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I'm going to say I like this lube. I'm not in love with it. It's basic and versatile, but isn't perfect or the best in its category of lubricants. I really like how it feels while it performs well, but the cleanup is difficult for water-based and it does dry out. Just remember that cheaper lubes are not going to be anything special and you do get what you pay for. This isn't a favorite, but it's decent for what you pay.
Texture and thickness is nice, basic and good for many uses.
Dries out fairly quickly, bottle isn't easy to hang onto,
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This is a basic water-based lube that is essentially suitable for any use. It isn't thick like a jelly, but definitely not watery, so it's ideal for almost any use you may have. This brand has other products which are safer, but this is the bare-bones lubricant that Astroglide produces. Since it isn't one of the extremely safe lubricants (they have a glycerin and paraben-free version), use with caution, especially if you are having reactions to lubes with similar ingredients.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

What I liked about this lubricant was the texture and thickness. The slip was decent, but not thin. It didn't feel natural, but that was okay. I basically used this lubricant for handjobs and it served the purpose just fine. The lubricant felt like it was right in between a thin or light lubricant and a jelly. It was easy to spread, had slip that was comparable to Wet Original and didn't get as gummy in the container. It does dry out a bit and get sticky, but adding more lubricant didn't seem to make the stickiness worse, like some lubes tend to do. I was able to use gobs without it getting out of hand. It wasn't greasy whatsoever. It did need some cleaning to wipe off completely (wipes help with this), but I liked it as far as the texture goes.

Taste / Aroma

I didn't smell much in this product. I guess the scent is slightly plastic. You have to stick your nose right in it to smell it. Using it during handjobs is fine, but if you do get it in your mouth, it tastes pretty gross. Again, plastic seems to be the best description I can give. This seems to be the case with most basic water-based lubes, though. This one wasn't particularly worse than any other.


This lasted longer than most drugstore lubes, but it does dry out and get a bit sticky. Usually when I feel lube getting sticky, I have to add a bit of water to revive it before applying more of the product. This usually keeps it from getting globby during use. I was able to just add more lube with this. I considered this a good thing. It does seem to get thicker over time and requires some water to clean it off. Sometimes wipes did the trick. It was just hard to simply wipe clean with a dry towel of sorts.

I basically liked this for handjobs, as it wasn't watery, but it wasn't thick. It was just right with consistency and it wasn't as globby as other lubes. Apart from that, it's very similar to other basic lubes. There isn't anything fancy about it.


This product comes in a wavy bottle, which I suppose is supposed to be ergonomic. It is simple smooth plastic with no texture or grips. The lid is a flip-top, which thankfully hasn't ever clogged up on me. It dispenses conveniently, but not as convenient as a pump-style lid. It isn't in any kind of a box or anything, so what you see in the photo is exactly what you get.

Personal comments

I don't love this lube. I do like it. The reason I like it, is the texture and thickness. I wouldn't really want to use this lube for anything else besides a handjob, but it is versatile enough to be used for nearly anything. It is a bit thicker than other lubes in its price-range, so it could be suitable for anal. It's water-based so it won't react with toys or condoms, so I am sure it will work for those purposes without any trouble.

There is room for improvement. I don't care for the cleanup, most of all. Since this lube dries out like most cheap lubes do, you have to use more, resulting in more to clean up. It seems like it takes water AND soap to get completely clean. I guess you can't have it all in a lube that's in this price-range.


Here's a funny story that addresses why I am not a fan of the packaging.

I was using this lubricant on someone and decided it was time for another application. Being the nice guy he was, he reached over so I wouldn't have to, taking the bottle (which was slippery) into his hand. As his arm moved toward me, the bottle slipped out of his grip like a bar of wet soap, shooting downward. I managed to ace some cat-like reflexes, catching the bottle with a grip that was apparently strong enough to rocket the lubricant out of the bottle and up into the air, sending a fountain of slippery goop to clean up. Yes, the bottle could use some work.
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