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Meet George Jetson!

Astroglide is a thin, slippery lubricant that's affordable and easy to find. It dries quickly, leaves a residue and contains ingredients most find less than desirable. Invest in a premium lube if you want premium quality. With Astroglide you get what you pay for.
Economical, flip top bottle, readily available
Thin, sticky, dries quickly, leaves a residue, contains glycerin and aspartame
Rating by reviewer:
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I always think of the old show The Jetsons when I see Astroglide. The dog. His name was Astro, you know. They had spaceships and robots and all sorts of high tech, futuristic gadgets.

Unfortunately, Astroglide isn't that special, despite the images the name calls up in my head.

Astroglide is a water based lube with typical water based lube issues; ingredients, lasting power, stickiness.

It's got glycerin in it and some folks are sensitive to glycerin so that's one strike in my book. It's also got aspartame in it. Seriously. Aspartame. The same bad for you stuff they put in Diet Coke and Crystal Light and those sugar free candies your gramma used to give you. I suppose that makes it good for those who are diabetic but, in reality, why would a non-flavored lube need sweetness anyhow?

Bleh. Aspartame.

Astroglide is a thin, liquidy lube that's easy to apply but it falls short when it comes to staying power. I like my lube to last a good, long time and Astroglide does not. It dries up quickly and gets sticky as it dries, leaving a weird residue if you don't clean up immediately. Personally, I like to snuggle and crash out after sex, not be forced stumble thru the house in search of wash cloths and hot water.

On the positive side it does come in a bottle with a flip top rather than a twist off so it's easy to open and close, even with wet, sticky hands. It's also affordable and readily available everywhere from department stores to grocery stores, sex shops to online.

I put Astroglide a small step up from basic KY lubricant; decent but not premium, good if you don't have anything else but not preferred. I find it works better for toy use than it does for intercourse and works not at ALL well for anal. We've pretty much relegated it to the "use for handjobs only" drawer. And even then I have to clean it up when we're done. Blech.
As a side note - the Astroglide website does not list aspartame as an ingredient, nor does the sample pack I have, but the large bottle we keep in the bathroom does.

Age of the product, maybe? Reformulation?
Follow-up commentary
Astroglide is another lube that has been tossed in the "for him to jerk off with" bin. It works, it's okay, but it's not what I want to deal with during sex.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with an average, low priced, economical lube that works well for rubbing one off. It's way better than Jergens.
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  • Backseat Boohoo
    Ugh, Astroglide is such overrated garbage! Hope you can find a better lube.
  • Carrie Ann
    Thanks. I'm most fond of Liquid Silk and the BSE silicone stuff.
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Aspartame?! Yuck!
  • Oggins
    Eh, at least it's cheap..... I guess it's got that going for it. Tongue out
  • Hannah Savage
    Hahaha I love the attitude of your review. I think it's funny how both KY and Astroglide are probably the most common names of lubricants, yet they're both just crap!
  • Gardenvy
    Carrie Ann, Great review! I've got a "jerk-off lube bin" (LOL) too, and this lube was first to take the plunge
  • BlooJay
    Nice review! Thx!
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