Not a Scooby Dooby Do Me Kind of Movie

A great attempt at an old classic, this is certainly an entertaining film, but past the first scene it loses a lot of its charisma. The sex scenes are very hit or miss, and some of the characters are annoying but I still think it is worth the money. Who does not love a naughty take on one of their favorite cartoons of all time? And as far as parodies go, this is definitely one of the better ones that I have come across.
Great sets and Costumes
Balance of Vanilla and Kinky Sex
Bad Music
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Content / Genre / Audience

If you like parodies, or even just Scooby Doo, this will probably entertain you. While Scooby himself fails to make an appearance throughout the film (probably for the best), there is still a ton of Mystery Incorporated hijinks! While the group spends the day trying to discover the missing Scooby's whereabouts, they actually solve a crime as well! There is a ton of tiptoeing and running from room to room while being chased by the ghoulish bad guy; there is also a TON of sex.

From the prudish Velma who learns to open herself to the sexual experience, to Daphne who is determined to become pregnant (but cant seem to figure out the logistics), to Shaggy and Fred who are just plain horny, there is no way you could expect to get out of this movie without an orgy occurring. (And you wouldn't be disappointed if you did!) Who knew fighting crime could be so wild and crazy?

What to expect from this movie

Mild Petting
Oral (M)
Oral (F)
Breast Play
Masturbation (Female)
Girl On Girl
Anal fingering
Anal Oral
Anal Penetration
Partner Swapping (4some)
    • Anal sex
    • Threesome scenes


Actresses (in order of appearance):

Lily Labeau (The Blue Fairy): Blonde, 5'9", 120lbs(ish), 34C
Age: 20
Pros: Great chemistry with partner
Cons: None

Bree Olsen: Blonde, 5'3", 105lb(ish), 32 D
Age: 24
Pros: Good chemistry with partner
Cons: Bad Vocals, Genital irritation (possibly and infection of some kind)

Bobbi Star: Brunette, 5'8", 125lbs(ish), 32 C
Age: 27
Pros: Too Cute!
Cons: Bad chemistry with Chad, over exaggerated vocals, WAY too short for the part

Actors (in order of appearance):

Chad Alva: Shaggy brunette, 5'10", Average Build, Cut
Age: 26
Pros: Great in sex scenes, good acting
Cons: None

Michael Vegas: Blonde, 5'10", Average (Muscular), 7 1/2" Cut
Pros: Good acting
Cons: None

Sex Scenes

Lily Labeau & Chad Alva
Pros: Great chemistry
Cons: Lighting

Bree Olsen & Michael Vegas
Pros: Good chemistry
Cons: Terrible lighting (WAY too red, looked almost bloody)

Chad Alva & Bobbi Star
Pros: Funny Premise
Cons: Hard to watch (vocals, lighting, genital irritation)

Bree Olsen & Bobbi Star
Pros: None
Cons: Felt kinda forced

Chad Alva, Bobbie Star, Michael Vegas, Bree Olsen
Pros: Busy
Cons: Seemed less group sexish, and more, couples screwing beside each otherish...
    • Bad presentation
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

The Scooby Doo XXX Parody comes in your average DVD case, with a semi discreet cover design. Aside from the "A XXX Parody" bit, the cover and spine are totally innocent, and the back only has a few small sexual images mixed in with twice as many nonsexual ones. This is a 2 disk set; one disk being the feature film and the other being the special features. The menus are well designed, full motion, and easy to navigate. The feature is in a widescreen format, and the videos have no regional coding.

The special features included with this film include:

Party Version - This is the feature film sans sex scenes. Its running time is about 30 minutes.
Bonus Scene - This scene features Bree Olson and Erik Everhard
Cumshot Recap – Cumshot scenes (about 1 min each)
Behind the Scenes - A look into what goes on behind the scenes of the film
Photo Gallery - Promotional shots for the video
Outtakes - Rehersal clips
Trailers - 17 "A XXX Parody" titles with trailers
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included

Personal comments

Just some points that caught my attention:

1, The lighting throughout most of the sex scenes was not great, in fact in the first scene with Lily and Chad it looked almost like they were screwing on her period because the red was so enhanced.

2, The guys are shaved/trimmed and the girls are not, (with the exception of Lily). I initially thought the bush was to accentuate the retro feel but then realized the guys were trimmed or shaved.

3, If Daphne is trying so hard to get pregnant, and Fred has told her if she wants to get pregnant she needs to swallow every drop so it gets to her tummy where the baby is... why is she spitting?


This is a good parody of an awesome cartoon, unfortunately I found some of the sex scenes REALLY annoying, almost to the point of me having to turn the video off, (but then how could I have reviewed it?). A couple of the actresses were very vocal and not in a good way. Bree Olsen sounded like a whispery 4 year old talking dirty (The last thing I want to hear in a 4 yr olds voice is "oh yeah, you're stretching my ass out SO much right now!"), and Bobbi Star whos moaning was over exaggerated and never ending (more due to scene length than anything else). It was really unfortunate because I think the scenes would have been enjoyable otherwise.

I really enjoyed the attention to detail on the sets, and the attempts at the original montages such as the tiptoeing feet, running from room to room, and hiding in closets with heads poking out. What I found to be really bad was some of the music selections for the sex scenes which were neither good nor, Scooby Doo appropriate. Personally I would have chosen something evocative of the characters and genre, maybe some slow retro funk. After all, the original Scooby Doo (the one that the adults all know and love) was created in 1969.
Follow-up commentary
Though I don't find many of the sex scenes in this to be much of a turn on, I definitely still love this film. The novelty aspect of it alone makes it worth owning and worth watching every once in a while.

In part the sex scenes are just not to my tastes, but other than that, some of the lighting and moaning was a little ... off-putting. Regardless. I still love this film.
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  • Contributor: Illusional
    I looooove Chad Alva. He's a hottie! Great review!
  • Contributor: Waterfall
    Awesome review I have to see this one!
  • Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire)
    Thanks guys! I too think Chad Alva is a total hottie.
  • Contributor: Selective Sensualist
    I agree about the annoying female vocals. I have really come to appreciate Lily Labeau for not being annoying in this respect.
  • Contributor: BusyMe
    totally harsh review.. missing the point of sex... is more like it..I like over excited better.. she was totally asking for it..
  • Contributor: Darling Jen
    I was also totally wondering why she was spitting!!! The logic is lacking, definitely. And I found the child-like whispering to be disturbing at best. *wince* Details can really make or break a pron.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Good review.

    Bree Olsen had an infection. EW! Not what I want to see in my porn.
  • Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire)
    I don't know that she did, it may have been whiteheads, or anything really. The lighting was not great.
  • Contributor: El-Jaro
    Great layout for a porn review!
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    Thanks for the review.
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    Hahaha. Your review is so brutally honest. I loved it
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    nice review
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    Great review I love it!
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    great review
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