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Astroglide review

Astroglide's a step up from KY, but not by much. It's good for hand-jobs and quick intercourse, but I wouldn't recommend it for longer sessions, anal sex, or people who react to glycerin.
Slick, works well for handjobs
Messy, leaves a sticky residue, dries out quickly, causes burning/irritation for some people
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So many people have heard of Astroglide|Astroglide that it's almost intimidating to write a review of it. It's one of the few lubes you can get at just about any drug or retail store, and is fairly cheap in most places.

Astroglide is water-based, which means it won't break down your silicone toys|Vibrator materials or interact with condoms. It's easy to wash off with just soap and water or toy cleaner|Brand spankin' toy cleaner - Sex Toy Cleaners, and not difficult to clean up if there's a spill. It's also easy to get off of yourself, and can be used for play with toys and both vaginal and anal intercourse. Since it's water-based, you can use as much as you want or need and put it wherever you'd like it.

Unfortunately, there's a downside to this famous lube. However easily available Astroglide may be, it's definitely not for everyone. It contains glycerin and parabens, which can cause burning, irritation, and yeast infections in women.

Astroglide also has other bad qualities. It's extremely messy, especially when you're in some odd position trying to re-apply it - and you definitely will, since it absorbs so quickly. The thin runny texture that makes it feel somewhat natural also causes it to run all over the place, so you'll probably end up with the stuff all over you by the time the sex is over. Use enough, and it will turn sticky and gummy. At least it gives you the excuse to take a mutual shower!

For intercourse, I didn't like Astroglide. I usually don't have to resort to lubes for sex, but using this was worse than not using anything at all. It absorbed too fast, burned a little, and needed to re-applied far too often. Naturally, one assumes that if there is discomfort you're not using enough - but when we added more, it only got worse. After a certain point the lube begins to gum up and get sticky on you, and creates the wrong kind of friction. If you only needed a dab, it would be passable - as long as you didn't add too much.

Astroglide also failed for anal with my boyfriend and I. He couldn't get it in fully before the lube began to run downward. Then, after applying more lube, the entire area was too slick and everything just kept slipping around. Once he got it partially in, it wasn't quite thick or slick enough to continue with anal sex, and combined with the fact that it also burned a little, we decided to just forgo the anal sex that day. It didn't work too well with my toys, either; I had to keep re-applying and after a few strokes it was already too absorbed again to do any good. I think this product would be good for something that doesn't involve a lot of friction, like a buttplug|Butt Plugs: Tristan, but I can't recommend it for anal sex.

Overall, I'd say Astroglide is a step up from KY, but should still be considered a back-up or last-minute lube. It's got more to it than KY, which makes it slicker, more natural feeling, and more lubricating. However, it's still definitely not the best thing on the market. The only thing I've found it really works well for is handjobs. You still have to re-apply, but it creates a somewhat natural feel and the right amount of friction. Your guy (or you, if you're a guy) will want to wash himself afterwards, though, to get rid of the residue it leaves behind.
Follow-up commentary
As much as I dislike Astroglide, the boyfriend and I still had a full bottle to either use or get rid of. It's become a bit of a companion of his while I've been away at college! For him (and I would presume most other males) Astroglide works well for masturbating. He still has to reapply it fairly often, but other lubes have the same problem. He likes it for solo play, handjobs from me, or for playing while I'm around. Overall it's something that he'll use the up supply he has of, but won't buy anymore.
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  • Jane'sRich
    The stickiness and having to reapply often were my main problems with it. Something that's supposed to be, by definition, a lube shouldn't suddenly get sticky!
  • Miss Jane
    Yup. Plus there's the whole burning sensation..
  • Kinkyquing
    Urgh. So glad I've never tried Astroglide, despite the hype, after reading reviews like this.
  • titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Xavier7
    I hate sticky lubes! Thanks for sharing your review.
  • pogoyoubounce
    I wouldn't use it for anal either.
  • Howley
    thanks for the review!
  • BlooJay
    Great review!
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