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You can do better. It's slick and lubricating enough, but it's really rather mediocre. This lube is for emergency use only.
slick lubricating texture, commonly available in drugstores
leaves stains, dries to a strange texture, questionable ingredients
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useful review
If you’re shopping on this site for Astroglide|Astroglide Lubricant by BioFilm, you can do better. It isn’t a bad lube. It’s just that this is the sort of stuff I can only recommend if you need to pick up something from the drug store for use NOW.

I keep Astroglide on hand for emergency use only. I picked a bottle when I needed it NOW and didn’t have time to order better lube or stop by a proper sex toy store. I try to avoid using it as much as possible because I’ve found that it will stain delicate fabrics. Astroglide is thin and tends to drip all over. Maybe I’m just clumsy or overgenerous with the lube, but I find that I leave drip marks and spots when I use it.

The texture is nice and slick, and it does work well as a lube. When it gets dried up it has a weird stringy texture. It doesn’t seem to absorb totally like other lubes do. It’s a water based lube|Water-based lubricants so it can be used for anal sex|Anal Toys and Anal Pleasure, with condoms and toys. It does wash off the body and toys easily. It will wash out of fabrics, but I have had to take some of my fine lingerie to the cleaners.

The ingredients are a bit of a concern to me. Glycerin can cause irritation for a lot of people. I usually have a burning sensation when using glycerin lubes|Personal lubricants and lubrication, but it wasn’t very noticeable with Astroglide. This is not the healthiest and most natural lube out there. There is some concern about methylparaben and sodium benzoate possibly being carcinogens. It has been suggested that they might play a role in the development cancer. Both these chemicals are still being used in all sorts of cosmetics, foods and drinks, so no need to freak out quite yet. Astroglide also has aspartame, which is a controversial chemical also suggested to be a carcinogen, but it’s still in your diet coke.
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  • Contributor: Saurou
    It's not just you--our astroglide goes everywhere when i pour it out.  barely ever makes it from my hand to its target without dripping down my wrist onto the sheets. 
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    i agree, this lube is just so messy and so not worth the hype that it has gained over time. it's better than KY, but it sucks for anal sex lubrication and does have that icky stringy texture when it dries up.
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Great and extremely informed review!  Thank you for the health information!
  • Contributor: Miss Jane
    It goes everywhere for me, too. Even if you just pour out a little drop, it still runs like crazy.
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Thanks for going the extra mile and including the bit about carcinogens.
  • Contributor: titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: pogoyoubounce
    I'm not a fan either.
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thx for the review!
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