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In all I gave Astroglide 3 stars because I understand that this product can quite possibly work wonders on someone else but it just didn't for me. However this product may work more adequately for a man than a woman.
May be better suited to slow solo play.
Must reapply often. Becomes sticky after prolonged use. Messy cleanup.
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My Experience - Well what more can you say about Astroglide|Sex lubricants: Astroglide? I myself really don't like it. I purchased my first bottle about three or four years ago and probably still have it here somewhere hidden away. I consider it "Spit in a bottle." and I have noticed that spit has a better consistency then Astroglide does as well. I myself wouldn't suggest this to any of my friends, but then again I know that everyones body is different and everyone enjoys things that others will not. With this being said Astroglide just wasn't for me but it might be a god send for someone else.

It just never felt right on my body or vaginal area. After about 15-20 minutes of intercourse it starts to become sticky and the more you apply the sticker it seems to get. When I have used this with vibrators, anal plugs or anal beads it still just didn't seem to do the job. I would consistently catch myself self lubricating with my own saliva, which in all worked better.

My Partners Experience - I have used this for my solo anal play and have found it to perform adequately for my needs. I personally feel that it could be just a bit better in the "making things slick" department, as you have to reapply often to continue achieving the same results. All in all it works, but I feel that there is better out there and if you have the choice you might want to shop around a bit.

Cleanup - Cleanup can be a hassle because it just wants to stick to you. And for a water based lubricant I don't believe it should be that hard to remove it. It also irritated my vaginal area but I now understand that there is a new Astroglide|Reviews: Astroglide review product that prohibits yeast infections and other irritations. This might just be the Astroglide|Reviews: Astroglide review product for me.

In all I gave Astroglide|Reviews: Astroglide review 3 stars because I understand that this product can quite possibly work wonders on someone else but it just didn't for me. However this product may work more adequately for a man than a woman.
Follow-up commentary
My experiences with Astroglide has still been the same over the years. I just don't really like it. Its nothing personal, its just not meant for me. After purchasing a silicone based lube however I was hooked. I do still have other water based lubricants for my silicone toys but they as well just don't phase me. Astroglide always seemed too get sticky before it got slick. And having to constantly apply water to it during intercourse is less than arousing. My male partner does however love Astroglide for masturbation usage. I myself would rather just use my own saliva if I must. But I cant be too harsh on Astroglide because for some it can work wonders and I have to remember that each and everyone is different, liking different things.
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  • Contributor: Essin' Em
    Instead of applying more, add water to reactivate it. I kid you not. In college, I used to keep a water gun by my bed for this very purpose (I'm odd, I know).  Adding more will just make it stickier
  • Contributor: CookieMonster
    LOL thats a great idea! :)
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    *somehow, through fits of laughter at Essin' Em's water-gun story, manages to type out "good review!"*
  • Contributor: CookieMonster
    I might just run to the dollar store and pick up some water guns now to add to my toy collection. They should make for a good conversation piece when the hubby comes home. :p
  • Contributor: Xavier7
    Great review. I agree with you on a lot of things here.
  • Contributor: butterflygirlxo
    good review
  • Contributor: Howley
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Great review! Thx!
  • Contributor: MK434
    Thanks for the review!
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