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Astroglide reviews

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141 reviews

All in all, Astroglide is a goto classic for lubes. If you aren't worried about the Parabens and other chemicals that make up this lube, it works really well for a water based lube; however, it being a liquid makes it hard for me to want to use in most cases.

Astroglide is a huge disappointment. Although it's inexpensive and easy to find, not everyone will enjoy being so sticky in their orifice - especially during SEX!

I would prefer not to use this product vaginally due to the slight irritation I experience from it. It also gets sticky during and after use. I prefer it's use only for anal.

Yeah this lube is easy to find at Food Lion or Wal-Mart, you can get it cheap and the bottle is recyclable and attractive. But this is NOT the best lube out there. I'd much rather order more bottles of J.O. and Sliquid than this. This is cheap, too easy to find, and just a 3 star product. Could be better.

Overall, I would buy Astroglide as a cheap alternative if I ran out of my favorite lubricant. Other than that, I would save my money and buy a high-quality lube instead.

Overall, Astroglide is an extremely unimpressive lube. It has a few less-than-great ingredients, it smells like chemicals, and it doesn't perform well. I would skip Astroglide and purchase something of better quality. Just because a lube is a well known name, does not mean that it lives up to all the hype.

I am totally satisfied with the results i get from Astroglide and how inexpensive it is.Astroglide would be good if they could add a little flavor or aroma.

This is one of the worst lubricants I've ever used. It does the job, but it doesn't last, has a distinct smell, and leaks all over the place. Although it's affordable, I would recommend doing yourself a favor and paying for something better.

I will not be buying this again and what remains in the container will be hitting the trash! It was too sticky to be used for the purpose it was intended. Skip this and try something else.

Overall, this is a good product. It isn't as good as others but it still gets the job done. My wife and I have used this lube for years. I just wish it had a better flavor than it does.

It is a long lasting lubricant, that will add extra excitement to the bedroom, for those solo encounters or during lovemaking.

This lubricant is long lasting and safe to use with condoms, however it may not be safe for sensitive skin. This lubricant left me with painful burning sensations, infections and when it dries it becomes cakey. I think if you want a high-quality lubricant, you should look elsewhere. This lubricant may work for you, if you want something easily accessible and relatively inexpensive. I, personally, find the texture, consistency, and ingredients unappealing, but it does have its perks.

I'm going to say I like this lube. I'm not in love with it. It's basic and versatile, but isn't perfect or the best in its category of lubricants. I really like how it feels while it performs well, but the cleanup is difficult for water-based and it does dry out. Just remember that cheaper lubes are not going to be anything special and you do get what you pay for. This isn't a favorite, but it's decent for what you pay.

Astroglide is a cheap lubricant, and you get what you pay for. It doesn't really work that well, tastes terrible, and gets everything sticky.

I have been a loyal user of Astroglide since 1991. I love it and I recommend it to anyone that needs a product like this.

Save your money. Spit is cheaper and works better. Astroglide turns into Astro-glue after just a couple minutes. It is fast to remove being water based and the most fun you will have with this product is whatever fun happens in the shower removing it.

This product is quite simply AMAZING. I love the slipperiness and wetness of the product, which lasts for a long time, and can be cleaned up with little or no hassle. It feels great on condoms, great for my sex toys, and even great for knocking out a quick finger fuck for your girl to get her warmed up. Highly recommended.

I personally wouldn't buy Astroglide if other options are available. I prefer silicone lubes for sex, but I'd rather go with a glycerine and paraben-free water-based lube for use with silicone toys. It just dries out too quickly to be my go-to water-based lube.

The astroglide lube is worth buying because it's a great lubricant for both anal and vaginal penetration, it's very easy to clean off and is not sticky or oily.

It works great, and I highly recommend you give it a try if you're shopping around. It lasts fairly long and doesn't seem runny or sticky while using it.

This product really isn't worth using, It definitely isn't worth $9.99 for 2.5 ounces! Don't waste your money you can do much better for the same price.

This product is great. Like I said, it's a great value and good for beginners. Whether you are using it for your own pleasure or for the pleasure of someone else, this is something that I would highly recommend. It lasts a long time and is great as a gift. Christmas is coming up, so treat yourself!

The best lubricant I have tried so far. It makes the love-making a lot more pleasurable. It enhances the experience! You can feel everything! I love the fact that is water-based and pH balanced! Another very nice thing about this lubricant is that it doesn't stain your sheets!

Astroglide is a great lube for anywhere and everywhere you need it. Water-based, as well as silicon-based versions offer a little something for everyone.

This product is worth every penny! Getting dry during sex is painful, and this product has helped enormously with dryness, and helps prevent it in the future!

I thought this was going to be a great lube being Astroglide, but to my disappointment it wasn't worth it at all. I have used other Astroglide lubes that are better than this one. I thought with this being water based that it would last a lot longer than it does and that I wouldn't have to keep reapplying it, but it was a total disappointment. I have also found that if you get this on a dark sheet it will leave a spot that looks like oil, but it usually comes out once it's washed.

Try this product. It's not very expensive so even if it doesn't end up working well (which it almost certainly will!) you aren't out much. There's only one downside and it's due to personal preference. Astroglide is simple, effective, and easy on the wallet so go try it!

Astroglide is a classic. It is a very well rounded, water based lube that has never done me wrong. It cleans up very easily and lasts long enough for the average sex session without needing any reapplication. It is also safe with any toys you may want to use it with.

Steer clear of this if you are looking for a quality lube. This is not the lube you are looking for. Yes this is a special formula... for those with a kink for using their genitals as flint and steel to start a fire.

Overall, this product does what it is supposed to do. It is widely available wherever adult lubricants are sold, as well. If you are looking for a water-based lube in a pinch, swing by the nearest grocery store or drug store and pick some up!

I will not be repurchasing this lube again. It might work for some people, but with the long sessions my S/O and I have, it just does not hold up to our standards. Also, this ten dollar bottle of lube cost me a forty dollar set of bed sheets by staining them!

AstroGlide is an affordable water-based lubricant that is easy to use and apply. It is very simple to clean up as well, and it is great for most sexual situations. Beware of the taste and the fact that you will need to reapply during play more than likely. But overall, this is a great affordable option when it comes to lubricant.

This product was extremely disappointing. Sticky, messy and painful. I highly recommend that you invest your money in another product.

Don't waste your money, Buy a premium lube. I actually purchased this when I was uneducated and didn't know about the wonderful choices in lube. This is crap;it is icky, sticky, gummy, tacky and leaves a "film". It was produced from scientists working on shuttle. At least one thing is cool about it.

This is a very wonderful product. It is compatible with all toy materials and condoms, is wonderfully slick, and definitely enhances sexual experiences. The only main disadvantage is the taste.

To be honest, I don't really have the money to afford expensive sex play items. There are even some times where I cannot afford Astroglide. ( Woe is me) And throughout my sexual experience, Astroglide has proven to be there when I need it and do what it it supposed to do. It won't break your bank, but it might break your hip if you slip and fall in it.

All in all, Astroglide is worth the money. Cheap, easy to clean, and for a water based lube it lasts pretty long. I've seen people complain about the flavor of Astroglide. I don't have a problem, but if you do they also have a strawberry one, which is really good.

This is by far my favorite lube. It lasts, smells great and works all night long! This is the best.

Too runny at first and too tacky at the end, plus use just leads to a huge mess. Easy cleanup is its saving grace, but this lube just doesn't do what I need it to do. Not worth the buy.

I love this item. This is the only lubricant I have used in the past few years, and I will continue to use this product in my sex life.

Overall I like this product. For those of you who are looking for a simple lube for your adventures, this would be the one to look into. It isn't overly expensive and it really is a great product.

For the moment, this is our normal go-to lube. I really like the Wet Synergy. For some reason we use this one more; maybe it’s because my husband grabs the lube 99.9% of the time. It's cheap and adds that extra slippery-ness that you look for in a lube without the leftover yuckiness on your genitals. Unfortunately, the lid and ingredients make it a three star lube.

This item is a bad product to buy just because it dries up so quickly and is very sticky. It wouldn't be a bad product if you didn't have to continually reapply.

I would not recommend buying this product because even though it does work you have to keep reapplying it and it leaves a sticky gross residue all over your hands and body.

This is everyone's first lube. But is it worth keeping around with so many better and more luxurious options in this day and age? At least you don't have to buy lube at the drugstore any longer.

It is worth it because it feels natural and works well with your body's natural lubrication. It's good for foreplay, masturbation, sex and anal.

Here is a lube that provides an experience that is as close to feeling like the natural lubricant as possible.

Astroglide - the baseline for what a lube needs to be. Disappointed in the lubes you've tried? Not sure what the big deal about lube is? This is the place to start.

A silky, oily, and never tacky basic lube that's great for any time you need a little slickness! And as an added bonus, it comes from a very ethical company.

Astrolube is your basic lube. It's not fancy, it won't make you tingle or give you any extra feelings if you blow on it. But it does its job and it does it well. If you are looking for a basic lube to keep you wet, this is the one for you.

This is a decent beginners lube, I suppose. It is definitely best to use with toys rather than for anal, which is what I bought it for. I figured since it was so popular, that it would be great. I have never been so wrong. I suggest you read the reviews before buying any lube!

I am a very dissatisfied customer. Try as I did, I did not find it helpful at all. It only worked for a few minutes before getting that thick and sticky feeling. The constant reapplication will hinder anyone's orgasm. Your hubby's because he is constantly reapplying. Your's because you stop getting thrusts while he is making more lube happen. It sucked.

Bottom line- its worth it if you don't use too much and you shower after! I recommend using it all the time!

This is a great water-based lube for combat vaginal dryness. Its pH balanced as to promote natural vaginal lubrication, and is unlikely to cause issues with yeast infection prone women. It is very slick, and lasts for a long time. Great for anal, or really large toys. While it is kind of runny, its also part of its charm. Tasteless and odorless, this is a simple lube that gets the job done!

Astroglide is just an okay product. It's one of those things to keep on hand "just in case", but its not earth shattering in any way. Prepare to keep applying and all should be ok.

For me, Astroglide is one of those easy to access lubes, but I also like the quality of the lube. It's not too thick and it doesn't need frequent application. It suits my lifestyle and works for most of my everyday lubrication needs.

All in all I love this product. I would use it again and again. It's easy to use, store and travel with. It doesn't leak. Needs to be washed off but so does everything you play with. It's Just a wonderful item to buy. Even as a gift.

Astroglide is completely and utterly disappointing. It does the opposite of what it is supposed to do and is a total waste of money. There are higher quality, healthier products out there that are much more user-friendly than this. It seems that the name alone is the only thing SLICK about Astroglide.

It feels real. Great for both the front and back pleasure. Has a good consistency to it. No too runny and not too thick. It was a great product and I am glad I got the chance to use it.

This item is priced so amazingly for such a superior product. This is the most versatile lubricant I have yet to find. Every person should try it and they will be hooked!!

Strip down and squeeze a good amount of Astroglide out of the bottle, because soon your hand will be too slippery to hold anything! As long as you don't get this fabulously slick lube near your mouth (due to its waxiness on lips and unpleasant taste), you're in for a treat. Whether it be a rough, messy tit-job, or simply easing your partner into anal sex for the first time, Astroglide does not fail to please.

Astroglide was created by a happy accident, and it's a pretty remarkable find. This lube has a very smooth feel and I love that it also moisturizes my vagina. Not great for extended use, since it has a tendency to get tacky.

I'm somewhat neutral here. It's a lube, but nothing special, nothing to make me say "This was amazing!" or "That was so terrible, I'm gonna kill myself now." It will get you started but you're better off looking elsewhere.

I would buy this again. I wouldn't use it for a special occasion, but it's fine for everyday fun, either solo or with others.

Yes, everyone by the time they get to Eden knows the name Astroglide from something, but just because we all know it doesn't mean that we all should be using it. Most of us have out grown what Astroglide is by the time we get here.

In comparison to other products we have used, this is the best yet. I'm sure if we continue to look we will find others we like as well. But this product made anal play, progressively larger insertions, and hand jobs an even more enjoyable experience so we're happy for now.

In most cases, Astroglide serves its purpose. Other times I would go for a lighter, less runny lube. However, if you are looking for a basic and fairly priced lube, this should do fine.

Do yourself a favor and pass on this classic lubricant - there are much better options out there even in the same price range.

Astroglide seems like a wonderful purchase on the surface, but for me, it was a disappointment in a pretty waved bottle. The near-universal love for this lubricant and how easy it is to obtain make it seem like an attractive purchase, but your money might be best spent elsewhere.

If you want a basic, all around good lube for vaginal and occasional anal sex, Astroglide is the way to go. If you're into larger insertion or long sessions - pick a more long lasting lube.

A great personal lubricant for many uses. Safe for all toys and all women, good for the price, and good for the body. You can't go wrong with this product, and it's worth a try for anyone on any budget!

Astroglide is definitely worth buying! It's compact and works wonders! There is no one particular use for it! Watch out about how much you use because you don't want to make things messy!

Astroglide is not a terrible lubricant, but it's not the best. There are other lubes that have multiple features that make them so much more fun and enjoyable. Astroglide is best at just getting the job done. Depending on who you are, that may be a good or a bad thing.

Astroglide is a water-based lubricant made to last long and provide a wonderful wetness for all your play times. It's ph formula makes it gentle and easy to use on all your sensitive parts.

Astroglide is great in my opinion. I keep one at my house and one at my bf's house and one in my travel bag if I going on a romantic trip or are taking my toys with me. It might be a little pricey for some but it is worth the money. The bottle is pretty too.

Are you a woman? Or a man who has sex with a woman? If you are, then Astroglide Lubricant is for you. The slickness it provides for entry is top notch, and its smooth feeling as you apply it is an amazing feeling. I highly recommend it to any lesbian or straight couple or woman out there.

This is still a great product and a good budget buy. It does help lubricate, but I prefer other lubes for anal sex. It does get tacky and needs to reapplied to areas.

Astroglide is an excellent universal lube that can open doors (both front and back!) for those who struggle with pain during intercourse.

This is a great quality product that does exactly what it's supposed to. I've used it plenty of times and love it. It is definitely one of the better lubricants that I've used.

Astroglide Liquid provides excellent slippage for those moving parts, stays slick longer than other water-based brands, is one of the least expensive brands on the market, and ensures that vaginal dryness will not stand in the way of a great, hard-pounding time!

This lubricant is a low-cost option for people on a budget. If you are looking for something that works well for the price, then Astroglide is for you. This lubricant goes on smooth with little to no re-application required during use.

Astroglide isn't terrible, however, it's not all that great either. If you need lube fast and you don't really care about mess or needing to reapply, this will get the job done. As for everyone else, there are better lubes out there for the same price, so why settle for mediocre?

The bottle is a flawed design and tend to leak, so beware where you store it. Regardless, it gets the job done and is less prone to yeast infections than an oil based lube.

Astroglide is the only product I use when it comes to a lube for anal. Astroglide made the experience worth it.

As long as one doesn't get too carried away with the amount that they use, there is little to complain about this product. It's one of my absolute must haves post-baby. When used in the proper amounts it takes an awkward encounter to the level of excitement and satisfaction. Use too much? Be prepared to be in it for the long haul!

when my husband tries to do anal . then we use it and it don't case any pain to have him enter. This helps him have the right amount of lube to enter with out pain or any trouble

This is my go to lube when we run out and need lube today. Astroglide was the first lube I tried and I always come back to it when in a pinch.

I love this lubricant. Don't worry about the cons too much. I think us reviewers get a bit anal sometimes, and we look more at the cons than the pros! This lubricant absolutely rocks, and it is by far my favorite tried and true and trusted lubricant companion. It's wet, water based, easy to spread and dispense, and it has no smell or taste. It's the best.

Buy it! You can't go wrong for this price. My second favorite lube is KY cost $20 last I checked!

Astroglide is a popular lube that everyone seems to love, but not this chick! It's just too runny and watery for my tastes.

Astroglide is the go-to lube for those late-night runs to the drugstore to grab a pack of condoms and lube for a fun night. But if you can help it, pick another lube, because Astroglide just isn't worth it.

Astroglide is frustration in a bottle: it tastes horribly, doesn't last long, starts out velvety but soon turns tacky, and then leaves you feeling so coated with goop that you can't feel anything at all! For anal, its waxy feel can be pleasurable for those who don't mind frequent reapplications. But overall, this lube definitely is NOT worth it. If you're looking for pleasure, look elsewhere. As far as lubes go, this truly is one astronomic failure.

A great product overall. This product has never let us down. It makes love making better as it keeps us both so slippery. It makes our parts slide in and out with such ease it feels so good and I have found I last when using lubricant. The only con would be having to reapply every once in a while but come on it is well worth it. Very affordable price and able to acquire at any grocery store or drug store.

I love Astroglide. It is a fantastic lube; although the taste leaves much to be desired. Feels natural and a small bottle will last a long time!

I found that Astroglide is a wonderful lube and can used in all kinds of play. It does not have a bad taste, but the taste does leave much to be desired. Astroglide is a great plain lube.

Ever have a fantasy of being a slip n slide? Well, Astroglide sure can help you achieve that fantasy. The thick and slick texture of this lubricant will keep you wet for rather long periods of time and make it easier for your partner, or your toys, to slip and slide in and out of your pussy or anus with ease.

This product was an overall disappointment. Not the worst lubricant out there, but not something I would purchase again. It is condom-safe, and good for short-term use, but not recommended for the longer sessions.

Astroglide is a good general purpose lube for when you need to get it done. It's not the best out there but it's by far one of the most dependable.

Overall, I'm not impressed with Astroglide. It receives a lot of hype, and I didn't find it to be anything special. It works, don't get me wrong, it still works as a decent lube, but it has few redeeming qualities besides the smooth texture.

I definitely recommend this product because it does a perfect job of simulating natural lubrication. It's inexpensive and while it doesn't seem like a big bottle, it will last a long time.

Your run of the mill mass marketed lube. Works well for vaginal use or during intercourse, but that's really about it. It is fairly runny and doesn't work well in the shower. It is water based, so it is compatible for most toys, but I think there are better lubes out there.

For a everyday lube for toys and such I think this lube is fairly good. If, however, you are looking for something that an be used for anything oral then steer well clear of Astroglide.

Astroglide is a good lube. It gets the job done and is better than KY, but other lubes work much better. The cost and availability make it a 3 star product.

Clean, non-sticky, simple lube. Perfect for any occasion. Heard it could cause yeast infections but have had no problems in years. Our lube of choice.

Astroglide is the lube of lubes. It is universal water based lubes that is perfect for sex, masturbation, moisture, anal sex, and oral sex. Astroglide is simple and mimics body fluids. It is perfect for those who seek a simple, universal lube.

This lubricant is not anything special. It causes more problems than it does help. It isn't the worst, but I would never buy this if something else was available even if I had never tried the other choices. With that said...unless you want a slip and slide desensitized vagina...skip on this one!

Overall it is a good first lube, it has a good price and it does work. While I wouldn't buy it again, it is a good product for people who don't use lubricant often or want to try it with something less expensive.

This product gives you a lot of "bang" for your buck. We have found that it runs like water so just becareful until you get use to the consistency. Overall we would both highly recommend Astroglide.

You know how in shitty mainstream porn, right before insertion, the stud'll hawk a loogie straight onto the starlet's pussy to grease 'er up? That's what Astroglide feels like. It is spit-thin, runny, sticky, and cheap. It bears little to no resemblance to natural fluids, and totally ruins the moment. Astroglide inspires a very visceral grossed-out reaction, and I've heard it compared to snot, slug slime, but most often to spit. I thoroughly detest this product.

This will work in a pinch, but I really wouldn't recommend buying it in the first place. All around, it's only okay.

Astroglide works well for anal play, is safe to use with condoms, and silicone toys since it is a water based lube. If you are prone to chemical hypersensitivity, or yeast infections, try the glycerin and paraben-free style instead.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this product. I was trying something brand-new and, while I probably should have done my research rather than gamble and possibly be put in pain, I did take the risk and it was well worth it.

This is the best lube I have experienced simply because it feels like it's part of my natural lubrication; not like I'm slicking myself up with maple syrup. (That's a whole 'nother review.)

Not the best lubricant I have ever used, but it is worth keeping around in case of an emergency. It performs well, but does not last as long as is sometimes necessary.

Astroglide is a great product for anal sex. While I have no experience with it vaginally, I am pretty sure the same can be said. It's affordable, has a great stamina and slick, and can really make the anus warm-up session a breeze.

Dabbling in different lubes, I found Astroglide to be readily available, long lasting, and overall dependable for a lube. Overall, just great!

Astroglide is a thin, slippery lubricant that's affordable and easy to find. It dries quickly, leaves a residue and contains ingredients most find less than desirable. Invest in a premium lube if you want premium quality. With Astroglide you get what you pay for.

If you are stepping out there and looking for your first lubricant, this is the one to go with. You don't need much, and one bottle will last you for quite a while.

I would recommend Astroglide if it is all you can get or if you are unsure about repeated need for a personal lubricant. It is a good starting point and better than not using lube at all!

For the price you pay for this item, you could buy something that is much better -- something that tastes good and stays slippery!

If you're thinking of buying Astroglide, try Maximus or JO H20 instead. Astroglide gets so sticky, in just minutes. It's also overpriced.

Just don't waste your time or money--invest in a better product; the price IS worth it. Price truly is an indicator of the quality of a product when it comes to sex-toys and sex-related items.

Love it, Love it! Inexpensive, soft, silky, water based fun! What more can one ask for! I don't do sex without it!

Astroglide is a great lubricant for both beginners and experienced. I have found it to work well. Only complaint is the feeling after it has dried.

Astroglide fails to live up to the astronomical hype. Despite its popularity, it failed to provide us with anything more than a less than average experience.

The all around best lube for just about everything. But watch out, it can leak a little and you may need a few applications during sex.

A good, solid product that works well even if you use it in a variety of ways. It's affordable, easy to use and deliciously slick without being greasy.

Astroglide is a great lube at a great price, that will leave most people happy. there are better choices on the market but with its ease of availability it can not be beat.

It is EXCELLENT stuff I loved it, no we loved it!!! So if you want something that is water based and not so messy, try Astroglide... Its Absolutely AstrOnomicale!!!

In all I gave Astroglide 3 stars because I understand that this product can quite possibly work wonders on someone else but it just didn't for me. However this product may work more adequately for a man than a woman.

This product is an essential in my toy box. It does the job and it does it well and it's not expensive. Much much better than KY!! It does not have a great flavor, however, but for basic lubrication, it's wonderful.

A wonderful all around lubricant that can be used in all forms of sex play. Does not leave any residue or dry up and requires very little (if any) reapplication. For any person wanting to keep things sliding smoothly, get Astroglide.

Astroglide is a wonderful, thick, lube which heightens my arousal level on contact. It's wonderful for clit and vaginal play. All around, it's a must for anyone who loves things slippery like me.

Astroglide's a step up from KY, but not by much. It's good for hand-jobs and quick intercourse, but I wouldn't recommend it for longer sessions, anal sex, or people who react to glycerin.

Astroglide is fine. It works. It performs a very specific function in the bedroom and it does that reasonably well.

Astroglide is a mediocre lube that will do in a pinch, but there are much more effective and pleasant water-based lubes out there.

Astroglide is better than k-y any day but there are better lubes out there. I keep some here for when I have no other lube available. For the price Astroglide is a good choice for some.

Astroglide is adequate when there's nothing else to use or when you're still too fresh faced to be spoiled by more expensive or sophisticated lubricants.

It is easy to use and feels like real bodily fluids that come naturally out of you. It is a pleasurable experience, and will highlight any night of intercourse, or self-pleasure time.

You can do better. It's slick and lubricating enough, but it's really rather mediocre. This lube is for emergency use only.

Astroglide is a decent water-based lube. Not the best and not the worst. Better than most of the KY products, but it does tend to get sticky and has unfavorable ingredients.

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