Lackluster Lube leaves lots to be desired...

Just don't waste your time or money--invest in a better product; the price IS worth it. Price truly is an indicator of the quality of a product when it comes to sex-toys and sex-related items.
Stickiness, need to reapply frequently, need to use a lot, low quality.
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This lube did not work very well for me. I think there are many better lubes on the market. The lube looked fine--smooth, not too thick nor thin, no smell, but it got very sticky very quickly. It required many applications to get the job done. For a water based lubricant, it is really bottom-of-the-line quality. The KY brand lubes are much better water-based lubes, as are some of the more specialty and/or boutique brands. The only upside for this is the price. Even for a cheap lube, though, it's very disappointing. KY Brand lube is just as cheap and works better in my opinion, and I'm not saying that just to promote KY. I truly think they have a better product. Don't waste your money!

So, if you are looking for lube that is cheap, and gets the job done (barely), this one is an ok solution. But I don't recommend it at all. As stated before, it gets very sticky very quickly. It also needs to be reapplied many times, so it is a waste of product and a waste of money because you have to buy more and more of it to keep it working well. Sticky lube does not feel good, let's face it folks.

Do NOT waste your time and money with this lube! Invest in a really high grade water based lube, OR invest in a silicone based lube. Those are the best because they don't get sticky and you don't have to use a lot. Again, don't waste your time and money on this product!

Many friends of mine have also used this product and have had similar reactions. "Cheap..." "Too sticky..." "Had to use way too much..." "Wasted half a bottle..." So it's not just me that feels this way! I think if this many people think a product sucks, then it truly does suck. Go with a better lube, and you'll thank me later.
Follow-up commentary
Not much to say about this even a year+ later. I have to say, with all the varieties of lube available today, many of them featured here on EF, why bother with this cheap drugstore brand? It's sticky, gooey, and overall unpleasant compared to premium brand silicone lubricants. There are even better water-based lubes out there, for people with silicone and/or latex allergies. Steer clear of this one. Although it's a "classic" and was groundbreaking, I'm sure, in its day; the modern world has developed bigger and better things that have rightfully usurped this product. We now have lubes that can "tingle" or heat up, and all sorts of other things, so go have fun with those, and leave this product for the antique stores to pickup (wouldn't that be hilarious to see!). Read some of my other reviews to see which lubes I prefer, and, as always, keep searching for and researching products here on EF that are perfect for YOU. I'm sure you'll find one/some!

And because I always like to be thorough, below is a short list of my favorite alternative lubes, silicone- & water-based varieties:

--Swiss Navy Silicone-based lube
--Swiss Navy premium water-based lube
--System JO silicone warming lube
--System JO H2O warming lube (water-based)
--Jac Off Lube (water-based, meant for jerking off)
--Instant Hand Job (water-based; thick, meant for jerking off)

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  • Contributor: Miss Jane
    I didn't like it either.
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    It was half-decent 15 years ago, but there are so many better products available today.
  • Contributor: Victoria
    I think it's a decent lube for quick solo play. I don't like KY, but to each their own. I think everyone should have a few different types and brands of lube in their stash - for tactile reasons, endurance and material compatibly.
  • Contributor: corypark
    I agree with all of you guys...very good reasons!
  • Contributor: Red Vinyl Kitty
    I don't like Astroglide either. Good review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Great review!
  • Contributor: xxxbluexxx
    thanks for the review
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