hard to press come in handy when traveling because they're less likely to start vibrating in your bag.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Before you can use your MiMi, you'll have to charge her. This is done by plugging in the provided charger and connecting the magnetic ends. No worries about getting it on backwards, it'll only attach if the connections are facing the right way. While charging, an indicator light behind the little heart shaped icon above JeJoue will blink red. When fully charged, it stays solid. During use it stays lit and sort of blinks when you change settings, right when you click the button.

MiMi has a whole bunch of different settings ranging from "oh how nice to see you" to "holy hell stop dancing off the table". They're controlled by two buttons on the top of the vibrator; a + and a -. Pressing + starts the vibrations and moves up through them, - takes you back down and turns her off. Settings 1-5 are all solid vibrations and on the highest setting she'll move around in your hand if you don't have a grip on her. After that you get into the patterns. Setting 6 is a steady pulsing, 7 is a faster pulsing, 8 is an oscillating setting going up and down the vibration scale, 9 is hard to describe. It feels at first like another steady pulsing setting, but I think it's actually a really quick up and down; about a second or so for each pulse. 10 is the same but faster, and pressing + again brings you right back to setting number 1.

The vibrations themselves are located pretty much everywhere in MiMi, and trying to hold onto her for a long time can cause your fingers to go numb from the deep, rumbly vibrations. As far as noise level goes, I do believe my Blackberry vibrates louder. Even on the highest setting she can't be heard under covers or through a closed door. Unless of course you were standing at the door holding her to it. She's also completely waterproof, so feel free to take her along on any of your aqueous adventures!

Care and Maintenance

Caring for MiMi is super easy. Since she's waterproof, you can wash her in the sink with warm soapy water, or you can spray her down with some toy cleaner. Don't boil her or run her through the dishwasher though, her mechanics won't handle it very well. If you want to add lube for some extra glide, stick with water based lube unless you do a patch test with any other lube you want to use. If there's a reaction, don't use it. For storage, you can either keep her in her original box, or in a drawer with other toys.


JeJoue's packaging is just lovely. Inside an outer cardboard box with illustrations of MiMi is a sturdy black box that ties shut. MiMi sits in a removable tray in the top part of the box. Underneath the tray lays the charger and the instruction manual, that tells you how to use MiMi and take care of her. The outer shell can be trashed right away, but the black box that remains is absolutely perfect for give giving. A little bulky for just storage, but it'll keep everything together if you want to do it that way.


I remember when I bought my Yooo, hoping to be able to spoil myself a little bit, then seeing the MiMi and reading all of the reviews and wanting it oh so badly. Then I caved and went and bought myself MiMi and the Nea that I've been eying. MiMi was on backorder (no real surprise), so I got to know and love my Nea in the meantime. Then MiMi finally showed up, and I've been neglecting my poor Nea. Nea is definitely quieter, but MiMi's vibrations just can't be rivaled; at least not by Nea. The only thing I don't like about MiMi is that the buttons are so darn hard to push. And I always have to bring it up from down under to change the settings on it. That part doesn't bother me that much. It's more the having to get a good grip and press with the perfect spot on my finger to get it to change settings that bothers me. Otherwise, I'm loving my MiMi. She's great for the clit, and for little massages here and there too.
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