Ella - g-spot dildo by LELO - review by Carrie Ann

All that and a Bag of Chips? Not so Much.

The Ella is exactly what folks have come to expect from LELO; a quality dildo crafted from velvety smooth silicone. Its design is fluid and curvy, its uses varied, its heads perform exactly as intended. The Ella finds and strokes the g-spot with amazing ease, making it an excellent toy for those who may struggle to find theirs.
Well designed for g-spotting, flexible yet firm, dual ended.
Flat, g-spot end can catch on the pubic bone and cause discomfort.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I'm really struggling over this review. Hype on the Ella is really quite over the top. My expectations were therefore, also a bit over the top. They'd been built up by the hype to a pretty unreasonable level. I was expecting perfection, "thee" toy to end all toys.

In reality the Ella is a good, solid g-spot dildo. More than likely it's excellent for those who have not found their g-spot yet, or who have trouble with g-spot stimulation. The wide, flat head certainly makes it almost impossible not to hit it dead on.

But for me? I can hit mine with a non curved glass toy. I most often squirt from PIV sex. The Ella, while nice, is not more spectacular to me than any of my other silicone toys. But enough about me, hmm? Let's talk about what the Ella is.

The Ella is a solid, velvety, dual ended dildo with specialized features at either end. One end has a flat, wide surface angled so that it immediately rides against the g-spot upon insertion. It starts out at its thickest point, and immediately tapers down. It's not meant to fill you up, or replicate the feelings of a penis. It's meant to stroke your g-spot, period… And it does.

The other end is slightly more pointed and quite a bit thicker. It starts out thinner, bulges to its "pleasure point", and then tapers down to meet the neck of the flat side. This side is meant for more traditional penetration and, in use, the flat side makes a wonderful and easy to hold on to handle.

The Ella has beautiful curves, an incredible texture, and an elegant simplicity that you don't see in many other toys. It's seven inches long, with a 1.25 inch diameter, making it ideal for just about anyone from beginner to advanced.

It's firm yet flexible. It has enough give that you can manipulate it inside you without discomfort, yet it's firm enough to give you really good precision with no feeling of it being floppy. It bends and flexes just right. Its length gives you plenty to hold on to, yet isn't so long you're afraid to give someone else the reins for fear of having your cervix battered to hell and back.

And yet... it's just not all that spectacular to me. It's nice. It's worth the price. It'll likely be a toy I use often. But I have many other toys that are just as nice, and some that are better.

As with all LELO toys, the packaging is exquisite. The addition of the drawstring storage bag is thoughtful and handy. The one year warranty is reassuring. The quality of the toy is apparent and appreciated. If you're just learning to enjoy g-spot stimulation, the Ella is probably perfect for you. If you've already got it down, however, don't count on it being all that and a bag of chips, too. It's a well designed g-spot dildo. That is all.

Remember that silicone toys should only be used with water based lubes, to preserve their integrity and that they can be sterilized. Boil them for a few minutes, stick 'em in the dishwasher (top rack, without soap), or wipe them down with a 10% bleach solution, and they're clean as new. If you're not sharing or using it anally however, a good wash with soap and water should do you fine.
I actually had issues with the g-spot end, catching on my pubic bone, with both the Ella and the Gigi. I had better g-spot orgasms with the opposite end of the Ella, than the g-spot end. The flat side did indeed find my g-spot with ease, but I had to totally alter my normal thrusting routine by making it more shallow and frenzied in order to not cause discomfort to my pubic bone. With the thicker more pointed end, the pleasure spot rubbed very nicely against my g-spot without forcing me to change the pattern of thrusts that are comfortable and familiar to me.
Follow-up commentary
Writing a review of the Ella was hard enough when it's been reviewed like 30 some times. A follow up? What's left to say?

So I decided I'd talk about the thing that worried me most when I chose my Ella. I chose white, you see. I got two white toys around the same time and, oh my, I LOVE white silicone. It looks so clean and sophisticated. But I was worried about wear and tear and how the white would hold up.

It has, in fact, held up beautifully. No signs of wear, no dingy-ness, no discoloration.

The Ella still isn't my favorite and I'm not as fond of it as most people seem to be but it's a good all around dildo and excellent for most as a g-spotter and the white, without doubt, holds up impeccably.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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