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Organic lip balm reviews

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108 reviews

Overall, it's a great product, and for eight dollars, it had better be. It may not be super travel-friendly, but it's worth the mild inconvenience for lips this soft! I would likely buy this product again.

All in all besides the bulkiness of this product I absolutely love it. I have even got a couple of my friends using it and they tell me they would never go back. I would defiantly give this a shot.

In short, I LOVE THIS, but I do not think I will be buying it from the site unless I toss it in an order and use my points. At my local drug store it was less than $4. This is an amazing lip balm! I have nothing bad to say about it other than I would love to see Bubble Gum flavor.

This lip balm is without a doubt, going to be your new best friend. Throw it in your purse, take it everywhere you go. It is yours to enjoy!!! Balm enthusiasts or occasional balm users will both EOS organic lip balm their next favorite thing.

As an organic, environmentally friendly product, Eos lip balm is an amazing choice. It has a powerful, long lasting scent that will leaving you wanting to smear it all over your body. Though the price can be a bit high, the product is definitely worth the expense.

I bought this lip balm because it's organic, has no sunscreen & was on sale. I gambled on the Summer fruit flavor after my first choice sold out. The balm felt light & natural & didn't stray outside my lip line. I review from a chemically sensitive perspective & I happened to have a reaction to an ingredient in this product. Other than that, I would recommend this to anyone looking for an organic option & who enjoys a fruity scent/flavor!

The Summer Fruit lip balm by EOS has a nice, light, feminine scent and taste. It's a good, all-natural balm, though not as long lasting as some, and comes complete with with a unique spherical design. Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat impractical to carry in your pocket, and at the price of $7 a "stick," I definitely wouldn't buy another one of these even if I liked the scent.

The eos lip balms are natural, organic, and packed with moisture for healthy, smooth lips. The Smooth Spheres are currently available in eight flavors, six of which can be found on this site. This review takes a comparative look at all of them.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears: Eos is one of my favorite lip balms because it has a delicious taste and scent, organic ingredients, and moisturizes my lips well. The sphere-shaped container is cute and unique. The course of true love never did run smooth... But at least now my lips will!

I found this to be one of the better lip balms I have encountered in quite some time. I do like that it is organic, but at the time that I purchased it, that wasn't my main priority. I got it because I was looking for a way to keep my lips moisturized, and this has exceeded my expectations.

Would I recommend these balms? Probably not. There are cheaper products that are far better in terms of moisturising power. But if you are a sucker for cute shapes and organic ingredients you might as well get one, just for fun.

Though I believe this to be overpriced the conveince for some to purchase online is understandable. The Strawberry Sorbet flavor comes in a cute and uniquely shaped egg and it tastes and smells so good. The casing does attract a bit of lint so be sure to store in a seperate compartment in your purse away from your hair brush or cigarette pack.

A great natural option for those that are looking for a lip balm but with out all the chemicals in it, only people who need to be careful are vegans and those with allergy concerns. It is light weight and long lasting through out the day.

I wasn't impressed with Evolution of Smooth lip balm at first; I thought, aside from the scent, it wasn't an extraordinary lip balm. However, after a several applications, I noticed how smooth my lips felt — and the smoothness lasted! The heavenly scent is one thing (love the variety!), but the quality is another.

This is my favorite lip balm; they are smooth, moisturizing, smell and taste great, and they look pretty cute. I love that they have little finger indents on the container in order it keep it from slipping from your fingers.

This is by far the best smelling lip gloss that I have found. The aroma is just so fruitful and sweet it will make your mouth water. The design makes it difficult for pocket travel but it is definitely pocket book or make up bag worthy.

EOS lip balm is really a great product, and definitely worth the money spent. I love this lip balm, and someday when I actually run out, I will buy more!

I absolutely love these lip balms by Evolution of Smooth. They keep my lips moisturized and soft, and the unique container is easily found in a pocket or purse.

Looks for luscious lips? Want that smooth feeling all day long? Look no further than EOS lip balm. EOS is known for helping women keep the rest of their bodies smooth so let them help you keep your lips the same way. I am careful with what I put on my mouth, and this certified organic product is a safe bet for me.

As you may know I have a lip balm fetish, always looking for the one that will work the best. I had to snatch up all of the flavors in this line. They are all sweet, they last long and they smell so yummy. The cool thing with this one is anyone can use it there is nothing that screams sex about it.

This will excceed your expectation. Keeps lips moisturized and feeling smooth all day. The sphere is a little odd at first but nothing that can't be over looked. Smells, tastes and feels great.

I ordered this because I needed an effective lip balm for my weather damaged lips. It appealed to me because it looked different than most lip moisturizers. It is a cute and colorful container of smooth, effective wax type product. I will reorder because it is effective and the absolute smoothest lip balm to ever touch my loving lips.

Evolution of Smooth's Organic Summer Fruit Lip Balm is a very good reason for any man to kiss his girl. Along with great tasted, anyone should be satisfied with its soft smooth texture and lack of harmful products. Available for the health conscious organic-seeker or for someone who simply wants soft kissable lips. Along with all the other flavors of EOS lip balm, I'm sure anyone would find the perfect fit.

If you're looking for a safe, silky lip balm that lasts for a long time, look no further! Whether your lips are in need of healing or you are just maintaining your lip health, EOS organic lip balm will surely please!

If you're looking for a dependable lip balm, this is the one for you and your family. I have used it on my one year old who has skin problems and have never had an issue. The price is up there, but the one container lasts a long time. Run to the store and buy it today.

EOS is my favorite lip balm out there! It's 95% organic, 100% natural, infused with shea butter and vitamins, gluten-free, petrolatum and phthalate free, and it's not tested on animals. These are all wonderful qualities in a lip balm. The packaging is obviously adorable, and the shape is very fun and unique.

This item is definitely worth your money because it is long lasting and organic, so it's good for your body and has the best flavor choices around!

The packaging is quite adorable and unique, although impractical, since it's bulky and it gets dirty really easily. The smooth sphere of the lip balm coats my lips perfectly in a single swipe, and it is not waxy but it is not creamy either - let's just say it is a nice mix of the two. I don't feel the need to constantly re-apply this lip balm, and I love how it is 100% natural and free of synthetic crap!

EOS lip balm is amazing! It's 100% natural and 95% organic. It comes in amazing scents and keeps your lips moist and soft. You won't regret buying it!

I recommend this to all my friends and would readily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a long-lasting lip balm that actually moisturizes your lips and heals splits and cracks like no other. It comes in plenty of flavors and some of the flavors have added benefits like SPF 15 and analgesic for soreness. This has been the only balm I've bought for three years now and I would tell anyone with seriously dry and cracked lips to give this a shot.

Finally, a lip balm I can love completely. Where everything I have ever tried has failed, EoS has completely picked up and left me in awe.

This is an excellent quality lip balm and I highly recommend it. Don't purchase it based on the scent or you'll be disappointed, but if you like a balm you don't need to reapply often that leaves your lips feeling smooth and soft, this is it.

This is easy to use, and a great product. I absolutely love it. You can get it in 6 different flavours/scents, and though it's expensive, it's a really nice gift. It's a great body/beauty product, even for people with extremely sensitive skin and lips, like me. I could only use the Chapstick brand before, but now I can be more flexible.

This is a very unique lip balm, and a very tempting buy. Be careful of the flavor you pick, and don't expect this to help horribly chapped lips. The balm just sits on the lips instead of helping.

While this lip balm won't be my go-to choice simply because of the price tag attached to it, it's still a great buy. It's smooth, not sticky, small and comes in cute packaging. All-in-all, a nice, albeit fairly expensive, lip balm.

This is a great lip balm from Evolution of Smooth. The package is innovative and allows you to continue to use until it is totally gone - no wasted product. The flavors are delicious and the balm is moisturizing without it being sticky. Simply the best.

EOS has definitely made a great product with their lip balms. Not only are the flavors very true to themselves, but the product works great, lasts a long time, and makes my lips feel like a million bucks.

Whether you are buying this for yourself or for someone else, you will get hooked. I've used these to the last possible drop and given several away. A no-brainer buy.

I recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it. Aside from the oddly large egg shaped packaging it is a great lip balm!

I highly recommend this to people who are looking for an excellent alternative to regular lip and skin products. Especially people with eczema. I feel your pain.

This is a great lip balm! The only downside is that it's not pocket-friendly. However, there is a tube-form lip balm from EOS, so that may be a better option for lip balm on-the-go.

This is a tasty, natural, smooth and unique lip balm. Give your lips a treat and take care of them! Keep them smooth and shiny, short-term and long-term.

At first I wasn't sure about this lip balm. After using it for over a month though I'm impressed. I love both of the flavors that I've tried. It truly softens my lips and is fun to apply.

This item is definitely worth the $7.99 that you would pay for it. It's compact and has the most moisturizing power that I have ever seen with any lip balm. It lasts a long time, which makes it worth spending $8 on. I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.

This is more for someone trying to get a nice organic balm. The moisturizers aren't there and the flavors are hard to find. If you don't have to have something organic I would keep searching.

Egg-xactly! This is a new kind of chap stick, lip balm, mouth goo, and glossy gunk then you have seen before. It smells great, feels like lip balm should, and does it's job well. The size of the balm does drive me a little crazy for placing in pockets, but this is still a perfectly fine balm!

This lightly scented, organic balm is less likely to irritate your senses or the skin of your lips than a lot of products that include harsh chemicals and parabens. You'll get smoother lips that smell like a burst of fruit as a double deal with this balm and the funky packaging makes it fun to use on a daily basis. With 6 different flavors to choose from, you're bound to find at least one that you absolutely love.

It's a good quality lip balm, but for the price, it isn't remarkably better than other popular products. I enjoy this product, but I'm not honestly likely to rush out and buy another when it's gone.

Great product! I don't have anything bad to say! My husband enjoys kissing my soft Eos covered lips! He can always tell if I've used a different balm because of the "gooeyness" of them!

This balm is a great choice if you're looking for something that has a great scent, flavor, and is long lasting. The cute and discreet design makes it a choice that can be used not only by adults, but by children and teens as well. The awkward shape makes it less travel friendly than a regular Chapstick, but it's easily overlooked by all the other great qualities this balm brings to the table!

I love this stuff. It's easy to apply, the container is well designed, and it tastes good. It gets top marks from me!

I absolutely loved it! I would recommend it to anyone. To me, it beats all other drugstore lip balms and is worth the price. Maybe it's not for you if you like heavier or more oily products.

This item is worth buying because it is an interesting spin on lip balm - the spherical ball is nice for application and the general sweet taste and slightly minty smell is very enticing.

If I'd purchased this at a big box store for less than what half EF is charging for it, I'd feel like it was an interesting experiment. As these prices, however, the failures of this lip balm certainly add up. Some people will love the scent, and this will be enough for them, but I only really liked the shape of the container. This isn't a truly convenient or moisturizing product.

While I was super excited to try this lip balm, I'm sorry to say it was a colossal disappointment. If you're looking for a balm that moisturizes your lips and lasts a decent amount of time, look elsewhere.

I will be getting this in every flavor and putting one at every place I spend time (by the bed, desk at work, desk at home, and handbag). Having many sensitivities to both chemicals and textures, this is hands down THE best lip balm I've ever used. My trick when wearing lip gloss is to apply a layer of this lip balm first and then the gloss wears longer and doesn't dry out my lips.

This is a great lip balm. The lemon taste and scent are pleasing and not cloying at all, the lip balm applies easily and coats the lips well. My wife uses this and applies it several times a day and is impressed with how long it stays on her lips. It is also gluten-free which is a big plus in our house.

This EOS lip balm is a dependable, long-lasting product in a very cute little package. It tastes and smells wonderful and the natural formula leaves your lips smooth and moisturized.

If you have cracking and bleeding lips due to them being so dry, this is def something you will want to look in to. It got rid of my bleeding lips of the Central Pennsylvania winter weather in no time!

If you want to know what your boyfriend will think of your lip balm, this is your review. I rather liked this lip balm. It's not like licking toxic waste, and it seems to really work.

I have had more one night stands with lip balms then I care to remember. They promise the moon and never deliver. This lip balm is the One. It leaves my lips soft and smells yummy, what more could a girl ask for?

I'm obsessed with this at work. I love that I can play with it when I'm bored, and that I can mindlessly rub it on my lips without ending up with too much lip gloss everywhere. It's such a fun shape! However, the lip gloss isn't very high quality, it tastes bland, and it costs so much!

For lip balm it does very well and it does stay on longer then many balms I have tried in the past!

If you love to have that all day soft, moisturizing feeling than you'll love this stuff! I buy it for my kids too, and they really like it. It is silky, smooth, and hydrating without the waxy feeling like other balms have.

The fact that this lip balm is made of completely organic ingredients and is certified is amazing, but the fact that it soothes dry, cracked lips and does it in a stylish little egg makes it a dream come true for me! It's a bit pricey for a balm but it lasts a good long time and works much better than cheaper balms of the same consistency.

All in all, I would recommend this to everyone! A few of my friends have gotten this just based on my recommendation, and they also love it!

The design of the container isn't the most ideal, but this lip balm is just so cute. Not only is it adorable, but it's just such high quality. This is, hands down, my favorite lip balm. It makes my lips feel nice and smooth, rather than waxy and gross like some lip balms do. Try this, you really won't regret it!

I wouldn't buy this chapstick again. It left my lips feeling like I had a residue on top instead of soft and smooth like it said it would. Also for the price I can get a little drugstore kind that does ten times better.

Transform dry, chapped lips into soft, moist lips with a great organic lip balm. All natural ingredients packed with the fresh scent of fruit and mint and a sweet taste sensation. EOS organic lip balm is the best lip balm I have ever used|!

This fabulous lip balm is worth the money. It's organic, smells wonderful, leaves your lips soft and smooth, and tastes good too. If you don't mind the odd shaped container, then everything else about this product is wonderful.

This is one of my favorite lip balms, and I buy nearly everything by EOS for lips. It's easy to put on and a wonderful way to nourish your lips.

EOS organic lip balm is my absolute favorite. I love the way it nourishes my lips, tastes great, and is made with natural ingredients. It doesn't leave a greasy or oily feeling on your lips and stays put for hours. It is definitely worth the price, and the strawberry taste is yummy! This is easy to apply and leaves lips kiss-a-licious and soft.

If you want something that works and looks cute to use, then this is for you, plus it's no bigger than a lighter, (folded in half of course) so there is always room for it.

Due to the unique shape of this item, it can be hard to apply it to just one lip at a time. But, if you pucker up and make a duck face you can easily hit both lips at once; saving you time and simultaneously giving you an excuse to make duck face.

I'm really happy I got this lip balm, even if it is a little hard to fit in my pocket and a little hard to apply. The ingredients make up for any inconvenience, I love the locking container, and I love the delicious flavors and scents this one comes in.

The Organic Lip Balm by EOS was a delightful surprise in a little ball. A great everyday lip balm for anyone to use for some nice and silky lips. I absolutely love the natural way it feels on, and the silky way it leaves the lips. As long as you don't need to put it in your pocket then this is a fantastic little ball of silky lips.

The Eos organic lip balm is a fabulous option for keeping your lips moisturized and feeling great. It's lightweight, tastes good and smells even better! It will last for hours if you don't lick your lips too much but reapplication is a snap with the cute little egg-shaped container that contains the ball of balm. All natural lip balm is definitely worth a try, especially when it's affordable and will last you a good long time.

I really like the flavor of this balm, but I find the shape incredibly awkward to use. I'll probably pick up the tube form of EOS's balm, but every time I used this balm I just wanted to whine about how much I hated the shape.

I just didn't love it. Compared to other EOS products, I was disappointed. It was nice, but it was only mediocre. After three days of use, there were bits of skin that I could peel off with my teeth. My lips weren't cracked or too dry, but they did peel. I was constantly smacking my lips, biting my lips, reapplying... I much prefer my LypSyl (which is cheap) or Smith's Rose Salve (which is multi-purpose and lasts forever). For the high price of $7.99, it definitely wasn't worth it to me.

This lip balm is absolutely perfect. It has a great flavor and scent. The balm feels good on lips - not too greasy and not too hard. It leaves my lips nice and soft. Unfortunately, I can't fit the container in my pocket!

I love this Lip Balm. I have it in multiple flavors and I use it everyday. I only wish the EdenFantasy price was the same as the local drugstore.

Despite being pretty devoted to my Nivea lip balm, I was won over by the cuteness of EOS’s new lip balm; it’s sort of spherical — how fun is that? Fortunately for me, this product has more going for it than mere aesthetics. It rolls on easily, has a pleasantly light taste, lasts a decent amount of time, and doesn’t feel overly sticky or greasy. Plus, it’s organic, so you can feel good about yourself while using it. 5 out of 5 stars!

This lip balm is a fantastic product at a reasonable price. It isn't the cheapest product out there, but it is comfortable and lightweight. It is very moisturizing. This is a great, everyday product.

My husband was pretty proud of himself for finding egg-shaped lip balms for my Easter basket. However, we are both less than happy with the performance. While they do not moisturize my dry, chapped lips, they do have some unexpected perks. They are great excersisers- drop one & see how many calories you use trying to rescue it. Great for juggling (see use 1). AND, it retains its shape when your purse is placed on the floorboard under the heater vent in your truck.

The Evolution Of Smooth organic lip gloss is a great product. I love how it glides on easily, doesn't have a turn-dial base, and tastes really good too. You're going to need two of these at a minimum if you have a significant other, because mine stole my lip balm!

This unique-shaped lip balm is an interesting way to improve your lips by keeping them smooth and silky with this organic product! It comes in an egg-shaped twist-off packaging that is quite different from the same old chapstick-style. The smell of this is absolutely amazing, too. I wish I could do a scratch and sniff review for you.

I use this lip balm all the time but I wouldn't reach for it when my lips are chapped and in need of major moisture. I love that it doesn't leave me constantly licking my lips, drying them out even more. The scent and taste are both very sweet and light, leaving your lips soft and kissable.

This balm is hard like a lipstick and is a lot harder to apply than I imagined. I also don’t like the waxy texture and I think the flavour is bland.

This is a deliciously flavored all natural lip gloss that comes in many different flavors in a clever egg shaped container.

My all time favorite lip balm. Rarely do you see me use anything else. A little pricier than other lip balms, but this is definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for.' Organic, all natural ingredients round out the pros of EOS Organic Lip Balm. A must try!

I'm really happy with EOS. This has been a great balm to own. It's easy to use and find in a purse full of girly stuff! I would recommend this product to anyone looking to lock in moisture in an adorable, fun way.

A light weight, organic lip balm that tastes and smells great. EOS organic lip balm goes on smooth and leaves your lips kissably soft. With all natural ingredients and wide range of flavors, EOS organic lip balm is sure to leave you smiling.

Overall, the EOS balms are a great lip product and I would recommend them to anyone. I have liked all the flavors I've purchased so far aside from the lemon, now I'm adding tangerine to that list. I'm not a fan of the overpowering medicated smell and taste that comes with the tangerine and lingers around. Only buy the tangerine if you are looking for a medicated balm. Buy the other flavors if you are looking for an every day balm that doesn't smell or taste bad.

This is by far the best lip balm I've used in years. I've always been a Burt's Bees kind of gal, but this has converted me to EOS. It smells and tastes delicious, and makes my lips kiss-ably soft. It's organic, gluten-free, and not tested on animals. You can use it and feel good about it as well!

This product was not that exciting at all. It looks cool but just doesn't preform. The idea of all natural ingredients was nice, but the follow through on presentation of the product and functionality just wasn't there.

If you want something cute to stick in your purse and the balm applies alright for you, then I would say go for it. If you're an "on the go" person that likes convenience, this probably isn't the product for you.

Delicious smelling and tasting lip balm in an easy to open container sold on Eden. How could you go wrong there? With 6 great choices and a low cost for the amount you get, your lips are bound to smell great and feel kissably soft!

This isn't your ordinary black and white tube of lib balm. It's a fun, bright colored egg! You will get questions about it, or at the least, curious looks while using it. The spherical shape of the applicator allows you to apply to the upper and lower lip at the same time, therefore saving you time.

The EOS tangerine is an amazing flavored little medicine ball for your lips. It heals chapped lips instantly without a harsh taste or smell. It's an incredibly cute applicator that is totally worth the money.

This is a quality moisturizing lip balm that is thankfully free of chemicals and other additives. It is organic and it tastes great! You won't have to reapply it constantly because it stays on, yet it does so without being waxy or sticky. The container is uniquely egg-shaped and will not easily come undone in your purse. For an instant island vacation, sweep this lip balm over your pout!

These lip balms smell excellent and are very soft and nourishing. The smells are very pleasant and not overpowering - they really smell delicious! They also last a fairly long time. The shape of the container is interesting. Sometimes it's cool, but it is also occasionally a little bulky for lip balm. It's a personal preference. Overall, I definitely recommend trying them!

If you want something that feels great, tastes great, and really helps your lips get this. I highly suggest this because it does all of this and is so high quality. This has the cutest look and works better than any other lip balm I have ever used. I suggest this for anyone and everyone who need help with chapped or dry lips. Get multiple flavors/Smells. Get some for others too. This product will not let you down.

Evolution of smooth's Smooth Sphere Lip Balm has replaced Burt's Bees as my go-to balm! It smells and tastes great, comes in eye-catching, durable packaging unlike any other balm I've seen, and contains mostly natural ingredients! Since buying, I've been recommending this product to everyone I know, with the exception of my vegan pals.

The Lemon Drop smooth sphere from eos is sure to leave your lips feeling lemony fresh! It smells just like lemon cheesecake! Plus, it does not contain any gluten, paraben, petrolatum, OR phtalates! You will love this yummy lemon balm, as long as you are comfortable with the ingredients and not vegan.

Although it's eight bucks for one tube, Eos lip balm is the only balm I'll use. I can't get enough of the tasty lemon flavor and I love the way it makes my lips feel.

Looking for a lip balm free of nasty chemicals, bad taste, or smell? Look no further. EOS has just what you're looking for: an organic balm that really works. And you'll be happy to wear it, too!

I love this balm from eos. Not only does it have an excellent smell and taste, it's also smooth and light. A little goes a long way. A ball of this will last a really long time and do a great amount of repair to damaged lips.

It's for everyone, even those with sensitivities. They don't test it on Fido, and mother nature has a big hand in the ingredients. It's USDA certified organic and gluten free. If I haven't sold you by now, look elsewhere.

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