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I would recommend Astroglide if it is all you can get or if you are unsure about repeated need for a personal lubricant. It is a good starting point and better than not using lube at all!
Easy access to most consumers, 2.5 oz bottle is about $5.
yeast infections, lower sperm count and motility are possible concerns with the original formula
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Welcome to Astroglide Review number 1,260,056. Only Kidding, but there are a ton of reviews for Astroglide on here but I wanted to share my personal experience with the product. Overall I would say it is a good reputable product that is fairly inexpensive if you are just beginning to slip into the world of sexual experimentation that often requires a personal lubricant. The biggest thing Astroglide has going for it in my opinion is brand recognition second only to KY when discussed among my friends.

If you choose to purchase the 2.5 ounce bottle of Astroglide it will run you $5 or so at most local retailers. The next size up, the 5 ounce bottle can still be found for under $10 both online and locally. The price point does make especially the smaller portion very accessible for most consumers, and is not a huge loss if you try the product and decide it is not going to work for you personally.

Mass distribution is another advantage Astroglide does have over other products. Even in a small town in the bible belt you can walk into Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens, and even most grocery stores and purchase astroglide. This can make it a good and sometimes the only choice when the spontaneous need for a lubricant arises. Any given day, with only two choices Astroglide or KY I would choose Astroglide over all of the KY products. For those consumers not comfortable with online purchases and lacking a local adult novelty vendor Astroglide is there!

Water based lubricants in general are a safe choice. They are chemically compatible with most sex toys as well as condoms. With Astroglide it is clear, does not feel greasy, and I have never had a problem with it leaving a stain on clothing of various materials, or sheets. When applying it I suggest applying to your hand first to avoid applying to much. The consistency makes it easy to over do it, and you do not need to apply an abundance of Astroglide for it to be effective.

My concerns with traditional Astroglide are the content of glycerin and propylparaben. Glycerin is a known cause of vaginal yeast infections. Parabens can cause irritation and allergic reactions, again primarily vaginally. Parabens are also linked to a decreased sperm count and motility. I would recommend a lubricant that is paraben free if you are trying to conceive Astroglide does have a product that is both paraben and glycerin free.

I have found that I prefer using Astroglide for anal play over vaginal penetration. I have experienced slight vaginal sensitivity the day after using Astroglide but I am not ready to attribute that to just the application of the product. Anally I have no complaints with Astroglide. There has never been a need to reapply. It has allowed me to experience things sexually I never imagined I would find pleasurable.

If there is too much applied it can make a squishing sound during thrusting. Personally, I have never found stickiness to be an issue after use anally or vaginally. I do not like how it feels if it gets on my other body parts but I am that way with a lot of things. It has a slimy, silky feel to it, and to me closely mimics natural vaginal secretions.

When washing up I just shower and wash with normal soap and water. I have never had a residual film on my skin from using Astroglide. During and after sex with Astroglide I have not noticed an odor from it, or left on the sheets or towels. It dries on fabric like water would, just in case there is a spill.

If you are a hardcore toy user or regularly indulge in anal pleasure I would recommend a more suitable lubricant such as Maximus. There are also several paraben and glycerin free lubricants, you just have to look for them and find the one that will best suit your needs while addressing your health concerns as well.
Follow-up commentary
Astroglide is now my partners go-to J/O lube for toys or his hand. I have found so many others that I love, and that are better for the body. In a pinch it is still better than KY, and he loves it for self pleasure. Being inexpensive makes it a great choice for him to use with his toys.
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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Good points about Astroglide ingredients. I knew about paraben reactions but I hadn't heard about low sperm counts and motility. My favorite lube, Maximus, has parabens as well, but at least it doesn't have the glycerin. Thanks for the great review.
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    I've never heard about the lower sperm count. That is something to take into consideration, especially if you're trying to conceive. My husband swears by the Astroglide brand. He loves it.
  • Contributor: Cinnamon Chambers
    Fortunately for us sperm count and having strong swimmers isn't an issue but for some people I am sure it is. I don't hate it, don't love it, and hubby doesn't care as long as it doesn't turn into glue on his penis.
  • Contributor: Xavier7
    Haha, another astroglide review. Thank you for sharing your review!
  • Contributor: Ravenqueen
    quoting your "cons":yeast infections, lower sperm count and motility are possible concerns with the original formula.

    -Have they come up with a new formula since? or are you talking about the other versions they have on the market by this company? can you elaborate more?
  • Contributor: Howley
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Awesome review! Thx!
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    nice review
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